Saturday, October 9, 2010 - Thevaults

Dear customers
After our search in accounts we discovered a few handfuls of fake injections. Most of them unfortunately with several successfully cash outs. We have found the source for the problem and closed the hole for new attempt for fake payments and consider this problem for solved.

More frightening was the discovery of multiply accounts more than 10 and up to several hundred on same users/groups. All of them for Free surfer plans. The whole concept for the Free surfer plan was to get traffic and help a lot of people making some nice money. But by an abuse like this controlled by greediness from a few, we see no other way than terminate the Free surfer program right away. Now, many is innocent and just victims of the few, but the numbers of the account abuse is so big that it will take us weeks to go through all of them and filter bad guys from good guys. Note that we actually paid monthly $40,000 to the project.

We give all Free surfers the option to keep their money and use it for a regular plan. We will even accept to transfer the money from 1-9 account to one account, that way makes it easy for all to start up a plan.
All Free surfer account has already made more that $10 per account some up to $50, why we find this for a reasonable solution for all.

The Free surfer settings are set to expiry your plan once you login. You will not be able to cash out your amount. But you can chose to fund your wallet so you have enough for a Standard plan, or you can contact support requesting money account transfer to another account. Note that if you make cash out request, it will be canceled and returned to wallet. Do expect a couple of days for support to complete your transfer request.

Last change made is to balance the payment again after this short break. We therefore closed for cash out request, and will enable this function again on Monday. Payments will continue and expected to be done for both days Monday.

Thank you for your understanding and support to the program

The Vault STM Investgroup Limited

Monday, October 4, 2010

New AutoSurf's - Webtrafixx

0.3% daily Viewing Reward
launched:Oct 4th, 2010

WebTrafixx is REVOLUTIONARY CONCEPT in the traditional AutoSurf industry. Your Ad Campaign continues until all your purchased Ad Views have been seen, which could be 10, 20, 30 days or more depending on how many Ad Views you have purchased and how many ads are in the rotator. There is no ROI for a specific number of days, as is this is NOT an investment program. WebTrafixx is exclusively an advertising portal, with a Viewing Rewards Loyalty Program attached. Please read the FAQs for full details.

IP Location: United States Columbus Ecommerce Corporation
Reverse IP: 1 website uses this address.