Tuesday, December 20, 2011

New AutoSurf programs

surf4gold.com - surf4gold

4% each day for 35 days
launched:Dec 21st, 2011

Get PAID FOR surfing only 12 sites in our AutoSurf Bar. We offer a 140% return in just 35 DAYS 33 of those days are guaranteeed even if a ecurrency is offline. Your daily pay will be 4% each day for 35 days and dependant upon ecurrencys your payout will be instant. All withdraws are processed instantly at the end of your surfing session to your account balance or ecurrency ALL LIBERTY RESERVE ARE INSTANT.

IP Location: United States Chino Hills Liquid Web Inc
Reverse IP Lookup Results: 785 websites use this address

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

New AutoSurf program

Evo-hits.com - Evo-hits

.29% daily for 365 days
launched:Nov 22nd, 2011

Based in the United States, we are an online advertising company geared towards both our success and yours. Advertising has no limits here, rather you want to advertise your products, online store, auctions, blog, social networking sites, videos, whatever you have to offer, we can fulfill your advertising needs. We are 100% free to join and use with no mandatory monthly, annual or signup fees.

IP Location: United States Temecula Bluehost Inc
Reverse IP Lookup Results: 2,079 websites use this address.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Fastestsurf.com - Fastestsurf

Fastestsurf.com - Fastestsurf

28% daily for 4 days
12% daily for 12 days
launched:Oct 1st, 2011

Everyone remembers the old days when surfs were honest and they lasted. Fasest Surf is an old school concept with the fastest surf plan. Our goal is to bring the autosurf industry back to basics. We have 2 plans to offer our members. Fastest ever surf plan and old day 12-12 non surf plan.

IP Location: United States Staminus Communications
Reverse IP: 84 websites use this address.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

New AutoSurf programs

Absurfing.com - Absurfing

11% daily for 11 days
142% after 12 days
launched:Sep 13th, 2011

Hello everybody, Welcome to ABSurfing. I take great pleasure in announcing the official launch of our Advertising Program "Angry Birds Surfing". I'm Jimmy, one of the admins at ABS and I will be here to take care of the online support and management of the website. AT ABS, we believe in the provision and maintenance of superior standards in security, financial portfolio management and business ethics. This business will consistently provide the assurance of a long term online business opportunity for everyone.

IP Location: Seychelles Nemtymedia Sa
Resolve Host: s2.koddos.com
Reverse IP: 1 website uses this address.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Pathwiseads.com - Pathwiseads

Just wanted to stop in and give a brief update on the goings on here at Pathwise Ads.

We are continuing to make progress every week as we add on more members every day. Once we reach around the 100 member mark we have some plans already in the works on how to make the site even more profitable for all of you.

If you haven't yet signed up with us, we suggest you take advantage of our free $1 share offer still going on now as it will not be available forever. Join us Now!

This past week we have been playing around with a variety of different advertising sponsors for the site that I'm sure most of you are already aware of. We are working on fine tuning all of the sponsors and how they are presented to you so that it will eventually become a practically seamless process for all of you to choose and view the ads that are of interest to you. If you have any suggestions or ideas for us on this topic we would be more than excited to hear your views.

Remember, these sponsors are what makes the site and all of you your daily profits so please support them and take a look at what they have to offer if it is of interest to you.

Also don't forget to check out this blog every couple of days for our updates and other programs that we recommend that you join to earn even more money online.

Thanks and hope you have a wonderful week!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

New AutoSurf program

Pathwiseads.com - Pathwiseads

1% daily for 125 days
launched:Aug 17th, 2011

Pathwise Ads is the flagship website of the Pathwise Marketing network. Through this site we aim to provide our upgraded members worldwide with a wide range of online advertising products and services that will benefit thier own businesses as well as our own. We will also provide our members the ability to earn income through driving traffic and sales to other members' businesses and our own. Our goal is to work synergystically with all of our members to provide a multitude of resources and income to everyone involved. We have big plans for the future and would love to have you work with us in bringing a revolution to traffic exchange and network marketing industry.

IP Location: United States East Hanover Fortressitx
Resolve Host: server9.go-mama-hosting.com
Reverse IP: 17 websites use this address.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

New AutoSurf program

Theuniversalsurf.com - Theuniversalsurf

9% Daily For 14 Days
8% Daily For 14 Days
120% After 7 Days
launched:Aug 15th, 2011

TheUniversalSurf gives you an opportunity to receive a stable profit from successful stock trading. We are proud to provide premium service to its investors and we hope to continue to exceed our customers' expectations by providing the best service. Providing quality customer service is the foundation of TheUniversalSurf. We value our customers and we strive to provide you with the best customer service in the industry. We work hard to make our customers happy, and have been consistently recognized by industry watchers for our efforts. We take pride in our ability to please our customers and always do our best to do what is right for them. Over the years we have developed both skills and techniques to generate the largest possible returns, while minimizing the amount of risk and loss. If you are a newbie in investment, our advice for you, is to start with small amount of money. Later, you will see that you can trust us.

IP Location: United States Phoenix Brinkster Communications Corporation
Resolve Host: cp5.hostable.com
Reverse IP: 461 websites use this address.

Friday, August 5, 2011


All subscribed member account balances for July advertising rebates have gone to pending. Expect payments to your payment processors on or by August 8th. Remember you must be a subscribed member and have a account balance of at least $2.50 for your account to go to pending.

Subscriptions are sold out for the month of August. Please use our Contact link and send us a e-mail if you are interested in a subscription for September. Our subscriptions are good for 400 days.


New AutoSurf program

Megasurfs.com - Megasurfs

0.6% daily for 365 days
launched:Aug 5th, 2011

This site is avtoserfingovy project that provides its members stable earnings, assuming no violations on their part. Project participants have the opportunity to view sites to earn credits that can be sold as a system and use them for promotion of their own sites or to participate in ongoing auctions. Credit - internal payment unit project. Like any other payment unit, the credits can be used for different purposes. The number of credits earned increases with the level of upgrading your account. It should be understood that modernization is not an investment account or a deposit, but only pay per view other members advertised sites, and your ability to make extra money loans. In fact, paying for upgrades, you buy the right to advertise their websites or refferal link to other project participants.

IP Location: Russian Federation Phoenix Llc (hosting Division)
Resolve Host: vh5.pdc.x5x-noc.ru
Reverse IP: 39 websites use this address.

Monday, August 1, 2011

New AutoSurf program

Paidsurfing.net - Paidsurfing

13% daily for 10 days
launched:Jul 31st, 2011

We are a paid to surf program. If you have not been a user of one before I'll explain. You get paid in two ways. One is by surfing and earning 13% of your membership level and the other by signing up new members with your referral link or banner. If you have surfed before let me tell you a little about myself and what Paid Surfing has to offer to you. I have been in this industry since the days of 4daily and have lost some and won some. I decided to take control and make a program that will last.

IP Location: United Kingdom Burstnet Limited
Reverse IP: 1 website uses this address.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

New AutoSurf programs

Realbusinessfunds.com - Realbusinessfunds

10% daily For 13 Days
launched:Jul 20th, 2011

FServices you could depend on RBF traffic exchange is a perfect place for you to drive targeted traffic to your site or programs, and is an easy and fun way to generate a large extra income from three earning plans!

IP Location: United States San Pedro Interserver Inc
Reverse IP: 1,702 websites use this address.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

New AutoSurf programs

Gbayltd.biz - Gbayltd

5% - 6% daily for 25 days
1.5% - 2.5% daily for 999 days
launched:Jul 18th, 2011

Hello and Welcome to Gbay Ltd. My name is Michelle Bradshaw,Admin and Co-founder of GbayLtd. I have been in the Auctions and Advertising industry for many years, with my experience and background we can help others get their products and services exposed. Investors can also benefit nicely from their investments with Us. Our plan is for the long haul with the help and support of our members and investors.

IP Location: Italy K.o.l. Informatica
Reverse IP: 2 websites use this address. (examples: gbayltd.biz gbayltd.com)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

New AutoSurf program

Alertadz.com - Alertadz

16% daily for 7 days
10.5% daily for 12 days
3% daily for 45 days
launched:Jul 13th, 2011

We offer all members a global advertising platform which can be accessed from anywhere in the world 24 hours a day 365 days a year. our system is capable of generating later amounts of high quality high conversion traffic. Alert ads offers you the ability to earn rebates while viewing other members ads. We also offer a passive no surf strategy for those who prefer not to view ads. You may start for free at alert ads and may advertise up to 3 sites absolutely free. Free members will have the ability to earn 25 credits a day to advertise their sites. Additional credits may be purchased. Upgraded members will have the ability to advertise up to 10 sites and may earn up to 150 credits daily. We only use Alert Pay. The safest and most trusted online processor. Due to the large amount of fraud and extortionist tactics we will only accept liberty reserve via contact email. Contact us if you wish to use L.R. and we will send you specific instructions for safe processing. We are looking forward to a long lasting and profitable program for all our members. Thank You. Alert Adz Management Team.

IP Location: United States Zanesville Galaxyvisions Inc
Reverse IP: 379 websites use this address. (examples: hyipnigeria.com 120bucks.com 120bucks.info 120bucks.net)

Monday, June 27, 2011

New AutoSurf programs

Cash-surf.net - Cash-surf

12% for 12 Days
launched:Jun 27th, 2011

Cash Surf works with investors and financial experts to turn ideas into successful ventures. We help to build partnerships and achieve goals by finding unique investment opportunities. In a big business environment we run our program with the determination and commitment evident in a small business heart. We believe in empowering people, building relationships and improving lives. Entrepreneurship, incentives, decentralized management and communication are the keys to achieving this goal. You would not be here if you were not serious about investing. I to am a serious investor who researches, email and makes contact with an investment site to see what they say to questions. That is what this site is for.

IP Location: United States Houston Hosting Services Inc
Reverse IP: 6 websites use this address. (examples: battlefieldhits.com ozimobile.com payrandomizer.com rcflyershop.com.au)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

New AutoSurf's

NetUSO.com - NetUSO

0.8% daily for lifetime
launched:Jun 15th, 2011

NETUSO? HERE IS a ONE-SENTENCE DESCRIPTION OF THIS WEBSITE: There is a lot of money to be made, if a lot of people knowing your product. netuso 125 forex gold netuso 125 EurosFund netuso 125 That, in a nutshell, is what netuso is about. Netuso let all parties benefit. The advertiser, but also the viewer. Netuso is a force of nature. That is, our natural inclination to join advertisement communities, traffic exchanger and associations in order to accomplish things that we cannot get done by acting alone. Netuso Next to "How do I market my website on the Web" the most often-ask question, creating an advertisement platform like NETUSO is answered in three letters: ROI ~ the return on investment that's so important to everyone in business. Measurement is the first step in showing a return. One of the best things about NETUSO and advertising is that like online media it is fundamentally measurable. Credits equal page impression. Views equal potential customers.

IP Location: United States Staminus Communications
Reverse IP: 1 website uses this address.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

History-Ads — History-Ads.com

All subscribed member account balances have gone to pending. Expect payments to your payment processors on or by June 8th. Remember you must be a subscribed member and have a account balance of at least $2.50 for your account to go to pending.

Subscriptions are available for the month of June. Please use our Contact link and send us a e-mail if you are interested in a subscription. Our subscriptions are good for 400 days.

Once again I would like to thank all our members of History-Ads. We have grown steadily over the years and have put our members money to good use. We are financially stronger than ever and we hope you enjoy your monthly payouts. While many other programs are struggling, closing, not paying or coming up with new terms every day, we continue to build our business and become a solid leader in the silver market.


New AutoSurf programs

Olddayssurfing.com - Olddayssurfing

9% daily for 13 days
130% after 13 days
launched:Jun 2nd, 2011

My name is Jad and I was involved in this whole arena since years. In olddayssurfing.com I am trying to bring back the good old days of surfing, I know it may be difficult but I promise that I will manage issues here in as much transparent way as I can. together I believe that by time we can achieve a media of trust among us and who knows, hopefully this will be one of the big ones in the history of autosurfs.

IP Location: United States New York Fortressitx
Reverse IP: 22 websites use this address. (examples: 22dailysurf.com 30dayharvest.com 5hourfrenzy.com autohitterexpress.com)

Friday, May 27, 2011

New AutoSurf programs

Directhitz.com - Directhitz

2% daily 80 days
launched:May 27th, 2011

DirectHitz is a new advertising agency specializing in PPV (pay per view) and PTC (pay per click) marketing and advertisement solutions. Our innovative system is designed to help you market your site by increasing the number of visitors that view your site. For every site you visit (we call this "surfing"), you will receive visitors back to your site. We provide a fair exchange ratio for both free and pro members. There's no limit to the amount of free hits you can receive per day 10, 100, or even 1000! although not required upgraded pro members can enjoy the benefits of additional traffic, random referrals. monthly credit allowance and more, plus eligibility to take part in the rebates program. But that is not all! Refer people to DirectHitz.com using our promotional materials and you will get referral page, surf, ptc credits and ptc cash commissions. And not only from direct referrals you'll also receive referral page, surf, ptc credits and ptc cash commissions from members they refer. Our referral system go's down a massive 10 levels deep.

IP Location: United States Asheville Leapswitch Networks Private Limited
Reverse IP: 321 websites use this address. (examples: crazy-co.com destiny-co.com entertainment-portal.info 1z2z.info)

22dailysurf.com - 22dailysurf

22% daily for 5 days
launched:May 27th, 2011

22Dailysurf offer excellent traffic exchange and advertising for all your websites. You may advertise any website you wish, from other Autosurf sites to home based businesses. We have decided to make a big difference, by bringing honesty & stability back to the surfing industry.If you are an upgraded member ,you can earn 22% daily for 5 days

IP Location: United States New York Fortressitx
Reverse IP: 22 websites use this address. (examples: 30dayharvest.com 5hourfrenzy.com autohitterexpress.com autosurf.co)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

New AutoSurf programs

Globalsurfpro.com - Globalsurfpro

40 Days. 2.9% Daily, 45 Days
2.9% Daily, 50 Days
2.9% Daily
launched:May 26th, 201

Brand new advertising company is here. Let us help you advertise your company. This is one of the most successful marketing methods ever,bring a loath of traffic and customers to your site instant!

IP Location: Canada Toronto Iweb Dedicated Cl
Reverse IP: 57 websites use this address. (examples: globalsurfpro.com 11s.biz adloco.info adsnsignups.info)

Saturday, May 21, 2011

New AutoSurf program

12instant.com - 12instant

12% for 11 days
launched:May 20th, 2011

Hello Members and welcome to the fastest way to make money, Find out just how easy earning online can be! without hassles? I believe everyone should be paid INSTANT. My name is Gilbert and I am your Admin! Also I do not require you to make a purchase before getting your payouts. I purchased this script with the sole intention of showing you just how good INSTANT PAYING SITES CAN AND WILL BE! I promise you the fastest payouts online and support second to none! You signup, purchase a membership, surf and GET PAID instant and automatic. There will never be a need to ask or wait for your payout nor will I ever ask you to make a purchase to get your payout like some sites are now doing!

IP Location: United States Godaddy.com Inc

Friday, May 6, 2011

New AutoSurf programs

Mysticdice.com - Mysticdice

2%-6% daily 150% Total
launched:May 5th, 2011

A revolutionary concept in Autosurf industry! Its been a long while since we have seen any reputable and giant autosurf program fully crowded with confident autosurfers, but I am not talking about those hybrids of combination of high-yeilds with autosurf because I believe autosurf industry has its very own legacy and each program has 2 positives sides, 1 for investing and other for exchanging traffic.

Grandslamsurf.com - Grandslamsurf

10-12% for 12 days
launched:May 6th, 2011

We have a ton of features to help you make money and keep making money. We have 3 pay levels that all have different advantages in themselves. Our instant plan ensures you get paid everyday but only has a return of 120%. If you move to daily pay you will earn 12% more total of 132% return Our max paying plan is our expire pay plan and it pays a whopping 144% return.

IP Location: United States Godaddy.com Inc
Reverse IP: 2 websites use this address. (grandslamsurf.com morepowerhosting.com)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Surf2Pay.com - Surf2Pay

1.5-3% daily for 5 days
launched:Apr 28th, 2011

Today in the trade world it seems that the earth is orbiting faster. Have a good financial future is extremely dependent on your today choice. An investment based on trust could be considered as a smart movement. Existence of an experienced academic team for achieving this purpose is undoubtedly necessary. Surf2Pay team with having a brilliant background in stock market is a reliable firm way of investment. Surf2Pay team after 3 years experience in investment and with considering their duty as public fortune trustee are maintaining their activity. Affording consistent profit for investors is the main goal of all the activities of Surf2Pay Company. For reaching this goal associating in economic activities and investing in stock market is in company repertoire.. Surf2Pay.com is a long term high yield private loan program, backed up by Forex market trading and investing in various funds and activities. Profits from these investments are used to enhance our program and increase its stability for the long term.

IP Location: United States Clifton Fortressitx
Reverse IP: 21 websites use this address. (examples: 30dayharvest.com 5hourfrenzy.com autohitterexpress.com autosurf.co)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New AutoSurf programs

Supersurfworld.com - Supersurfworld

10% daily paid for 12 day
132% after 12 days

launched:Apr 19th, 2011

Hello surfers and welcome to SuperSurfWorld best way to make money, How would you like to get paid every day? If you are new to surfing please take a minute to look around. We offer what surfers need to make money without any problems. You signup, purchase a membership, surf and GET PAID

Surfingfarm.com - Surfingfarm

15-16% daily for 7 days
launched:Apr 18th, 2011

Finally an autosurf program, in the most difficult times of autosurf industry and also for those investors who are tired of losing in HYIPs. Layout of SurfingFarm is exclusive and attractive as we are offering you a reasonable profit in short range of days. That means your daily ROI may be considered as high but upgrades last for only 7 days and your total return is about 105% to 112% (your actual investment is included). That is what makes our program, SUSTAINBLE and RELIABLE. Why invest anywhere with high-risk? Why invest in long term programs and wait at least 60 to 90 or even 100 days to break even?

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

New AutoSurf programs

144pro.com - 144pro

4% daily for 36 days
launched:Apr 11th, 2011

144 Pro has been launched to offer a stable platform for advertisers to earn quality website traffic while earning a daily rebate to view other members sites. You will earn 4% daily for 36 days , You need to surf only 5 sites daily to earn your daily rebate. If you miss any surfing days you may request to have them crdited to your account. All requests will be honored. There is no penalty for missed surfing days. Advertise your banners with us. $5.00 for a lifetime placement. Unlimited impressions. First cashout will be min. $2.00. All other cashouts are $1.00 minimum. We accept Alert Pay for all payments. We also accept Pay Pal for purchases. ( please see faqs)

IP Location: United States Secaucus Interserver Inc
Reverse IP: 713 websites use this address.

Monday, April 4, 2011

History-Ads — History-Ads.com

Hello to all our members at History-Ads. For all our subscribed members, you are well aware of how great our site is doing. We are by far the longest running (paying) site on the internet. With our silver business and the price of silver sky rocketing we are very excited about are future. Thank you to all for supporting us through the years.

Pending Payments:
All subscribed member account balances have gone to pending. You will be paid your pending balances on or by April 8th.

We are only offering subscriptions to our site to registered members of History-Ads. If you are getting this e-mail then you are registered. If you are interested in purchasing a subscription with us, please use our contact link and let me know. I will return your e-mail with your subscription info.

I don't promote our other sites very often, but if you want to join one of the best straight line cycler/advertisings sites on the net, have a look at http://traffic-cycler.com I also own this site. This site has been running for almost three years and i think you will love it.

Jim Williams


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

New AutoSurf program

Alienbarn.com - Alienbarn

18% daily for 6 days
launched:Mar 10th, 2011

Hundreds of surf and hyip sites come and go everyday. Some of the key reasons for the failure of these programs are: 1) a lack of multiple income streams, 2) the high cost of payouts to free members, and 3) poor customer care. alienbarn has gone to great lengths to address these issues and have integrated solutions to these problems into the design of our program. Call me R2B2. I promise your friends call you a winner.

IP Location: United States Staminus Communications

New AutoSurf program

Rolclubsurf.com - Rolclubsurf

8% daily for 16 days
launched:Mar 8th, 2011

ROLClubsurf.com is the right place if you want to earn money online. It was opened with the aim to bring back autosurf success and profitability back in the industry.If you are looking for ways to advertise your website, facebook profile, blog or affiliated sites and also earn money online then ROLClubSurf is definitely for you.

IP Location: United States Clifton Fortressitx
Reverse IP: 20 websites use this address. (examples: 30dayharvest.com 5hourfrenzy.com autohitterexpress.com autosurf.co)

Autosurfpro.info - Autosurfpro

1% for 180 days
launched:Feb 2nd, 2011

Hello surfers and welcome to a new era of Auto surfing!!! WE ARE DIFFERENT. YOU JUST HAVE TO LET US PROVE IT TO YOU. , How would you like to invest in a an auto surf that actually invests your money to make money, and with that money pay you?. Yes it is true we are not a ponzi. Not only will we not say that we invest like every other autosurf in the industry we will prove it to you!!!! We don't think members are that stupid anymore. There have been to many rip offs in this industry and it has to stop. You the investor has to make a choice that is clear. DO you Keep on investing in auto surfs with no chance of making money.Keep on investing in ponzi's with high returns and expect a different result.Or invest in a site that will prove to you that they actually invest!!! The answer should be clear to you as the nose on your face. This is truly a unique surf site. Come in and look around. See what we have to offer. I think you will see the Auto surf pro is truly unique. We are built to last!! Giving the investors an equal chance of making some real money. No need to wait for ADMIN's to pay or payout excuses like the other sites. YOU WILL MAKE MONEY WITH AUTOSURF PRO NO EXCUSES!

IP Location: United States Clifton Fortressitx
Reverse IP: 123 websites use this address. (examples: braselmarketing.info 12cents.info 521120.com a1bux.info)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

New AutoSurf programs

Surfingmoney.com - Surfingmoney

10% daily for 14 days
11% daily for 14 day
launched:Jan 16th, 2011

I am Robert, admin of this site. The surfing industry deserve to regain to good old times so i decided to do something about this and opened this site. This way i will join the efforts of other good surf admins who already started to prove that the surf industry deserve to get back members trust. You will be paid to view the ads paid by other members and i will also sell advertise on our site (banners and paid emails). You must surf 14 pages every day to earn. If you will forget to surf one day, the plans will be automatically extended with one day so you won't loose.

IP Location: Canada Wasaga Beach Staminus Communications
Reverse IP: 1 website uses this address.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

PositiveSurf.com - PositiveSurf

There was a bussy weekend here at PositiveSurf office.

All the requested payments have been processed. If you received a payment take the time to vote for us in the monitors listed on Reviews Page and post it in the forums. This helps us to inform everyone that PositiveSurf is doing business and paying the members.


We have great plans ahead for the following months starting with implementing new features next week and a huge advertising campaign making sure everyone finds out about PositiveSurf.

If you know any good resource (forum, blog, monitor etc) for advertising contact us and after we analyse it we can include it in the advertising plan. We are open to suggestions.

Let's all contribute and create a positive surfing business with PositiveSurf.com

Have a positive new week,
PositiveSurf Admin

Saturday, January 8, 2011

New AutoSurf Programs

PositiveSurf.com - PositiveSurf

12-12.5% over 12 days
launched: Jan 8th, 2011

Combining efficient online advertising with attractive returns on your upgrades will get you the earnings you wanted while offering you a good way of promotion for your online business. We offer you the possibility to test our services by opening a free account and then you may decide to upgrade your account if you wish to continue working with us and go further by earning on your upgrades.

IP Location: United States Virginia Beach Black Lotus Communications
Reverse IP: 1 website uses this address.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New AutoSurf Programs

Prestigrev.com - Prestigrev

2-3% daily for 100 days
launched:Jan 4th, 2011

The main idea behind Prestigrev is to offer steady plans with a stable income strategy. Our plans are laid out very well to give you stable yet dynamic plans with good returns. We are hosted on a dedicated server coupled with a secured script with amazing features that the industry has never seen before. Please read more about the functioning of Prestigrev on the FAQ page. We also have our own dedicated forum where you can come in and discuss about us.

IP Location: United Kingdom Dragonara Alliance Ltd
Reverse IP: 2 websites use this address. (examples: fx-pool.biz prestigrev.com)

Surfwado.com - Surfwado

2% daily for 300 days
12% daily for 12 days
11% daily for 11 days
launched:Jan 3rd, 2011

My name is Olivia Hans, from Montreal. I only need 1 minute of your time before you go any further. I am not here to tell you those cock and bull stories you have never heard before, I'm not here to waste your time, I'm not here to make friends. I'm here to show you EXACTLY how I make millions. Its simple, advertise your program/products on our website using banner display, Pay to Click and display your website to all our members (All in One), isn't this amazing!!

IP Location: United States Dallas Theplanet.com Internet Services Inc
Reverse IP: 1 website uses this address.