Thursday, August 18, 2011

New AutoSurf program - Pathwiseads

1% daily for 125 days
launched:Aug 17th, 2011

Pathwise Ads is the flagship website of the Pathwise Marketing network. Through this site we aim to provide our upgraded members worldwide with a wide range of online advertising products and services that will benefit thier own businesses as well as our own. We will also provide our members the ability to earn income through driving traffic and sales to other members' businesses and our own. Our goal is to work synergystically with all of our members to provide a multitude of resources and income to everyone involved. We have big plans for the future and would love to have you work with us in bringing a revolution to traffic exchange and network marketing industry.

IP Location: United States East Hanover Fortressitx
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Sunday, August 14, 2011

New AutoSurf program - Theuniversalsurf

9% Daily For 14 Days
8% Daily For 14 Days
120% After 7 Days
launched:Aug 15th, 2011

TheUniversalSurf gives you an opportunity to receive a stable profit from successful stock trading. We are proud to provide premium service to its investors and we hope to continue to exceed our customers' expectations by providing the best service. Providing quality customer service is the foundation of TheUniversalSurf. We value our customers and we strive to provide you with the best customer service in the industry. We work hard to make our customers happy, and have been consistently recognized by industry watchers for our efforts. We take pride in our ability to please our customers and always do our best to do what is right for them. Over the years we have developed both skills and techniques to generate the largest possible returns, while minimizing the amount of risk and loss. If you are a newbie in investment, our advice for you, is to start with small amount of money. Later, you will see that you can trust us.

IP Location: United States Phoenix Brinkster Communications Corporation
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Friday, August 5, 2011

All subscribed member account balances for July advertising rebates have gone to pending. Expect payments to your payment processors on or by August 8th. Remember you must be a subscribed member and have a account balance of at least $2.50 for your account to go to pending.

Subscriptions are sold out for the month of August. Please use our Contact link and send us a e-mail if you are interested in a subscription for September. Our subscriptions are good for 400 days.


New AutoSurf program - Megasurfs

0.6% daily for 365 days
launched:Aug 5th, 2011

This site is avtoserfingovy project that provides its members stable earnings, assuming no violations on their part. Project participants have the opportunity to view sites to earn credits that can be sold as a system and use them for promotion of their own sites or to participate in ongoing auctions. Credit - internal payment unit project. Like any other payment unit, the credits can be used for different purposes. The number of credits earned increases with the level of upgrading your account. It should be understood that modernization is not an investment account or a deposit, but only pay per view other members advertised sites, and your ability to make extra money loans. In fact, paying for upgrades, you buy the right to advertise their websites or refferal link to other project participants.

IP Location: Russian Federation Phoenix Llc (hosting Division)
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Monday, August 1, 2011

New AutoSurf program - Paidsurfing

13% daily for 10 days
launched:Jul 31st, 2011

We are a paid to surf program. If you have not been a user of one before I'll explain. You get paid in two ways. One is by surfing and earning 13% of your membership level and the other by signing up new members with your referral link or banner. If you have surfed before let me tell you a little about myself and what Paid Surfing has to offer to you. I have been in this industry since the days of 4daily and have lost some and won some. I decided to take control and make a program that will last.

IP Location: United Kingdom Burstnet Limited
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