Saturday, November 20, 2010

New AutoSurf's - Profitskey

10% daily for 12 days
launched:Nov 20th, 2010

ProfitsKey is the new program that will bring you profits, and give you another opportunity to make money by just surfing a few pages per day. ProfitsKey have daily plan as well as Fast plan which pays after expiry, and gives you a total return up to 125% as little as in 5 days. ProfitsKey is your key to profits! We accept LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney & Alertpay!

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

New AutoSurf Programs - Investadspro

7% x 20 Days
5.5% x 30 days
10%x13 days(Non-Surf)
launched:Nov 5th, 2010

I am Valdy , the owner and administrator of a brand new autosurf called Investadspro. I am sure you will find it the one to make stable but consistent profit for you, so now you can say good bye to scammer and join us for your real prosperity!! I have organized a team for our project so I am not alone here. I have a professional team to serve you. So we actually bring a project that is solid and covered by real ways to generate income. These ways are Advertising, Marketing, Trading in Forex,and MLM activities. We spent a lot to set this project and creating our website so that you all, could have a true place to manage your funds and we are still planning some other things which we will disclose soon. We are here to invite you to take a look at our project. we always think that the Internet and the public forums are the instant way to reach the real investors who are always looking for real opportunity. we understand that lots of scammer has stolen money from you people in this industry and this lefted a bad image for all real online investor. we believe it is hard to get your trust but we are sure and confident that we will change your mind and we'll prove that this industry still can offer its pleasent surprises. We want to make this project as big as we have described above and we have our real source to generate money consistently. You will have to surf only 10 pages in a day for getting credits to rotate your websites and it will be done instantly, like a piece of cake!! Your will be provided with the best customer support from the very first moment, so you can sort out your problem with us very fast. We hope we'll have a good relationship and make some friends on forums. we expect people from the whole world to join Investadspro. Looking forward to working with you soon!! Your future partner for your great prosperity!! Earn with us comfortable! Thanks & regards Valdy and Team.

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10% daily for 13 days
144% after 12 days
launched:Nov 16th, 2010

Like no other surf you will get a reliable surf site working for you, with you, to get your dreams come true. You will discover an admin and his team working day around to fulfil your dreams, and with you as a team-mate, we can make this happen. We will find sponsors in high numbers, sell a lot of ads and invest quite a lot in reliable investment with an excellent interest. At same time we expect you to do a lot of promotion by getting a lot of referrals and make your own day much's more fun getting the 5% in referral commission.

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010 - Top-net

This is my first newsletter to the Top-Net community. I wanted to express my excitement to see how we are growing every day.

I want to invite all the members to bring more people to our Top-Net network. We are offering for the next 30 days on top of our 15% commission a $5 dollars bonus to any of you that brings a new member that spends $20 or more in any of our services.

Our plans besides the advertisement are to create networks that will bring more income to our members. We have choose a few good programs and we are willing to help any member who wants to participate. We will set your downline so you can earn and enjoy any of the following business.

Right now we are building our first network with Pur3X. This a great company with a fantastic product and a lot of money in commissions. I have to be honest the initial investment is high $150 but we will start your business and guaranteed that you will have your investment back each month plus extra cash.

If you are interested in Pur3X please send us an email as soon as possible soon they will lock all positions. Take advantage of this great opportunity to earn a steady extra income every month.

Our second business is KB Gold. No initial payment and right now we are just getting ready for what KB will bring to us in a near future. Please send us an email for more information.

We will have the LR integration in to the script soon. If you want to avoid the PP and wants to deposit via wire please let us know. We can also exchange your LR to wire for only 1.5% which is low compare to other exchange services.

Please have the time to take check our spend and earn plans. You can earn 1.6% per day and cash out every 15 days.

Thank You
Staff @ Top-Net

Thursday, November 4, 2010

New AutoSurf's - 12dailyfund

12% daily for 10 days
launched:Nov 5th, 2010

12Dailyfund.Com is a get paid to autosurf program, managed by professional investors. We are a team composed of highly specialized investors who target online trading, gaming, and other potentially profitable markets.. 12Dailyfund.Com will be the fastest, easiest way to make money on the Internet. Join now and start making money TODAY!

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1.6% daily for 30 days
launched: Nov 3rd, 2010

Top-Net Is A Unique System For Site Owners Wanting High Exposure. Your Site Will Be Shown To Hundreds Of Members 7 Days A Week 24 Hours A Day, While You Visit Other members Sites. 100% Automatic.

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10% daily for 12 days
144% after 12 days
launched:Nov 1st, 2010

SureFireSurf has devised two (2) great plans for you! You see the benefits of being a member on the right side of this paragraph. It is so easy to earn with You only need to surf 12 sites daily with 15 seconds timer. It will not even take 5 minutes of your time daily! By the way, my name is Christopher Linton. You can call me Chris.

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