Tuesday, June 1, 2010

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We hope everyone had a great holiday weekend. All member account balances for advertising rebates for the month of May have going to pending and will be paid to your processor with next next 5 business days. We would like to welcome our new advertisers who came on board during the month of May.
We have made available 8 subscriptions for the month of June. Just a reminder that our subscriptions last for 400 days which amounts to about $6.00 a month.


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1st year’s anniversary, and never been stronger.

Last month was our 1st year anniversary, and we are proud the way things have turned out. Today we can state a healthy profitable business with 11700+ customers and still fast growing. But we don’t stop there. Success will not continue without continuous development keeping things shaped and optimized. Our goal is to keep expanding, add new products, fine adjust existing products for optimized performance, and make better advertising prices and better earnings.

2 plans have been added for those who are impatient and want to participate in the program on a regular middle level. The membership plans gives a little less earnings than the regular plans, still to favor members working themselves up in the system. It’s planned to add a few more similar membership plans in the next 3 month on $200 and $300. Exact time will depend on the advertising sale and the balance.

FREE SURFER 99 cents for a lifetime is a new idea to boost up the traffic sale and better the performance for advertisers. Not only can ALL people now join on a level suitable for them and make some earnings, but advertisers who look for massive traffic to their site will get a great product.

Next step on the list is to create better advertiser products to attract more advertisers. This will be done with lowering the prices besides running weekly campaigns with special prices. This should be ready within two weeks of time; however there is no reason to wait purchase advertising as we already lowered two of the most sold packets.

So what else in the box? Well!
End of this summer you will find a new directory program with some special futures and very affordable prices, linked to 20 other website domains. But! We will keep add on new domains to improve the product. Hopefully 30 link more within this year’s end.

September/October will be the biggest surprise of all, introducing a new program never seen in this industry before. But we can unfortunately not tell anything of this yet, as we are paying a team of programmers to create this program, and would hate to see others steal our idea. One word we can mention is Forex.

A few members have asked about some of the membership plans has been removed, and that’s correct. We do deactivate/activate some of the membership plans from time to time to control how many members are going on higher levels. This is for your safety for a well running program, as we can control the balance between purchased ads and private viewer’s earnings.

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