Monday, February 15, 2010

Nextgenmarket -

Here at NextGen Market we hope that you've been enjoying the money making opportunity we are offering. NextGen Market is now owned and legally represented by NextGen LTD fully incorporated in Dominican Republic. The banking system in this country is well established. Another reason for choosing Dominican Republic is the possibility to sell and buy shares on a company. Also we are able to offer private investments for our customers.

Starting effectively Today we've added another revenue share plan: INVESTOR MEMBERSHIP. This plan is for those that are not interested in getting traffic to their websites but want to purchase shares that matures at 150% total profit. You do not have to do any websites surfing to earn rebates. To acquire INVESTOR MEMBERSHIP you need to purchase a VIP MEMBERSHIP that last 30 days and costs only $10.

To purchase a VIP membership (becoming INVESTOR) login and go to


:: Earn 2-6% daily revenue
:: Shares mature at 150% total revenue
:: 10% affiliate commissions
:: Share Price is only $10
:: No need to surf to qualify for revenue
:: AlertPay, StrictPay, LibertyReserve, SolidTrustPay and PerfectMoney accepted

Membership options available at NextGen Market: FREE, BUSINESS and INVESTOR.

We Updated the Payment proofs page with the latest cashouts, take a look here:

Speaking about payments, NextGen Market paid already to its members over $3500 in 23 days of live operations. We have over 250 BUSINESS Members that are getting daily rebates for their shares purchase. Qualify for daily rebates and 10% affiliate commissions by purchasing at least one share today.

In closing I'd like to let you know we created a page with charity organisations around the world: . Due the recent events happened in Haiti we got contacted by a few members that would like to help the ones most in need now donating part of their profits. If you want to help the ones that faith wasn't helpfull go to the page and contact nearest organisation.

Thank you,
NextGen Market LTD, Dominican Republic

Sunday, February 14, 2010

TheTrafficFactory -

Dividends of 25% have been posted to the 17 members who
have upgraded for the first time this week. Because of
the site hacker and the time spend restoring the site we
have no special dividend from our new income source this
week, hopefully next week we will be giving a BONUS
dividend but I can tell you we are on course for a double
% dividend on the 28th February when our MONTHLY dividend
is posted.
The Cash out button is enabled but remember that if you
cash out more than 50% of your cash balance we will return
your request to your cash balance. Due to it's success we
have extended the promotion for members who upgrade for the
1st time, We will give all first time upgrades of $10 or
more a 100% matching bonus until midnight 14th February.
This is a great opportunity for those who want to earn
referral commissions.First time upgrades are also GUARANTEED
to earn 25% next week.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

New AutoSurf's - Newyearsurf

17% daily for 7 days
11% daily for 13 days
launched: Feb 13th, 2010

New Year Surf brings you a high profit advertising program that provides all of the features you'll ever need, including prompt payments, experienced support, clean, virus-free autosurf bar, reliable accessibility and outright unbeatable earning potential!
We pride ourselves in offering a professional advertising and auto surf program in one, that works hard to satisfy our ever growing community. With a solid business plan, good money management, extensive risk control and business oriented entrepreneurs, New Year Surf is putting excitement back into the industry.
If lowering the risks and increasing the probability for success is important to you, we've got you covered.

IP Location: United States Scottsdale Inc
Dedicated Hosting: is hosted on a dedicated server.

Friday, February 12, 2010

New AutoSurf's - Forumsurfers

7% for 20 days
launched: Feb 9th, 2010

The goal of ForumSurfers is based on the saying that "No man is an island" which is precisely why ForumSurfers is offering everyone a chance to be part of a community of surfers. With the power in numbers we can succeed and create a long lasting, long term surf program to earn an unlimited online income from.

IP Location: United States Virginia Beach Black Lotus Communications
Dedicated Hosting: is hosted on a dedicated server.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

TheTrafficFactory -

I've had a few days to assess the situation and have decided
to implement a few changes to safeguard the future. It seems
that many members were upset by the lower dividend that we
posted last week. This has resulted in a slower than normal
week this week, this is not helped by the refusal of members
to post in the forums even after getting paid, remember we
have NEVER MISSED A PAYMENT as we can only payout with the
money we have coming in.
I have always been honest with you all and have always done
whatever it takes to make sure TTF remains Number 1 Profit
Share model. I want you to understand and support the
changes that are being implemented so here goes.
1) We are going to do a payout monthly of up to 25% of your
2) We are going to make a weekly payout for First Time
Upgrades of 25%.
3) We are going to do a weekly payout between 0% and 5%
from a separate fund from a NEW INCOME SOURCE.
4) We are going to reduce the number of sites you need to
surf to 30 PER WEEK.
Please note there will be no dividend this week (EXCEPT NEW
UPGRADES) whilst we implement the changes. The next small
weekly dividend will be 14th February and the next FULL
dividend will be 28th February.
I will be working hard to prove to the people who post in
forums that Profit Share programs are dead,that they are
wrong. Please contact me if you do not understand the

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

TheTrafficFactory -

The site has been hacked and is offline for now until we
fix the problem, please do not worry as this is only
temporary, sorry for the inconvenience but I am working
hard to restore us back to normal.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010 - Thevaults

Are you service minded and enjoy contact with people? The Vault STM Investgroup Ltd are looking for service minded freelance supporters for private section to help guide and support customers for daily simple questions.

The network and different services on the internet are enormous, and even that we got our own forum and support center we need to be around where people are. To do this we will build up a network of freelance supporters and spread out to every corner.

We expect you to be:
Service minded with a prober tone
Excellent in English writing
Joined different user groups for minimum a couple of years
Have a good reputation on the net.

We offer you:
Free memberships packets, size depending on your personal qualifications
Directly connection to one of our professional service supporters

Send in your application to mail AT and we will contact you after revise.

WorldAssetGrowth -

Thanks to all of you that have purchased advertising this month!
We have now updated all accounts and, to show our gratitude,
we have given you a share of stock for each $150 purchase.

Throughout the month of February, we will continue to try and
warm the winter chill with gifts of stock, one share for each
$150 ad purchase. Don't forget that will end February 28.

Payitforwardtraffic —

I am currently working on the rest of the AlertPay requests and they should be completed today. Liberty Reserve
requests should be done as well. We will process as many SolidTrustPay and StrictPays as we can. If you have requested payout by STP or SP and do not get it today, you can speed up the process by sending your AlertPay ID so we can pay you with that.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

New AutoSurf's - 9dailysurf

My name is Annabel Dela Cruz, a 38yrs old mother of three from Quezon City, the Philippines. Like most people, I have been involved in the traffic exchange world for nearly 4yrs and from my recent research, I have concluded that while autosurf programs can be very profitable to their members, one of the major setbacks is that the admins of many of these programs are simply not experienced enough to manage a successful longterm program or worse, simply started a scam right from the onset.

IP Location: Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Piradius Net
Reverse IP: 1 other site is hosted on this server.