Friday, July 31, 2009

AD-ventures4u —

Maintenance Notice

Ladies & Gentleman,

As you know the performance of the system has been degrading again recently. Whilst anything that impacts our ability to earn and promote is frustrating this is one problem that we can handle and have several options to consider.

First we used faster hardware with more processing power. Then we added more RAM. Then we added more servers. The growth has been phenominal! And we have to thank you for your part in that growth!

However the time has come to add some modifications to the script so that the servers you use in your day to day business with us do not get clogged up with unnecessary processing.

To that end we are going to change much of the front end of the script and this requires migrating the data from your old account to the new system.

We have tried to do this while you are surfing on the live system however that does not seem possible because as we speak the growth continues exponentially.

Therefore we are offerring you a day off! We have plenty of inventory at this time so it makes sense to take advantage of that and spend the next 24 to 36 hours moving all data and testing the entire process at our leisure!

The benefit of a this extended maintenance period is that we can thoroughly check the conversion without having to run it again and risk losing data between the conversions. We may invite a few people to beta test the site and check the changes we have made. There is no need to volunteer (we know how much fun/pain beta tests can be!).

Steve is currently out of the office but has authorised this process. As soon as he can he will be contacting you with an updated

SurfingLegacy —

Surfinglegacy is moving on forward and continues to receive strong support from members.

What's happening now?
Everyone want's SL to continue with a relaunch but first things first. Right now an active upgrade that has not yet expired will be manually expired and be placed in 'waiting' status pending payment. These 'waiting' pendings will be paid out gradually over time. This way absolutely no one will lose money and even those already in profit who still have a pending will still get paid but please keep in mind that these 'waiting' pendings will be paid out gradually over time. This will not be an overnight thing.

Once all active upgrades have been expired and placed on 'waiting' status, Surfinglegacy will relaunch with with more realistic returns. The MMG forum has alot of positive posts from members.
I still have to manually expire those upgrades and it will take some time but I will update on our progress.


I forgot to mention in my previous update about members doing AP chargebacks. There is no need to do these AP chargebacks because you will still get paid anyway with profit once the ball get rolling again. Besides that, Surfinglegacy has a disclaimer and no refund policy written in AlertPay website itself that members have agreed to before transacting with AlertPay.
So please there is no need or reason for these chargebacks.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

12dailyclicks —

Today's the first day when first upgrades expires. In fact, very first ones already expired and they are paid by now. I would like to remind you about the "Got Paid" section where you can see screenshots of random payouts daily -

Also, please, be kind and post on forums if you've received a payout. This way we show to the money making community that 12DailyClicks is in business and things are going perfect.

Another thing is, we now have 340+ members joined and the membership keeps increasing all the time. Don't forget to refer your friends since we offer you to earn nice referral commissions (6% for upgraded members, 2% for free members).

Socialize with us, 12DailyClicks is now on Twitter. That's our ultimate point of contact with our members, you should wait for fast updates from me and Mike there. Follow us on Twitter now!

The Ultimate 12 By 12,
12DailyClicks Team.

15adsdaily —

To let everybody know that things are going great, we have a couple of projects we are working on to bring in even more revenue and those should be ready within 2 or 3 weeks.
In the meantime, we are almost making it to the top 50,000 in Alexa, and a big thank you for that goes to all of you of course. I also invite you all to visit our forum, we want to see more activity there, and forums are also an extremely good way to achieve good rankings in Google, and move up to the first pages of search results! Also, you may want to bookmark 15adsdaily at any of the social networks you may be a member, as this is another way to tremendously increase rankings with Google and search engines in general.
Finally, you will notice that sometimes the first page of the rotator is set so that every time it starts it displays the very same page. This option can be purchased,(and you can contact us by email if you are interested) and since those sites are contributing to our revenue, I invite you all to please take some time to visit them and to take advantage of the products or services they are offering

Have a great day


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

SurfingLegacy —

I am saddened to say that Surfinglegacy cannot continue further and has to close. All one has to do is look at the stats to understand the reason why surfinglegacy has to close.
Total Deposits: $14675
Total Withdraw/Paid out: $12887.65

In SurfingAvenue I was able to refund members because the plans were realistic enough that we had outside investments to cover the refunds. I cannot say the same for Surfinglegacy because of the roi was too high and outside investments cannot possibly cover them.

I had high hopes because of the 50/50 rule but that did not work out either because alot of members cashed out below $50 so that they dont have to follow the 50/50 rule and they did not upgrade again. Because with such high roi I could not have outside investments to cover unlike i did in surfingavenue and this hurt the program even more.

Please know that I have not been dishonest in any way and I have paid as far as I can but even though members like higher roi programs they always end sooner. Even though I would like to make it last longer it is just impossible at this rate with not enough upgrades and it just wouldn't be right to keep a program running in this condition.

Even though surfinglegacy will be offline I personally will still be around and hopefully be able to admin another program only if members allow or want me to.

I thank everyone for making this a good experience even though the program had to close sooner than I would have wanted it to.


LT-plan —

I hope you are all fine and have nice sumer holidays !

I'd like just to remind you that our program is now partialy based on profitshare. That means that earnings will come if some deposits are made (that's the way a profitshare works ! lol !).

Another thing : i'll start another program in september only backed by forex trading. I will not use commercial EA's because results of these are most of time under what i expect (when results are positives). I'll use some FREE ea like piplite and some manual trading.

If you are interested, please visit

Warm regards,

LT-Plan Admin

Monday, July 27, 2009

Adsdailypro —

We are pleased to inform our members that our hosting migration has been successfully completed. Our hosting company had to take the site down for the latest 48 hours to install all the security devices and configure the antiDDOS shield. We worked as quickly as we could, and everyone on board participated. Our new server is running beautifully, and we hope that you feel the improved speed as you browse through our website.

Our programmer is working on creating a special functionality that will extend your upgrades for missing days so you do not have to worry about this. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your account, or anything else for that matter, please do not hesitate to contact us by visiting our tickets system.

All referral commissions payments have been processed. Please take a moment to vote for us on the monitors listed on our Rate Us page:

With that being said, let's stop worrying about downtime and focus on growing this program!

AdsDaily PRO has just released its very first contest!

Contest Breakdown:

This contest focuses on those with their own blogs or websites and requires that you create an article about AdsDaily Pro, its benefits, differences as well as your thoughts & feedback as to why you joined our program.

Who can participate?

Any AdsDaily Pro member who has the ability to create a one page article focused on Ads Daily Pro, in the form of a webpage or a blog article. You can include your referral link within your article, if you wish.

What is the prize?

The prize includes cash and premium advertising.
The winner will have their website or blog featured on our forum for two weeks, as well as on the front page of our members center and on the surf bar spot. The winners website or blog URL will also be sent out within a special announcement email to the entire AdsDaily Pro members.

And if you think this isn't good enough, the winner will also receive $100.00 cash.

When does it end?
The contest will end on August 10th.

Have fun with this contest and help us spread the word about just how great the AdsDaily PRO opportunity really is!

Thank you for you continued support,
AdsDaily Pro Staff

Payitforwardtraffic —

Wanted to send a quick update on a few things.
Just a quick reminder that there is still about 5 hours left for you to take part in this weeks revenue share. It's going to be another great week and earnings will be posted around noon on Tuesday. If you haven't purchased any Ad Levels yet, you are really missing out! We have over 3,000 members now and are just getting stronger and stronger.

New $5 Ad Level Package
After much demand from members and promoters to offer a $5 Ad Level Package, we have decided to start offering it. We have many Free Members that just can't do a $10 Ad Level at this time and they want to be able to get into the program and start earning in our Revenue Share program. This new Level will help some of the Free Members to finally start earning and see what our program is all about.

Many of the promoters wanted this as well so they could benefactor more members with our Pay It Forward Benefactor program. So, if you are a promoter, this is a great new way for you to motivate your downline. I do recommend that you contact your downline and make sure they want to be benefactored before upgrading them. If they take the time to contact you back, then it should be worth buying them an upgrade. Based on the feedback from promoters that purchase upgrades for there downlines, all have said that it pays off in the long run.

We are not sure how long we will offer this level, so take advantage of it while you can.

Contacting Downline Members
I just want to remind everyone that when you use the email downline feature in the members area to include your email address somewhere in the message. Also inform them that if they reply back to the email to change the email address to your email address. Otherwise, when they hit reply it is sent back to our support email address. We are starting to get a lot of these emails and don't have time to figure out who to forward them to.

Also, please do not abuse the email feature by emailing your downline to often. I've had to move members to another downline because they were tired of getting so many emails from their upline.

Referral Contest
There are still 4 more days left for the Referral Contest. I sent an email out with the current standings the other day. There is still time for you to win one of the prizes.

PIFT Special Drawing 2009
The special drawing for free members who upgrade to paid members before the end of the month is almost near. If you are free member and want to take part in this drawing, all you need to do is buy at least one $10 Ad Level. You can get more entries by buying more Ad Levels. The maximum number of entries you can have is 10.

There will be three winners in this special drawing who will be picked by random drawing. The prizes are as follows:-

1st Prize - $100 worth of ad levels
2nd Prize - $50 worth of ad levels
3rd prize - $30 worth of ad levels

Rollover Earnings and New Accounting System
We are working on Rollovers now and also on transferring members to the new Accouting System. Most likely we will be working thru the night to get these done, but earnings will still be posted around noon on Tuesday as always. The withdraw buttons will be enabled at that time as well.

Take care... Tony

Globaladsclub —

We are going to open a new plan at GAC. The new plan is 10% for 12 days=120%. The 22% for 5 days was a Promo Plan when I took over the site from Robert. And, for some reason the 22% for 5 days plan has not been very popular. I guess people think we are unable to make the payments. However, that is not the case, we are well able.
Anyway, we will keep the 22% for 5 days plan open a few more days and then phase it out and let the 10% for 12 days become our MAIN plan and at that time we will also open a new non-surf plan as well.
Im sorry it seems like we have had a few different plans lately but being a new site, we had to test the plans with our members and see what is more popular.
Again, the 22% for 5 days plan is STILL open and will be a few more days, then we will transition to the 10% for 12 days plan and STAY on that plan for the life of our program.
I have some very FANTASTIC plans for GAC and plan to be here long after many sites have folded. Time will prove my sincerity to my members.

Any questions, click on the Contact page and let me know.

GAC Admin

Pac-Revenue-Share —

Here is some fun for everyone,

Within the next 24 hours we'll hit 100K in deposits - not many programs get to see those figures in 11-12 days and a celebration is
most definitely in order!

The member whose purchase makes us cross the $100K Mark gets $100 to his or her PP. Congrats in Advance,it's always fun to see who it will be.

Needless to say the Rebates for today are at Max. Deposit before Midnight and earn 9% after Midnight . Keep up the terrific work.

Our Programmer is working to add a very exciting feature to your Member Area. You'll simply love it!

Keep having fun.
Kazzy and EL

12dailyclicks —

This is our first Newsletter and we say thanks to all members who joined us.

First thing to start with is that 12DC is now 10 days old and it has 300+ members joined. Not bad for the start since no upgrade has expired. Although first ones will expire in next two days and that's when first payouts will be started for those who upgraded. But payments have already started since day 1 when referrers requested their commissions.

Secondly, the industry's famous blog MNO (Money-News-Online) published review on 12DailyClicks. If you haven't checked it, you can read it here:
Interview with me is also soon to be published there, so stay tuned.

Regarding advertising credits - we've set there recently a new rule. From now you get 50 credits per unit purchased. Here's how it works:
A. You upgrade with $10 (1 unit) - you receive 50 credits
B. You upgrade with $100 (10 units) - you receive 500 credits
C. You upgrade with $1,000 (100 units) - you receive 5,000 credits

In other words - the more you upgrade with, more credits you receive to promote your sites. That's a measure to attend the demand for credits from upgraded members.

We also announced an unique feature called "Got Paid!". This is where you can find random choosed payout screenshots daily. The box is located under the Statistic's box, so check it out.

Adding to this we've implemented an advertising page that's seen for 20 seconds everytime you click "Surf" in the menu, it shows three advertising banners that can be purchased at cost of $37 per week. If you want to promote your website to potential customers this is an efficient way, your banner will also show in the Surf bar.

That's all for now, we're looking forward for your questions and ideas you might have. Me and Mike are mostly available on the Live Support, so why not to talk with us online?

The Ultimate 12 By 12,
12DailyClicks Team.

Adgateworld —

New Site, New 200% Rebate Incentive and New Ownership

Good morning;
First, it is a pleasure to finally introduce ourselves to the Adgate family of advertisers, members and volunteer staff. We look forward to a long and profitable relationship. Our group has a history in the internet arena and specifically social networking. We have built strong affiliate programs in many other businesses. We were attracted to the great possibilities in the advertising rebate system.
AdGateworld was set up correctly with a strong foundation and good technology. We thank those that put in all the hard work to get the community to this point. Our plans are very simple moving forward. Great new applications, the best customer support and the growth of revenue and members.
Many changes for the better have already been made. The 200% advertising rebate program is a very stable and sustainable scenario. We would like to see the rebate percentage slowly increase over the next 60 days. For this to happen, community members must believe in the future and help us grow. Adgateworld is an honest and legitimate advertising tool with a strong business opportunity for those that work it. Rebates and commissions can climb to levels that may change lives if everyone has the same goal.
We will continue to support efforts by providing the weekly live webinars (Tuesday and Thursday 11am) and conference calls. Check the webinar tab and RSVP to attend one. We will be interested in hearing your ideas about marketing and growth (
Some changes will be announced as needed. Our group believes in transparency with the rebate program so we will always post the actual numbers to the community.
This week’s revenue and rebate (70% of revenues):
Revenue (including rollover) - $97,612.35
Ad Packs in system – 4902396.43 (About half are from past bonus promotions)

97612.35*.7/4902396.43 = 1.39%
Revenues over the last few weeks have been on the low side. We can only assume that the summer has seen many members off on vacation. With the great new site and 200% expiration we know that things will pick up as July ends. With just five new active members sponsored by each existing person we could see double digit rebates very fast.

Thank You,
Adgateworld Management

Uniqueprofitsurf —

Our website has a rank of 734,851 Traffic Rank in, this is an awesome number as we have been online for only 19 days. Alexa is a service that ranks websites according to their traffic statistics, we have been getting a good traffic, I thank you all for your hard work!

Total Members: 184
Upgraded Members: 65

Contest will start with the 66th upgrade member till we rich 120 upgraded members.

All payments for Alertpay, Libertyreserve and Strictpay completed as usual, very fast.
Only payments for Solidtrustpay are in pending. I`m waiting for some funds from online businesses that will arrive this Monday, I think. It was weekend.
Don`t worry, all pending payments for STP will be processed in full on Monday - Tuesday.
I`m within the terms (1- 3 business days : FAQ). Today, Monday, is the 2nd business day.

Jan Paul Eduard
admin UniqueProfitSurf

Uniqueprofitsurf —

We decided to start our first contest.
Contest starts the 27th of July and will end when we welcome our 120th upgraded member. We have now 61 upgraded members.
Only personally sponsored upgraded members count.
Contest progress will be regularly updated.

1st place - 240$
2nd place - 120$
3rd place - 60$

These prizes will be paid 50% cash to your payment processors accounts and 50% as upgrades in Gold Plan
We will reward also places 4 - 7 with 12$ (2 units) and 8 – 10 with 6$ (1 unit) in upgrades in Gold Plan.
So if you really wish to get some extra money in your pocket then just do not wait and start off to inform your friends about the contest . Your time starts... now...

Jan Paul Eduard
admin UniqueProfitSurf

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Pac-Revenue-Share —

Did we have an amazing First week or what? Everyone deserves a HUGE hand. PAC Revenue Share is blessed with a wonderful membership.

- Deposits are clocking 78K as of this minute

- Over 65% of members are active.This is a stunning rate and really the best way to gauge the success of any program.

Ok- here is our winner for the first week :


Matching Bonus of $300 added to your Account. A Hearty Congratulations.

The next winner will be announced on 1st of August!

Just a note please, if possible , try to put in your withdrawals as early as possible.

Payouts are done every several hours anyhow but many of you would be comfortable if you are paid as early as possible so you can put in your Purchases.

Please keep abreast with the upcoming changes so you can inform your downlines or your prospects. We will be sending out regular reminders, even though they are all mentioned in the FAQs.

P.S- We do miss MMG, looking forward to having it back to normal soonest.

Keep on having a Fantastic time.
Kazzy and EL

Globaladsclub —

We have been made aware of a new forum that is online now and personally as far as I am concerned this will be the MAIN FORUM that I will post in. The forum is called MoneyShareForum. Check it out:

I personally dont care much for MMG as there is too much "junk", lies and false speculation in that forum. They "favor" certain programs and admin. So I do NOT even post in MMG nor care to.
We are also listed in TalkGoldForum which is pretty good as far as I can tell now. But, our main forum will be the new MoneyShareForum.
I encourage you to join and check them out.

GAC Admin

Payitforwardtraffic —

Here are the current standings on our Referral Contest that ends at the end of the month.

Keep in mind that it's a point based contest and each active member you get is worth 1 point and if they upgrade you get an additional 5 points. So, based on the current standings you could quickly move up the list or even get onto the list with just a signup or so that upgrades. We are offering some nice prizes to the top 10 winners, see below. Don't forget we have banners and a splash page for you to use in the Downline/Promo Tools Area.

58145 Tim Sidden = 99 points
58076 Warren Contreras = 67 points
58099 Robert Kline = 37 points
58203 Michael Freeman = 36 points
58129 David Kanesky = 25 points
58335 Janice Spencer = 22 points
58100 David M Sherman = 18 points
58009 Anil Yadav = 15 points
59294 Globalconnect = 15 points
58059 David Courtney = 14 points
60827 Moneywheel = 14 points
58344 Brendan = 13 points
60056 Cathy Morgan = 13 points
59210 RBCCONT = 12 points
60553 nicoleacosta = 12 points
60447 avi83 = 11 points
58400 Alan Chapman = 10 points
58169 ebusiness = 9 points
58026 Aleks Wertyn = 8 points
60178 phxpert = 8 points
60734 ASDSteve = 7 points

PIFT Referral Contest
This contest is to reward members for helping PIFT grow in membership base and also in upgraded memberships. We believe a good program like PIFT should be shared and who better to share it with others than members themselves!

Contest runs from 12:01 AM July 14th 2009 and ends on 12:00 Midnight July 31st 2009.

This contest is point based. You get points for the following activities and the members who got the highest points will win, based on the prizes mentioned below.

Signup New Members - 1 Point for every new member signup.
Signup New Members and Members upgraded within the contest period - 5 Points for every new upgraded member.

1st Position - $100 in ad level Plus 1st Page in surf for one site for one week.
2nd Position - $60 in ad level Plus 5,000 banner impressions and 5,000 text impressions
3rd Position - $45 in ad level Plus 3,000 banner impressions and 3,000 text impressions
4th & 5th Positions - $25 in ad level plus 2,000 banner impressions and 2,000 text impressions
6th-10th Positions - $10 in ad level plus 1,000 banner impressions and 1,000 text impressions

Who is eligible and what to be aware of:
All members are eligible to participate.
For new members to be counted, the new members must verify/confirm their e-mails and must have surfed the required sites to be active. Only signing up members who are not active are not counted.
Please promote using ethical means and we do not tolerate spam. Anyone caught using spam or unethical means will run the risk of their accounts being suspended/terminated.

Have fun and be a part of the growth of PIFT!


RevShareGlobal —

I have to say this is getting out of control, I was on vacation for a week and got back in office on Thursday, I just spent over an hour updating the referral contest, I am blown away at all the new upgrades we have at GRS.

The contest ends August 4 at midnight so we still have plenty of time, GRS is creating so much excitement. We have had rebates over 14% for 14 weeks in a row, this is huge news. There are not very many good programs on the internet so share GRS with everybody you know.

Here is a quick update for this months referral contest
1st place is 63368 with 17 upgraded referrals
2rd place is 63274 with 9 upgraded referrals
3rd place is 62983 with 8 upgraded referrals
4th place is 62703 with 6 upgraded referrals
5th place is 62666 with 6
6th place is 62670 with 4
7th place is 63652 with 4
8th place is 63230 with 4
9th place is 63317 with 4
10th place is 63652 with 4

What a great start keep it up team.

Remember only upgraded referrals count, they have to be signed up and upgraded after July 6th 2009.
First place will be $100.00 cash plus affiliate of the week honors, this gets your ad first in rotation for one week.
Second place will be $50.00 cash plus 5000 banner hits and 5000 text hits
Third place $20.00 cash plus 1000 banner hits and 1000 text hits
Fourth place $20.00 cash plus 1000 banner hits and 1000 text hits
Fifth place $20.00 cash plus 1000 banner hits and 1000 text hits
Sixth place $20.00 cash plus 1000 banner hits and 1000 text hits
Seventh place $20.00 cash plus 1000 banner hits and 1000 text hits
Eighth place $20.00 cash plus 1000 banner hits and 1000 text hits
Ninth place $20.00 cash plus 1000 banner hits and 1000 text hits
Tenth place $20.00 cash plus 1000 banner hits and 1000 text hits

Remember that ONLY upgraded member count for the contest.
Good luck and let GRS be a big part of your online success.
We will pay the top 10 spots if a tie for 3-10 place we will do a random drawing with everyone who is tied, so that a total of 10 places are paid.

Good luck to everyone GRS admin team

Friday, July 24, 2009

Adsdailypro —

We finally recovered after a huge DDOS attack on our server. The specialists from the hosting company tried everything to put us back on track but the DDOSers immediately after we improved the security, started a new powerful attack. You may ask why we got attacked in first place?! Well, I've received a threatening email that if we are not paying $2000 they will put AdsDailyPro out of business. That's simply extortion. They mess with wrong people as the hosting company did a trace route to most of the IPs and forwarded them to attackers ISP. I'll keep you updated on this.

Meanwhile We transfered AdsDailyPro website to an offshore hosting server with DDOS protection located in Panama. Until the server is fully propagated to world wide you may do your daily surf using this link:

Most of the functions on the site including upgrade and support tickets are working. Well, we've had a very busy and exciting first days. We want to welcome each and every one of our new members. We are very proud of the membership base doing such a great job promoting The AdsDailyPRO staff is working diligently around the clock to take care of any problems you may have. We want to build a strong reputation in the traffic exchange industry that our members can trust.

In closing I would like to thank you for the patience. I tried to keep everyone posted through the forums and I've also informed monitors about the situation. Is not a nice feeling to join a site and next day see it gone. so once again id like to thank everyone for staying calm.

Thanks for Your Support,

Diane Admin

Adgateworld —

The corporate ownership group behind the entire AdGate Network of sites has formally announced the sale of its websites and proprietary technology to a large internet buyer. The new management group is based out of the middle east. At this time, they are in the process of forming a new holding company specifically for the AdGate Network properties.
Our small group of dedicated contractors and volunteers are eagerly awaiting more information about our potential involvement moving forward. We do know that this new ownership group completely understands the business model and respects the social advertising concept. They thoroughly believe in the AdGate 2.0 rebate/profit share program and have assured us that the 200% expiration system and commission structure will remain intact. The new management group has apparently spent weeks evaluating existing technology, customer support, accounting and marketing. We have been informed that their team is eager to take over immediately with a complete transition over the next week. Their attention to banking, accounting and payment processors will be a priority throughout this period.
The ownership change WILL NOT effect the weekly rebate and commission schedule. Any changes regarding the site, rebate program or payment processors will be announced by the new management team. They will take full possession of the network over the weekend so you can expect direct communications from them shortly.
As members of the AdGate community, we are excited to see the next phase of this journey. Since the reboot we are seeing a steady and consistent growth in members each day. The new ownership group has a successful track record with internet operations and marketing. They are crafting a new mission statement that will build on the core advertising product. They apparently have the funds and the professional resources to apply.
We are proud of the integrity and dedication of everyone that has assisted in the development of the community until this point. Now it is our turn to step through the ‘Gate and let others take command!

Best Regards,
The Original AdGate Team

Thursday, July 23, 2009

15adsdaily —

As promised, we are now allowing rollover!
Let me explain though how it will work as it may be a little different than other programs you are in or you have heard of.
Every Friday, you will be able to either cashout o your payment processor of choice or use the funds in your cash balance to purchase additional adpacks. Once again, please note this is NOT like your 'standard rollover'.
Essentially the system would look at this as if you were cashing out, therefore the original adpack will still have the 30% rule applied, and the funds will be used to purchase a NEW adpack, which will be generating its own separate earnings and have a separate expiration date.
I am also going to be adding a specific FAQ on this, but for now I hope this will suffice

Adsdailypro —

hello people

First of all I would like to thank you for being part of our AdsDailyPro team.
I am sad to announce that our site is under HEAVY DDOS attack.
Our server have Anti-DDOS protection, I discussed with the support and they told me that are dealing with it and will bring back the site online shortly.

I will appreciate if you can inform people in other forums, I will try to be available there also.


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Adgateworld —

Wow. It has been some day here at AdGate HQ! I promise that this will be the FINAL email. Unfortunately, the database used to correct the rollover this afternoon was corrupt. This left our tech department with no choice this evening. All actions including surfing, withdrawals and Ad Pack purchases have been wiped clean. The current state of the database has now been returned to the post rollover status with the proper commissions now provided.

We have had very few technical issues for the last six months so some type of glitch was bound to happen eventually. Members will still have until the end of Wednesday night to withdraw any funds before the commission rollover takes place early Thursday morning.

WE are sorry for the inconvienance. I guess we can safely say that after today everyone should be quite familar with the new site functionality! Please pass on the word to your personally sponsored members.

Best Regards,

AdGateWorld Team

15adsdaily —

We do listen to you!
We have received countless emails from people asking us to enable them to rollover, ie use the accrued earnings to purchase additional adpacks.
And our developer has been working on adding this much needed functionality, which we will start testing tomorrow and which should then be ready starting next Friday!
More details in a couple of days after the testing had been completed!

Mygoldvault —

I made some small payments again yesterday.Triyng to bring the numbers down slowly but surely.I have been earning extra money to pay you with work on the net doing banners and splash pages for people. I don't surf much so i need your help .Could some you add this to a site they surf at .
This may get some more work to make more payments. Also i am working on a little treat i hope and you members will have first crack at .:) More to come...

Don't for get as members of MGV i can offer you a discounted rate of $50 on blast ads at Mycashforums if you have something you want to tell a lot of people.


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Payitforwardtraffic —

Revenue Share Earnings
Revenue Share earnings were posted earlier today. This weeks share was .16 (16%). It was a great week! I want to thank everyone who made it possible.

Ad Levels Page and new Accounting System
Many of you are aware we are in the process of switching over to a new accounting system. We were unable to get everyone switched over to the new system before we had to post earnings today. So, rather than hold up everyone's earnings. We posted earnings in both the old Ad Levels Page system and the new Accounting System. So, some of you are in the new system and some aren't.
How do you know which system you are in? Well, the easiest way to tell is to click on the "View Ad Levels" icon in the Members area. Once you are on that page you will see a red link that says "View Ad Levels Page", click that link and then look for your Member Id. If you see your Member ID and have enough or want to make a request for withdrawal, use the form toward the top of that page to do so.
If you do not see your Member ID on this page, it means you are in the new PayItForward Accounting System. To get to that system just go back to the page you were just on and click the red link that says "PayItForward Accounting System". You will then need to login with your same email and password. From there you will see your Ad Levels and earnings. You can make a withdrawal as well. The withdraw feature in the new accounting system isn't working correctly, but you can still make a request by clicking the support ticket link on the withdraw page.
I know it's confusing have both systems going, but by next week we will only have one system. So, please be patient while we make the switch.

Referral Commmissions
Any commissions you have made from Ad Level purchases will be listed in the new PayItForward Accounting System. You will have to make a withdraw request from the new system. You will still want to check the old Referral Commissions page to see if you have anything listed there. We are finishing up adding commissions from Revenue Share rollovers and they will be listed there. They will be added before midnight.

50/50 Rule / Hit and Run Clause
This rule is now in effect. If you cash out more than 50% of your Revenue Share earnings, your Ad Level balance will be reduced by the amount you cash out. Example: You have an Ad Level balance of $100.00 and you earn $10.00 in Revenue Share earnings for the week. If you cash out the entire $10.00, your Ad Levels balance will reduce to 90 Ad Levels. If you only cash out $5.00, your Ad Levels balance remains the same and will mature normally.

Referral Contest
Referral Contest is still going on and we will post an update tomorrow with the current standings. But, it continues until the end of the month. So, there is still time for you to win some prizes.

PIFT Special Drawing 2009
This drawing is still going on as well. This special drawing is to encourage free members to try out PIFT as an upgraded member and enjoy the benefits of an upgraded member. Free members that upgrade get a chance to win free ad Levels.

That's it for now. Just send a support ticket if you have any problems finding your Ad Levels, earnings, or making a withdrawal request.

Adgateworld —

Urgent AdGate Update

Good morning,

Due to a technical glitch incorrect Ad Pack purchases were done on several accounts last night. Our team is responding to the problem immediately and it should be corrected shortly.

Until these corrects are finished no member can purchase or withdraw funds from the system. We are sorry for the inconvienance but technology is never perfect!

The menu buttons for withdrawals/purchases will return as soon as the programming has been returned to proper working order.

Bring guests to our Introduction Webinar today at 11am (est).

RSVP through the Link below and receive an email to attend:

Best Regards,

AdGateWorld Team

Rollover Tonight and Clarification on Schedule
The posted payout schedule will be updated shortly to clarify some issues. The auto rollover WILL take place as scheduled after midnight tonight. The new programming will instantly distribute commissions at that time. Due to this automated system we will NOT run the commission account rollover until after midnight on Wednesday. Starting next week the commission rollover will take place 24 hours after commissions have been delivered.
Quick Messages from customer support:
1) Members looking to withdraw funds must put their processor ID into their PROFILE area located on the top menu. Remember to click the ACTION button to the right before saving the changes.
2) Review the FAQ and all current posts on the InTouch page before asking questions on live support. The majority of questions today were from people that have not read any updates, attended webinars/conference calls, etc. This is simply unacceptable. We offer live support as a premier customer service feature, NOT as a crutch for those that do not wish to read.
3) The expiration of standard Ad Packs and the ‘Accelerated Bonus Ad Pack Expiration’ system is clearly explained in our supporting emails and updates.
4) Withdrawals are NOT done instantly. A manual system is required for the final approval. A reasonable amount of time can be expected for these to be completed.
5) Bonuses are NOT necessary when new Ad Pack’s can earn 200% before expiration.
6) Every member has the ability to earn the same rebate whether they join today or tomorrow.
7) Ad Pack growth can ONLY occur when the following takes place: New funds are used to purchase additional Ad Packs; commissions earned are used to purchase new Ad Packs; more than 50% of your rebates earned are used to purchase new Ad Packs (50% of the amount paid in rebates has already resulted in the expiration of those Ad Packs which need to be replenished.)
There is also some confusion regarding the poll question. ONLY the immediate termination of BONUS Ad Packs are in question here. This does not affect Ad Pack’s that were purchased. The proposed plan includes Ad Pack’s gained as a matching and/or sponsor bonus. This option is being presented as an additional solution to accelerate and assist in the steady increase of potential weekly rebates. Of course, weekly advertising rebates are solely based on revenues generated through advertising purchases. We would all love to see continued movement towards double digit weekly rebates.

Best Regards,
AdGate Team

PremiumAdsClub —

Just a very quick update today!

We have paid some refunds (see list below). Thank you all for your patience while we were busy with the launch of PRS.

We will keep you informed about PRS periodically, because it's a part of our family and 3% of all deposits are going towards refunds for PAC.

Half way through our 4th day and we have 437 members and over $40K in deposits!

Today's Rebate , as for the last 3 days is 9%. Join now, Deposit and earn 9% after Midnight!

Just a reminder, when you are spreading the word about PRS the upcoming changes are:

- Minimum First Deposit will be $50 on the 24th

- Cashing out to Account Balance will be disabled on the 24th. You will only be able to withdraw to your Payment Processor.

One more request please, when submitting a ticket please specify if it's for PAC or PRS and always include either your Username or User ID.

Refund List :


24 147
27 183
47 190
61 196
64 213
88 237
92 241
108 244
114 252
120 253



Ok, please go back to having fun,
Kazzy and EL.

Uniqueprofitsurf —

Site is growing well and I really appreciate yours efforts to promote it by voting in monitors and posts in forums.

First cycle of 12 days is completed. As a reward, we are opening fees waiving for 2 days starting July 20th, 12:05 pm, till July 21st, 11:55 pm.
No fees for all upgrades with Alertpay and Solidtrustpay for this period.
I am thinking to make this every weekend from now on. Will see what feedback will be on this.

PerfectMoney, the 5th payment processor, added as a deposit option.

Also, I want to announce you a great opportunity received yesterday from a very good exchanger:
“Hi there,
For a limited period of time the fee for exchanges from Liberty Reserve to either Solid Trust Pay or Strict Pay will be 0% +$0.25 only. Act now if you want to exchange your LR for only $0.25, no matter the amount. Needless to say that you won’t find a better rate than ours anywhere else.
Exchanges from LR are processed as fast as possible since we don’t need any approval for LR transactions like we do for STP and SP ones.
All the best,
Andrei & Daniele Team

You can see comments about this exchanger in MMG forum.

Nothing else to say. Just upgrade, surf and earn.

Hasve a nice new week, dear members.

Jan Paul Eduard
admin UniqueProfitSurf

Sunshine-surf —

Finally, I am back.
I was away for 7 days, but kept this in secret. Why?

Because people think, that most scammers "go on a trip". I DID travel, but managed to pay everything for one week, using PDA. You can imagine - using PDA (with rather small screen) is total holy sh*t, but I had no choice.

Everything is fine, I will now surf and remove framebreakers (couldn't do this from PDA), manually check payouts (something went wrong with last ones).
Sorry for slow processing and delay in Perfect Money payments - PM was often blocked due to different IPs. Will do everything now.

Don't worry! First cycle ended, waiting for the second-third, etc :)


15adsdaily —

We are missing a handful of cashouts to then go back to focusing on making money for everybody. We want to pay you, but you need to tell us WHERE should we pay you!
It seems several people are not receiving our updates as they are not aware that a valid payment processor ID (email address for alertpay, username for STP and StrictPay and account number for Liberty Reserve) MUST be included in their profile for the cashout to go through. This is also mentioned in our FAQ, and now I am reminding everybody again.
You MUST go to your profile and update it to include your payment processor ID. All cashouts without payment processor ID will be rejected in 12 hours from now, sorry

the staff at

Yesicanshare —

Finally the time has come to Pre-Launch YESICAN SHARE ! Are you excited ?
We are !!

We are posting this announcement to you, our YES I CAN family, FIRST and
will give you 24 hours to sign up and begin building your downlines
before announcing to the general public. (The referral commissions are
excellent and total 15% at 3 levels.)

Profit sharing is different from surf alone in a number of ways. The most
notable are that we share 80% of our Revenue with our members.
Other details can be found on the site and in the fAQs. :)

A referral contest will begin in an hour or two, with some nice little
prizes for the top referrers.

Here is the link:


The ultimate Revenue-Sharing Pool !
If you have ever dreamed of sharing in the profits of a trusted company,
you have come to the right place.
YEsICanShare is owned and operated by the growing YES I CAN network, known
for its friendly support and fast payouts.


We share a massive 80% of our traffic exchange Revenue and 90% of our
other advertising revenue with our Pro Members.
Only $10 per adshare to participate
15% AWESOME return for referral bonus !
We award 12%-15% weekly rebate on Ad-Shares purchased until members have
earned a minimum of 200% from our Revenue Sharing Pool. That's DOUBLE your
initial purchase.
Manual 15 second surf to ensure your ads are seen
Weekly withdrawals of $5 or more. Payouts within 48 hours.


Little Engine (Free) Members:
Earn ad credits for surfing 25 sites daily
Earn 8%,5% & 2% ref commissions at 3 levels
Must be pro member for withdraw cash
May add 1 site to rotation

Obama (Pro) Members:
Surf 80 sites weekly any time during the 7 days
Earn 8%,5% & 2% ref commissions at 3 levels
May add up to 25 sites to rotation
5% Bonus Shares with 5% matching bonus

Join our Advertising Network today and experience the quality results we
deliver to you!

Hope to see YOU there ! Upgraded members in yesicanshare will receive a
free adpack in yesicansurf ! :)

To our success,
Sarah and Phil

Adgateworld —

We are just a few hours away from the first rebate under the 200% model. We are extremely encouraged by the number of new members that attended webinars and conference calls last week. Let’s work as a community on bringing guests to our scheduled webinars this week!
RSVP Webinar Links:
Tuesday (11am)-
Thursday (11am)-
Phone ONLY Thursday Night Call (8pm):

Dial in number (712)432-1601 Access Code: 171117

Acceleratedprofits —

I have decided to remove StrictPay as we have to many problems moving funds from them,plus we only have about 7 members who acually use them,so if you have upgraded thru StrictPay I will pay you thru STP Or Alertpay,please go into your back office and change your payout details to STP OR AlertPay,thanks

Pac-Revenue-Share —

Just a quick update so you can go back to enjoying your Sunday.

We have a winner for our Banner Competition. Congratulations to our member Canadian!

Please submit a ticket and let us know how you want your $50 paid. Thank you everyone for trying.

Today's Rebate is at Max- deposit and earn 9% after midnight.

Just a reminder,when you are spreading the word about PRS the upcoming changes are:

- Minimum First Deposit will be $50 on the 24th

- Cashing out to Account Balance will be disabled on the 24th.You will only be able to withdraw to your Payment Processor.

One more request please,when submitting a ticket please specify if it's for PAC or PRS and always include either your Username or UserId.

Ok, please go back to having fun,
Kazzy and EL

Globaladsclub —

We are very pleased to announce that ALL requested daily payments have been paid. If you have been paid, please make some noise on the monitors and forums listed on our site.
Important....Since we are now accepting Alertpay, Strictpay and will be adding SolidTrustPay soon, we are going to have to begin paying AFTER adpacks expire instead of daily payments. The reason for this is that many of these payment processors will now allow us to send payments under $1. And, if a member upgraded with $6, then he surfs, and tries to cashout on the daily plan, we would not be allowed to send him just .72 Cents. Also, by doing cashouts and payments at the end of ad packs will save YOU the members money in processors fees, as Alertpay does have some very high fees.
Again, this decision is based solely on the payment processors and not our program.
Dont forget, we pay 12% for 12 days=144%, NOW we pay ad ad pack expiration. We also pay 6% referral commission, so get your banners and referral links out there and begin earning some good referral commission (upgraded members only can earn 6% referral commissions).
ALL Payments to date have been paid on time.

Have a Blessed Lords Day

AD-ventures4u —

The gold site is a site that is built for members. What it will do is bring in other income to our program. We will buy gold and refine the gold and turn a profit. We will pay more than our competitors to the sellers and we will take the gold then refine the gold. Once the gold is refined we will then sell the gold and all the members profit will go into the revenue share.

Our competitor is buying up $250,000,000.00 worth of gold by the end of the summer. Now they have been in business for a while and do allot of TV commerials and other advertising. We will also do commerials and advertising.

We will rely on our members to help us find people to send in there broken jewerly and precious metals so that we can turn a profit in the beginning. Once we build up a good business then we will start advertising all over the net, tv, radio, newspapers, etc.

We just want our share of the industry and once we get it, it should make us very very nice incomes.

Remember this is a true business, not something that is a flash in the pan. We expect to make enough money so that we do not rely on any new members or upgrades in to keep us going.

Allot of members ask if we will stop membership and I will say this, we do not know right now but If I was a member I would make sure I am leveraged to make the most I could because once we have it up and running we will be in the position to take only the members that is pro with us. We will be watching the numbers very close and make sure that all the members that have been with us and trusted us will be in a very good position.

Thanks you and we will have more to come.
Thanks Steve Smith

Friday, July 17, 2009

Globaladsclub —

Hello everyone. I am pleased to announce that I am now the new owner of GlobalAdsClub. The former admin, Robert, contacted me and asked if I would be interested in purchasing the site. I did offer to purchase the site and take full ownership of GAC. Now, I am in full control of the site and I have already made some changes to the script, header and banners. I also have opened with a great earning potential of 12% for 12 days. Also, you have the option to cashout DAILY if you want to. If you cash out daily, you will be paid daily. No longer wait to be paid.
We are also now paying 6% referral commission to all upgraded members. In order to earn on your upgrades, you must login to your account and surf 12 sites daily for 12 seconds each. Again, you may cashout DAILY and be PAID DAILY.
I give you my personal word and promise to run GAC with great pride and expertise and to make rapid payments daily.
Come on guys, lets make GAC one of the greatest!!!

Thank You

Acceleratedprofits —

I have had alot of members asking if i could add the 3.4% plan back ,I am the type of person who listens to my members so with that said I have added the 3.4%x35 days plan back ,ok i appreciate every ones great support i am receiving daily I hope everyone has a great week end,if your not a member of our Great forum please join below

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Globaladsclub —

WOW, since I sent the email this morning announcing GAC closing and was up for sale, I contacted a few other admins of sites and some other people I knew that may be interested in running GAC and we already have a new admin. ALL former GAC members were REFUNDED in full and I have sold the site for what I payed for the script. The new admin will introduce himself soon and he is planning some new plans. Im not sure of all he has planned but I think you will like it.
I am simply too busy to run the site and build it up like it needed, thus my choice to close or sale it.
Again, GAC from this point is under new admin. I am about to send all passwords to him and he will take full control.


Yesicansurf —

Just a quick reminder re: our 1000 member goal by August 6th ! We have 355 Members to go. Can we do it ? YES, We CAN !
The top 3 referrers will win cash prizes, and all who bring in at least 1 member between now and then, will receive a free adpack.:)

Folks, we are excited!! Please read the latest news and rejoice with us. We will be announcing the Pre-Launch of our new site within the next
few days, and YOU, our YES I CAN members, will receive special benefits there. We are very busy completing the site at the moment. More news to come !

Thanks to all who are advertising your ref URLS.

Have a wonderful Thursday,
Sarah and Phil

Surf-o-matic —

Ok it is time to get this program rolling. I believe that by now I should of proved to you that I am here to stay but we need to move to the next level.
So what can I do to help that? Well I could do bonuses but that is not in my mind a good program builder so how about a referral contest!
So here is the rules!
The contest starts today and will pay 5 positions.
1st place will be $50 in cash.
2nd place will be $30 in cash.
3rd place will be $20 in cash.
4th place will be $10 in upgrades.
5th place will be $5 in upgrades.

contest will run until we have 100 new active upgraded members or 2weeks.

Now this is only for active referrals only so that cuts out someone getting their buddies to upgrade just to get the prize.
I do believe that will make this a fair contest for everyone!

Thanks and let the games begin!

Pac-Revenue-Share —

We are having a Spectacular Pre-Launc, thanks to you all!

We are going where no other Advertising Program has been.For now here are your goodies for this week:

All Upgraded Members Get 3000 Site Credits and 1 Free Banner Ad.Please submit a ticket with your URLs and we'll add them as fast as we can.

All free members get 1000 Site Credits (able to submit 2 sites)

Our Programmer is working on a little script to add this automatically.Please don't submit a ticket if you don't find the credits yet.Only submit a ticket with your banner URLs.

We also have a Banner competition on, the winner gets $50.This ends Midnight Saturday, July 18th.

Here is something to help

Have a Fantastic Day!
Kazzy and EL.

RevShareGlobal —

Don’t forget the GRS monthly Payment processor drawing. We want to encourage you to use all four payment processors. However we have had a majority of the new upgrades come from Alert Pay. Now we love Alert Pay but we want to build a strong foundation for GRS. So if you upgrade from one of the other three payment processors you get a ticket into the drawing.

So we have come up with a little game each month on the first day of the month we will be having a drawing and will give away 80 GRS points.

Here is how it will work, for every $20 dollar upgrade from outside money paid with either STP, LR, or SP you will get an entry into a drawing to be held on the first day of each month.
The first drawing will be August 1. If you upgrade for $100 dollars that’s 5 chances, however if you upgrade for less than $20.00 you don’t get a ticket. We do not have time to combine two $10.00 upgrades so don’t ask

First place will be 50 GRS points
Second place will be 20 GRS points
And Third place will be 10 GRS points

We really appreciate how hard everyone is working. This is our way of thanking you for all your support, Your GRS admin team

P.S. Don’t forget, everyone who signs up from now till July 31, 2009 will get 2000 website hits, 2000 banner impressions and 2000 text hits.
Feel free to use this to help your marketing efforts.

Globaladsclub —

We have had very little support over our 3 days online so we have decided to close GAC. ALL members have already been refunded IN FULL. I am NO SCAMMER so that is why I have issued FULL REFUNDS to all upgraded members.
If anyone would be interested in purchasing GAC or if you have any suggestions that would help us please use the contact page and let me know.


AD-ventures4u —

We are really really getting close to launching the gold site, I got the Postal service completely done today and we are finished except some label making. All postage is prepaid so it will cost zero for someone to send there broken Jewelry or gold to us.

We know the site went down for a short time today because something broke in our server but has been fixed. The new script is almost done also. We will most likely launch the gold site the exact sametime the new script launches this week.

Now to normal news, we are up over last week in earnings. Our week starts on Tuesday and we are up over 34% over last week as of this moment. I know allot of members like to know how we are doing and the big question is how long can we last. My answer to that is forever. You know why, because we never ever payout more than we earn.

So thank all of you and have a safe week. Steve Smith

Tazoodle - Pre-Launch Advertising Terms & Incentives Changes

Please be advised that some of the terms of the Tazoodle pre-launch advertising program will change effective August 1st.

• Minimum Purchase: $100 USD.
• No Change
• Purchase Discount: 67% discount (200% match).
• No Change
• Daily Credits: 1% of purchase amount each day until launch.
• No Change
• Post-Launch Discount Certificate: 67% discount (200% match) on a one-time purchase during the first 12 months after launch.
• No Change
• First Year Sales Commission Credits: 100% of purchase amount on Level 1 and 2 purchases during the first 12 months after launch. Pre-August 1st purchasers continue to receive 200% for 12 months after launch.
• Currently 200%
• Pre-Launch Sales Commission Credits: 100% of purchase amount on Level 1 and 2 purchases.
• Currently 200%
• Commission Earned Condition: Sponsor must have purchased pre-launch advertising PRIOR to level 1 or 2 purchases to receive Pre-Launch Sales Commission.
• No prior requirement.

We suggest that you take advantage of the incentives being offered today by purchasing pre-launch advertising. As Tazoodle gets closer to launch, the incentives will continue to be reduced. Under the new terms, you must purchase pre-launch advertising prior to your level 1 level or 2 account owner purchases in order to receive pre-launch sales commissions credits. No purchase - no commission.

Of course, these new terms apply to only those purchases made after July 31st.

Thanks again for your interest in

Steve Duval
Tazoodle, Inc.

RevShareGlobal —

GRS referral contest update:

The contest ends August 4 at midnight so we still have plenty of time, GRS is creating so much excitement. We have had rebates over 14% for 13 weeks in a row, this is huge news. There are not very many good programs on the internet so share GRS with everybody you know.

Here is a quick update for this months referral contest
1st place is 63368 with 14 upgraded referrals
2nd place is 62983 with 6 upgraded referrals
2rd place is 63274 with 6 upgraded referrals
4th place is 62703 with 4 upgraded referrals
5th place is tie 62666, 62670, 63652 all have 3 upgraded referrals
8th place tie 63230, 63395, 63652, 63715 all have 2 upgraded referrals
What a great start keep it up team.

Remember only upgraded referrals count, they have to be signed up and upgraded after July 6th 2009.
First place will be $100.00 cash plus affiliate of the week honors, this gets your ad first in rotation for one week.
Second place will be $50.00 cash plus 5000 banner hits and 5000 text hits
Third place $20.00 cash plus 1000 banner hits and 1000 text hits
Fourth place $20.00 cash plus 1000 banner hits and 1000 text hits
Fifth place $20.00 cash plus 1000 banner hits and 1000 text hits
Sixth place $20.00 cash plus 1000 banner hits and 1000 text hits
Seventh place $20.00 cash plus 1000 banner hits and 1000 text hits
Eighth place $20.00 cash plus 1000 banner hits and 1000 text hits
Ninth place $20.00 cash plus 1000 banner hits and 1000 text hits
Tenth place $20.00 cash plus 1000 banner hits and 1000 text hits

Remember that ONLY upgraded member count for the contest.
Good luck and let GRS be a big part of your online success.
We will pay the top 10 spots if a tie for 3-10 place we will do a random drawing with everyone who is tied, so that a total of 10 places are paid.

Good luck to everyone GRS admin team

PAC Revenue Share

We are finally ready to launch, well, Pre-Launch our Revenue Share Program. The Pre-Launch will be for 24 hours. Deposits will be enable tomorrow, Thursday, 16th at 9.00 am Server Time. We will be sharing 80% of all Revenues and 85% of all other Incomes. Please read this email in it's entirety.

After weeks and weeks of planning and gathering your feedback, we are ready to go!

PAC Revenue Share will be different from any other Revenue Share out there because of 3 Important Features.

1. There will be BOTH a Minimum and Maximum Cap on ROI. So Rebates will be Steady between 3% and 9% Daily.

2. Payouts will be Daily

3. No Compounding.

We also agree with many of you that there has to be a re-purchase level to stop 'Heavy Hitters' taking advantage of the system. So here it is.

You will be required to Re-Purchase at least 50% or more of your payout to earn 100% of the Rebates for the Current Day. If you don't, it's ok but you will be paid 50% of the Rebates.

Here is an example:

If your payout for today is $100, you will be required to Repurchase at least $50. At Midnight, when the Rebates have been calculated and the Rate is 9%, you will be paid 9% of your total AdPacks.
If you didn't Re-Purchase, you will be paid 4.5% of your AdPacks.

Once again, it is all very simple, thanks to our wonderful Programmer, all the Calculations are done by the Script and it's all easy and comfortable. All you have to do is make the decision.

We thank you all for your input. With the Revenue-Share Model, No Compounding and a reasonable Re-Purchase level, we have a really stable program that should last and last because we will always be paying out less than what is coming in.

Once again, we would like to thank you all for your support, this would not have been possible had it not been for the encouragement we got from the unwavering faith in many of our members. You will now reap the rewards.

Ok, this will be a brand new site, so you will all have to sign up again. We are offering 12% Refferal Commission on your downline's first deposit and 3% on all subsequent deposits. We have a 7-Day Test-Drive Period. In this period there will be 2 differences.

- The minimum will be $5, on the 24th of July it will be $50.

- You will be allowed to Withdraw to Cash Balance. After the 24th, this feature will be cancelled.

Here are the future main changes:

The minimum will raised to $100 after 6 weeks and $250 after 12 weeks and stay at that level for the lifetime of the Program.

The Maximum Deposit will be raised to $25,000 on Oct 16th.

There will be fees from August 16th. These will be paid quarterly.

- Basic Partner
Max Purchase Allowed $1000 - $25 Quarterly

- Associate Partner
Max Purchase Allowed $7500 - $75 Quarterly

- VIP Partner
Max Purchase Allowed $15000 -25000 - $150 Quarterly.

We will not be having Promos, but there will be other exciting offers, rewards and competitions.

The first one we are starting with:

One member will win 100% Matching Bonus of his or her Deposit! The winner will be announced on the 24th. IT will be one member, from either of the 4 PPs.

We will most like do this every week!

Here are the Main Features:

AdPacks Expire at 135%
Rebates 3-9%
12% Referral Bonus on Referral's first Deposit and 3% on all subsequent Deposits.
Daily, Fast Payout!

We would like to touch one one important thing now. We are actively pursuing other income streams. We will be sharing 85% of all these incomes. It is therefore important that we have your support in this regard.

You are of course you are under NO obligation to join these recommendations, and if you do, we are not to be held responsible or accountable for your dealings with them. WE do our best to comb through the countless offers we get and give you the ones that we feel will benefit you.

We will ask you to opt in for some of the Opportunities and for some, we will just send an email out to everyone.

3% of all deposits will go towards refunding PAC members, that goes without saying. We have been a bit busy with getting PAC Revenue Share ready so we are behind on refunds. We need your understanding on this. We will get on track.

That's enough for today, except that, we have to tell you, that in the coming few weeks, we are going to introduce something that will drive wild traffic to PAC Revenue Share. This has not been done by any other online program.

Get the word out..Your Success is Now Assured!
Kazzy and EL

P.S. During this pre-launch we will be updating and tweaking the site.