Friday, April 30, 2010 - Perfectsurfads

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Thursday, April 29, 2010

New AutoSurf's - Perfectsurfads
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IP Location: United States Fullerton Staminus Communications
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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Nextgenmarket -

First of all I would like to say that NextGen Profits it's a real success, having a great start way over our expectation and we like to thank you for this. I want to remind you that you can login there by using the same details you use on NextGen Market.

Lately we received a lot of requests for switching investments from NGM to our newest investment program, NextGen Profits. This option is available and you may contact us using the support desk to transfer your upgrade

We want to keep NextGen Market on it's niche, being an revenue share traffic exchange program where marketers can sell their products better or to get traffic to their blogs, websites or affiliate links. If you do not have an website or you focus only on investments then NextGen Profits is for you.
This being said, I will remove Investor subscription because it's scope was to ease the earning procedure and since NextGen Market will be a marketing tool, there is not any reason to keep it.

I noticed there were many members who upgraded using a processor, and requested cashouts everytime in a different processor. On NextGen Profits we have an Internal Exchange system with low fees (which will cover our exchange fees) where members can exchange their e-currencies. Here on NextGen Market, you will have to request a cashout only in the same processor you mostly used to upgrade with. Please use Account Edit feature to change the payment processor details.

Also you should notice that from now on any compound is counted as cashout. On NextGen Profits compounding is available without any limitations.

Regarding payments, I want to let you know that we finished processing Friday 9 payments and started to process payments requested over the weekend. If you received a payment please take the time to vote on monitors and post on forums.

In closing I want to ask you to start posting on NextGen Profits threads as soon as you receive payments or if you have questions.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Nextgenmarket -

Read this email to the bottom as there are great news covered inside.
First of all I will like to assure everyone that we are going to cover up the pending payments in the next couple of days. There was some delay in processing payments as we celebrated Easter and didn't reached the office spending the time with our families. We already started processing the payments so you should check the forums and monitors to see payment proofs. If you have a pending payment please patiently wait to get the funds in your account.

More and more funds are reaching NextGen Market accounts so we decided, it's in our and your best interest to signup contracts with several brokerage companies that will administrate the funds investing in different international opportunities. That's how NextGen Profits was born: to ensure members that are interested only in investing online but not to get traffic on their websites have a facile and safe environoment to increase their portfolio.

Before opening the link and going to register you should know that most of the account details (username, password, email) have already been imported so you may login right away using your NextGenMarket account. Your downline it's available on NextGen Profits so you are able to start earning referral commissions right now. On Referral Links page we added several banners sizes that may be used to promote the program.

NextGen Profits pays up to 3% DAILY for 100 business days. Min amount to invest is just $10 and the max is $20,000.

For our members convenience we have created a page where they can see some of our payments :

In closing I'd like to wish everyone a happy and prosperous week.

NextGen LTD