Wednesday, March 9, 2011

New AutoSurf program - Alienbarn

18% daily for 6 days
launched:Mar 10th, 2011

Hundreds of surf and hyip sites come and go everyday. Some of the key reasons for the failure of these programs are: 1) a lack of multiple income streams, 2) the high cost of payouts to free members, and 3) poor customer care. alienbarn has gone to great lengths to address these issues and have integrated solutions to these problems into the design of our program. Call me R2B2. I promise your friends call you a winner.

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New AutoSurf program - Rolclubsurf

8% daily for 16 days
launched:Mar 8th, 2011 is the right place if you want to earn money online. It was opened with the aim to bring back autosurf success and profitability back in the industry.If you are looking for ways to advertise your website, facebook profile, blog or affiliated sites and also earn money online then ROLClubSurf is definitely for you.

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1% for 180 days
launched:Feb 2nd, 2011

Hello surfers and welcome to a new era of Auto surfing!!! WE ARE DIFFERENT. YOU JUST HAVE TO LET US PROVE IT TO YOU. , How would you like to invest in a an auto surf that actually invests your money to make money, and with that money pay you?. Yes it is true we are not a ponzi. Not only will we not say that we invest like every other autosurf in the industry we will prove it to you!!!! We don't think members are that stupid anymore. There have been to many rip offs in this industry and it has to stop. You the investor has to make a choice that is clear. DO you Keep on investing in auto surfs with no chance of making money.Keep on investing in ponzi's with high returns and expect a different result.Or invest in a site that will prove to you that they actually invest!!! The answer should be clear to you as the nose on your face. This is truly a unique surf site. Come in and look around. See what we have to offer. I think you will see the Auto surf pro is truly unique. We are built to last!! Giving the investors an equal chance of making some real money. No need to wait for ADMIN's to pay or payout excuses like the other sites. YOU WILL MAKE MONEY WITH AUTOSURF PRO NO EXCUSES!

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