Monday, August 31, 2009

Morningshell —

I have an important message about spam. Some greedy members have been trying to place 8-10 of the same website and banner ads. This is simply spam. We will only accept 2 ads of the same url from the one user. This creates a more fairer and even system. I speak for many members here its really irratating to see the same advertisment over and over again. This will be a first and final warning for everyone. Any member caught after today placing a huge amount of the same url will be banned for 2 weeks.

Another quick note... we are no longer allowing Earners Unite on the site until they remove the Malware.

Luigi Falco

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Yesicansurf —

It seems that a few members are not reading our updates or newsletters , and that there's some misunderstanding regarding the number of surf sites you'll have to view !!

Please understand that this weekend is a non surf weekend , as the old surf site has now ended, and the revenue surf cannot open till September 1st. This is to give us the time to manually calculate the earnings sent to your new accounts.

For the convenience of members who want to surf anyway for credits only, Phil set the maximum surf to 500. That does NOT mean you will have to surf 500 sites weekly to earn.

To earn from company profits, you must surf only 70 sites weekly (ie. 10 daily). The surfing to earn will begin on Tuesday. You then surf / earn till you are 200% in profits, at which point your adpacks will expire.

Many thanks to all who are giving us the "space" to get this huge job completed. Your understanding is much appreciated.

Folks, both Phil and I have participated in "regular" surf sites for several years, and have lost a great deal of money when they closed, as all must in time. We are doing this for you, our members, to make sure that YesICanSurf will be here for many months to come.

Revenue shares are a"HOT" commodity right now, and that's because they offer a superior opportunity for both earning and for advertising. We are very excited and we hope that you are too.

Hope that clarifies things a little.
More tomorrow,
Phil and Sarah

AD-ventures4u —

I just wanted to let everyone know that you need to use the link on the tools page to request your cashout. Please don't use the old cashout button on the purchases page, use the one directly on the tools page. Also you wont get a varification email with this cashout. We are just collecting information so we can process the cashouts. Thank you and have a nice rest of the weekend

Payitforwardtraffic —

This is just going to be a quick update to remind everyone that you need to get your surfing done before midnight. tonight Saturday. You need to surf 50 sites to qualify for Revenue Sharing for the week. Wanted to get this update out sooner, but was unable to.

Revenue Share earnings will be posted on Sunday sometime, but you will not be able to withdraw until 12:01am Monday EST.

If for some reason you miss your surfing for the week. Let me know tomorrow or Monday. Since we just changed the schedule this week I will give you credit if you missed your surfing. I realize some members may be out of town or may not have gotten our updates.

Also, the deadline to purchase Ad Levels to earn in this weeks Revenue Share is midnight tonight Saturday. It's going to be another great week again for earnings. Ad Level purchase have been great! PIFT is growing stronger and stronger each week.

Take care....


Friday, August 28, 2009

AD-ventures4u —

Yes I am still sending Newsletters, still trying to calm the members--I am still communicating so that everyone knows I am here.

I have been up for two days straight so please forgive my good spelling.

I wanted to make sure you know where the cashout button is. It is on the tools page. And it is important that you give us your address and your payment proccessors so that we have multi options to cash you out.

We are here to stay just turning the page on our program. You know that there will be people that will beg us to get in from this point and the answer is NO!!!!!

Because I feel we are getting ready for the ride of our life.

It might not be as fast as some would like but we are the ones that will have the chance to share in one of the largest gold sites in the world. And that is amazing even tho I have to say so myself.

I don't care what members have said or done. All I care about is that I have to prove myself and I will do that.

So hang on. All the earnings from this point will be from other income and we will see that it can and will be done.

That is all for today. I know all of you will be glad and once we do this revenue share and you do not want to be in our community all you will have to do is quit surfing.

But I am going to promote the site because I feel that people will pay top dollar to have the best marketers and members looking at there site.

Thanks Steve

RevShareGlobal —

Today has been a very trying day for many of us, we want you to know that we believe in the Rev-Share model, and GRS is positioned to be here for a very long time.

We are constantly looking for outside revenue sources, and believe that by doing this now and implementing additional income streams now when our program is small, that we will be able to avoid some of the pitfalls that larger programs have had over the last few months.

We want you to know that GRS is stronger than ever and we want to ask everyone to please let everyone know that GRS is not going anywhere and will continue to provide our GRS family with the weekly rebates that helps many of us pay with a little extra income.

If you have a blog, or if you post on any forums, like MMG, or ASA, please let everyone know that GRS is alive and well. Let them know that we are poised to be the next huge online success story.

We appreciate each and every one of the members of your GRS family.


Payitforwardtraffic —

It's been a crazy day in the Revenue Sharing World! I'm sure most have heard the news by now about Ad-ventures4u. There was some confusion earlier and many thought they were closing for good. This now appears not to be the case, but seems they wont be revenue sharing for new members any more and are making changes to their program. I do suggest you read all their updates they sent out today.

In any case, this was a complete shock to everyone and is sending shock waves throughout the Revenue Sharing Industry.

Many members have been asking me if I know what happened or think happened to cause all these changes. I really don't know and it's really not my place to speculate as to what happened. Steve gave his reasons in his updates, so you either accept that or you don't. I know many members have a lot of money in their program and are wanting to get all or as much back as possible and as quickly as possible. So, it will do no good to go around making threats to him, his family, or complaining to the payment processors. I've been around long enough to know that the harder you make it on the Admins in this situation, the harder it becomes to get your money out. Plus, it seems they have a well thought out plan to continue their revenue sharing to existing members anyway. With that said, let them do what they need to do
and see what happens.

Some members also assume that I know Steve and that we are friends. I don't know Steve and have never even talked to him on the phone. I was looking forward to eventually talking to him on the phone and still would like to evenutally talk to him someday. Rather you like him now or not, he ran a great program and there are a great deal of things/tips that he could probably teach the rest of the Revenue Sharing Sites.

I've been getting emails and talking on the phone most of the day with both members and promoters of Ad-ventures4u. Many are now looking toward PIFT as their number one site to earn from Revenue Sharing and from promoting. But, everyone wants assurance that we are going to be around for the long haul and that we have things in place to ensure that the will not suddenly close up shop. Drastically change the terms or our weekly revenue share percentages.

Well, first off I can't assure or guarantee that we will be around forever or that revenue share percentages will remain the same as they have been. Our program is a Revenue Sharing Site which is based on revenue coming into our program. If the revenue slows down or stops it will effect how much everyone earns in our weekly Revenue Sharing. The less money we have coming in the less we can pay, it's that simple. But, with that said there are things we can do to help ensure our site runs smoothly and that members remain happy and continue to make purchases of advertising in our program. There are also things we can do to help build up sources of income in the future so that we don't have to strictly rely on purchasing of advertising from memebrs.

With Ad-ventures4u being the first and biggest site of this nature. PIFT has been able to watch them and learn from them. We have already taken a number of steps to ensure the stability of PIFT. Here are just some of the major things we have done or are in the process of doing.

1)Recent script change. New script is designed specifically for our Revenue Sharing model. Script is more secure, more efficient, and can handle an extremely large amount of members.

2)Offshore hosting on a dedicated server with all the necessary protections in place. Daily backups and monitoring.

3)Development of other websites in process. None of which will require large amounts of money establish, but will be good sources of income in the future.

4)Online sources of income such as sites like ours and other low return programs that have been established for long periods of time. *

5)Offline sources of income. Various type of investments that are stable and produce nice returns. *

6)Reserve Funds are kept to ensure payouts for an ample amount of time. This allows us time to make any changes to our program if needed and slowly adjust the weekly Revenue Earnings if necessary.

7)Constant monitoring of Revenue Share Model and program terms. We monitor all funds in and out of our program. If we feel there are some terms of our program that need to be adjusted to ensure the stability of our program we will make the changes as necessary. We feel it's very important to be proactive instead of reactive as far as it concerns the model and terms we are following.

8)Contests, New Features, and More. We are constantly adding new features to our program, running different contests, and more. This keeps our members coming back for more and keeps our program exciting. You just never know what we are going to come up with next at PIFT!

9)Advice and Guidance of others. I talk to a lot of people that have been in this industry for a long time and constantly get good ideas, advice, and suggestions on how to make our program better. These prople are Admins, Promoters, Investors, and just regular Members of other programs. Rarely will we make any major changes at PIFT
without consulting others and getting there opinions. This alone has been a great factor in how we have gotten to where we are now.

10)Dedicated Admin. Anyone that knows me or has talked to me on the phone, knows I'm dedicated to do what is necessary to see that PIFT is a success. I spend countless hours working on the site and doing other things to ensure that PIFT remains around for a long time to come. I've made it known who I am and have talked to many people over the phone, done interviews, etc.

* Note: Building up online and offline sources of income takes time in a revenue sharing program do to the fact most revenue is paid back out to members and another good portion is used for reserves. But, we do use as much from the Admin percentages as we can to put toward online and offline sources of income.

Getting to know your Admin
Speaking of interviews as mentioned above. I recently did two interviews with David Courtney about our program. They are well worth listening to if you want to hear me and know more about our program.


If you want to get on David's Email list go here.

I highly recommend it. It gives a lot of insight as to what's going on in the industry.

Keeping up to date with our program
Another very important thing that members can do is make sure they read all our updates. We send updates out on a regular basis and by not reading these your earnings could be effected or you can miss some very important news.
If you want to make sure you don't miss any of our updates and also get Alerts to your desktop when we post earnings. Download our PIFT Toolbar. It's free and only takes a few minutes to install. You can download it from the link below:

You can also visit our Forum and Support Center at:

This has been a long email. But, I felt it was important to send out due to the recent events. Many members had questions and wanted to hear our take on this whole situation. Most importantly they wanted to know what directions we are taking with PIFT. I can ensure you that I do not plan on going anywhere anytime soon. I love this industry and love running PIFT.

With that said I want to thank everyone that has helped make PIFT the success it has become. PIFT has far exceeded where I thought we would be and now I firmly believe that we will become even bigger and better than before.

For those of you who still have doubts about the future of PIFT or simply just want to talk to me and ask some questions. I can be reached at (757)301-0793 . I am on Eastern Standard Time, so please don't call at 3am in the morning. :)
If I don't answer, leave a message with your phone number and I will call you back.

If you want to contact me via Skype my ID is: payitforwardtraffic

Until next time...

Take care...


AD-ventures4u —

I have not done anything with the earnings, only done cashouts that members requested from the beginning.

I have never missed a payout and if you all let me I will make sure all of you get your revenue share to the ones that is not in profit already.

Please give me at least the respect that I have been here and have paid out every single time.

You think I am doing this because I am a scammer? Think again, I am doing this because I cannot control the issues of hackers, scammers and the threats.

If you give me the chance I will payout the earnings this week to all the members and I will make sure I use my portion of the gold to continue to payout.

I am still here and have not gone anywhere. The site says and always has said the there is no quarentee of any income.

It also said that we have the right to change the program at any time.

Now with that said let me do my job and revenue share all the remaining share back to you.

Did you know people are still buying advertisement in our site and all that will be continued to be paid out. THis is not dead, we are not going anywhere. We are just changing and getting away from the revenue share for new members only. And we will continue to share. Maybe some don't understand, we just are not sharing revenue weekly. We will share until the cows come home just with not new members. please understand.

Members are pushing the payment proccessors and I am trying my best to keep them alive. Please the cashout button will be on the site soon and you will earn. So please hang in there for me. I am still here and you are here. THis is not over and I will do my best.

Thanks Steve

Yesicansurf —

For the benefit of new members, let me explain that we are in the process of changing over from a surf program
to a revenue share program. This entailed completely moving the surf database to a brand new revenue share script and this very challenging task was done yesterday.


Folks, we have a huge challenge ahead of us this weekend. As you have noticed, all earnings and ref coms from the old database must be transferred manually, and we are working on this as I write. Not only that, but calculations must be made based on whether you are in profit as to how much of your previous earnings we must add to your wallets to ensure that you will earn 200% in the Rev Share.

For example: Say you deposited $100 and already have returns of $150. To double your $100, you will need another $50. So we give you $25 in adshares (ie, ventures) to turn into $50. ($150 + $50 = $200)

Please don't worry about it at this time. Just rest assured you'll get a fair deal. YESICANSURF has never let you down, and we don't intend to start now !


Referrals are safely going in under their sponsors, so you may now begin referring if you wish to do so. Remember, we are in Rev Share pre-launch until September 1, and the processors have been now closed. We reward our sponsors very well......both free and pro 8% level 1; 5% level 2 and 2% level 3. That's a total of 15% !!


Although you may surf for credits if you wish to do so, you will not EARN for your surfing till next Tuesday, when our first week of Profit Sharing begins. This is a kind of "bridge" period between the end of our surf program and the beginning of the revenue share program, and a nice little holiday for you while we bring everything up to date.

We appreciate that all of you have kept support tickets to a minimum, as this is helping us immensely. We have been able to respond to all tickets as they came in so far.
Many thanks for your understanding.


We also added 10000 credits to all "old surf" accounts to give you a good advertising start in the rev share program, and to compensate you
for the inconvenience of the move. :)


1) We are presently working on the database and manually adding all surf earnings etc. from your YICSurf accounts.

2) The referral system is working.

3) All processors are closed till September 1st

4) Surf earning will begin in the new revenue share program September 1st

Have a wonderfully relaxing weekend,
Sarah and Phil :)

Paidlikethat —

Wishing our members a warm welcome. Paid Like That is off to a great start. In less the 24 hours we have almost 150 members and almost 66% are upgraded. We have more then 3k in deposits and have made 80 instant payments so far.

Members are the key to a sites success. With that said I will soon be announcing something special for all the members who like to be "Paid Like That".

Some things to remember and keep in mind when it comes to getting paid.

1) Go to cash out and place the request.
2) After confirmation go to cash out history.
3) Click Pay Now.
4) Post payments in the forums and Vote.

Thank you all again and welcome may your stay be long and prosperous, and may you all be "Paid Like That".


AD-ventures4u —

Due to secruity reason and threats to my Family,

We will be revenue sharing to all the members that request a cashout this week. I really really wanted to continue but with the current events with the scammers and the hackers and the attacks to the site I just cannot continue the revenue sharing portion of the program.

PLEASE READ ENTIRE NEWSLETTER (this will be our last revenue sharing Week)

We will be putting a cashout request on the site and please give as many payment proccessors as you can so that it will be easier for us to complete all revenue sharing payouts, .

All members that have cashed out out revenue and is in profit you will be able to keep your purchased ventures and use the product that you have purchased but will NOT Share in this last Revenue Share. The remaider of the members will be invovled in this last revenue share and will have the opp to request a cashout and share in our Revenue. We have enough revenue to make this worth your wild to collect on. We have never missed a revenue share and will not miss this one either.

If you do not request a cashout we will consider that you purchased advertising and did not intend to share in our Revenue.

This Revenue share will be the total share of more than 75% of all earnings plus 90% of all other income that has came into our program that has not been previously cashed out. We will have the cashout button on the site for several days so that all that has not shared that qualifies will have the opp to get involved in the last Revenue Share.

The site will continue to grow and we have a great place to advertise and you will see allot more products to purchase. We are better than traffic swarm and we are listed on google as number one.

We have been threatened and my family is more important to me than most will know. We Never ever said the revenue share was a set % and inorder to move other income forward I made a decision that put my family in danger and I will not tolerate that.

99% of the members understood where we were going but the small % that I am scared of I just cannot risk because we really are who we said we are and we really did intend to move us into the future.

We will not be answering scary support or answering the phone anymore until we have completed the cashout requests.

The gold site will continue and we do have a referral commission program.

How the cashout will work,

They will be a Cashout button put on the site and it will ask you for some info, please fill out as many fields as you can, You will have needed to surf to get your cashout that has not changed. All upgrades from this point that has been sent thru the mail will be returned to the sender.

Once the Revenue Share is complete that will be the final one and all earnings will have been paid out and we will end our Revenue Share portion of the site.

We cannot control the Members so please give us to Aug 4th to process all payments because if members complain to the payment proccessors and they Freeze our accounts we will not be liable for any of the cashouts and the Revenue Share monies will held by the payment processors and we will not have control and they will only pay a portion of the monies back to the members. We have never pulled monies out of the proccessors only added to them so please we will lose control of members monies and we will no longer be responsible and will end the revenue share immediatly. If this happens then all Revenue will be handled thru the payment proccessors and all members will keep the product they purchased and be able to use that product and they will rely on the payment proccessor to share the revenue. WE WILL NOT BE HELD LIABLE IF THIS HAPPENS.

I have put my heart and soul into the site and done my very best. Thanks Steve Smith

I will continue to communicate until the proccess is over so that you will not have to worry that I am not going to do what I said I was going to do. I have never ever missed a Revenue Share payout and will not miss this one either if you let me. I will tell you if members freeze the accounts and you can try and get your cashouts thru the proccessors.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Mygoldvault —

Well after little criticism, I have been shown the light. Some members have a good reason to be pissed with me. As a member that has not received there pending also. I understand where you are coming from.
So in the future with any payments i will try to Pay out some of the bigger ones and the ones that are to big I will do partial payments. I hope this is acceptable to you. This way it wont look like i am favoring any one or being unfair. Its just a little overwhelming for me as i am just over 28,000 in debt to members. This is a very hard number for me to take in as i have to pay it. To the members who did offer to cancel there accounts to help. I Thank you for your support And this will not be necessary. I will pay all that i owe. It may take a little time but i have knocked it down a good bit in the last 3 months.
Also I have been putting up some banner in the members area at PHROA every once and awhile. These are sites i have decide to get in, To help generate some money also. If members are thinking about joining any of the sites i show under me, I will put any referral commission gained back to the members of MGV. I am not suggesting you join any of them. But if you are and join through me It will also help the site out.

Yesicansurf —

Today we have VERY exciting and important news for you !!

As most members know, there is a large element of risk to surfing, usually due to high %age rebates.
Many, many surf programs collapse after a period of time because, regardless of how honest an admin
may be, the payouts are simply not sustainable. We are determined NOT to allow YesICanSurf to collapse this way.

Most of you are familiar with, and many of you are members. "Share" is a profit sharing program,
and members earn 80% of company profits by MANUALLY surfing 80 sites weekly. You can take a look at YESICANSHARE
by clicking here:

The FAQs there explain the basics of how revenue shares work.(YESICANSURF will be similar to, but not the same as,
YESICANSHARE, as there will be several unique features.)

So here is our news: To keep YESICANSURF safe and healthy for many months to come, we (with the input of several of
our member leaders ), have decided to change it over to a revenue share program.

Here are the basic differences:

1) surfing will be MANUAL rather than automatic. This is important because YesICanSurf is primarily an advertising
program and it's crucial that our member's ads are seen. However, you need only surf 70 sites weekly, and you may
surf a few daily or all of them in one day. It's entirely up to you !

2) Members will be paid WEEKLY rather than daily, on a set schedule. More about the schedule later.

3) Referral commissions will total a huge 16% on 3 levels. Ref comms may be withdrawn weekly or they may be rolled
over into ad shares. Your choice.

4) Minimum adshare will cost $5 rather than $2.

Phil has been working 24/7 these past 2 weeks with Neversay, our Surf script creator, to make all this happen.
As all those in the surf industry know,Neversay's scripts are highly respected, and he has now developed a new revenue
share script which will be truly awesome. This will make the transition much easier for us, and with Neversay's help,
everything should go very smoothly.

All members will retain your same account/financial information.

Phil and Neversay are now ready to transfer the database over to the new script.This is a task with very complex calculations
that cannot be delayed. However, all data is recorded so nothing will be lost.

You can still login with your same username and password.

I am sure there will be many questions, but more details will be sent out as things progress.Once this is in place, you will
LOVE it, we promise, and we'll always be here to guide you, step by step.

We ask for your patience as we work to put everything into place.

Please note: Several members have requested PTC payouts. As Phil is completely tied up with the transfer, these.....and all today's payout
requests..... will be paid as soon as he is free to do so. We thank you for your understanding if we run a little late this
time only.

Have a wonderful day, and hold onto your's gonna be an exciting ride !!! :))

Your Proud Surf Team,
Phil and Sarah :)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Mygoldvault —

Today i am writing this email in utter disgust. I have tried so hard to stay in contact be transparent and always honest. I grow tired of members attacking me and post negativity in the forums. I have not ran away and ripped anybody off and get very little respect or support. I have been paying out to members from my own personal money for many months. Nobody votes ,some forums and monitors list me as scam. Emails, contact, and chat attacks. This is not called for. Some of you have been with me the whole 3 years.
Why are you not supporting me. Most others would be gone already and enjoying your money. Not me instead i let you compound to earn more when i have nothing digging to hole deeper and yet i still give you members almost every cent i make. I have even sold our forum and gave 75% to you the members of MGV. I don't what else to do to make this right i have tried every thing. How about this is there any member in the site that still supports me and is in profit already that would be willing to close there account to help me finish payouts? Bring down the debit i have been left with? I don't know what else to say except i am very sad things have gone so bad here and all the support is gone.I will stop paying out all the smaller pending and start saving for some of the bigger ones.And don't forget PHROA was designed to help pay out MGV


PS when i make payments i don't play favorites i can only pay what i have and the payments that are not so large.

Surf-nation —

All Free members accounts will be removed. If you havent upgrades you need to do so.
They will be removed first thing tomorrow.

Also the new script has been installed please read the new update on the forum sometime later today.


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Pac-Revenue-Share —

Incase some of you didnt notice (you must be blind if you didnt :P) we have had a little bandwith issue. PRS and PacForAll are on the same server and they used up our monthly limit. PRS, being a surf, especially drained it. We are really sorry this happened. We were so busy with other things we never even thought about bandwith. That is no excuse though and we truely are sorry.

So, we contacted our hosting last night who were going to just add some extra bandwith but then informed us at the rate we were going we would out grow it quickly. They suggested we get a dedicated server and we agreed.

But after a long discussion with them tonight to find out how things were going I found out that this could take longer than the normal 24-48 hours. They only do managed private servers that are ordered to suit your needs. Obviously this was no good, so we came to a compromise and they have given us our own special plan with a super high bandwith limit.

Some of you may be wondering why we weren't on a dedicated server already. It is because we are hosted with an anti DDOS specialists and they offer their services on shared hosting. If we do end up buying a dedicated server with them it will be a lot more work for them to keep us as well protected and a huge expense for us too. But I am sure we will need it at some point.

Ok now back to work. :P

Kazzy and EL

AD-ventures4u —

More Members Upgraded than last Monday

I am excited to say that we had more upgrades than last Monday and they are pouring in. Members are understanding our long term goal. We are really not caring if new members upgrade or old members upgrade at this point because we are seeing the gold site move in the right direction and there will always be income coming into our site.

We do care however if you are having a smooth surfing day or not and that is what I am working on at this point.

We want this to be the the best advertising medium in the whole wide web, because that is the true business. I love and that is my primary program and all of you that are involved need to hold on tight because this is going to be a very long ride.

If you have some old or broken Jewerly that you no longer use, send it to us and we will give you the best price you will find anywhere plus you will earn the portion back into revenue.

I am here and I am moving all of us into the long term goal.

Thanks Steve Smith

Monday, August 24, 2009

AD-ventures4u —

Please refrain from sending in support tickets at this time. Unless you have a true account problem then please do not send in a support ticket. If you didn't receive your cashout yesterday then you must have submitted something wrong during the cashout process. We cashed out the verified and even the unverified. The rollover is processed and will not be processing anymore cashouts for weekly earnings. You can make another request next week with the correct info. Also please double check your venture balance before sending in a support ticket about a wrong balance. Many people are not looking at their balance correctly and are getting confused about their balance. So only send in a support ticket if you have an incorrect balance that you know for sure. If you are having surfing issues then please read the new link posted on the tools page about how to avoid surfing problems. we have tested the surfing and it is working correctly. Please dont send in a support ticket about surfing. if you get a popup or frame break then click cancel, not ok. thank you

15adsdaily —

you asked for it you got it!
After countless emails from members asking us to move away from the daily surf model , we got our developers to work on a different surf model, and here it is: the 15adsdaily flexible surf and share is officially launched!
Starting tomorrow (don't forget to surf your 15 sites today, we are still under the old system!!) you won't be required to surf every day (kinda frustrating if you want to spend the weekend hiking, for example..). Under our new flexible surf and share model you will have to meet a WEEKLY surfing quota, and you could do it all in one day, or split it in 2,3,5 7 sessions, it is up to you and you only! The weekly surfing quota is initially set at 60 sites per week, however it can be reduced or increased at our sole discretion depending on advertising volumes , but of course we will notify you well in advance of any upcoming changes!!!
We are really working hard here to make this the best site there is, for us and for you, so...keep your suggestions coming and we will listen to you!
Please make sure your downline and all your contacts are aware of this great improvement!

Happy surfing!


Remember: the surfing week starts on Tuesday and ends on Monday.

Pac-Revenue-Share —

Following up on our earlier announcement.

As we mentioned, we will find a way to compensate for the STP downtime. So here we are :

- All STP AdPacks will earn 100% of the Rebates tomorrow.

- All STP AdPacks for Monday , Tuesday and Wednesday will earn a 5% Bonus

STP seems to be working ok now (payouts will be done shortly), so let's all look forward to a great week ahead.

Thanks for your co-operation,
Kazzy and EL.

Pac-Revenue-Share —

There seems to be some confusion over what we did. We not only reversed withdrawals for the 22nd and 23rd but we took off earnings for those days too. So don't expect the money to be back in your account.

Just look at it like those days never happened. Your adpacks will just be extended till they earn to 135%.

Kazzy and EL

15adsdaily —

Weekly earnings will be updated tonight. We have been averaging 14% weekly so far, and this week we have already paid 6%..
PLUS, we will be crediting about 3.5% that our audit revealed was not credited for the week ending Aug 10, which will now bring all accounts current and average weekly earnings actually at 14%. We do apologize for what happened but we are proud that we have spotted the glitch and fixed it promptly.
Anyway, that 3.5% will also be added tonight to members' accounts. You do the math..
..and make sure you upgrade before midnight. And don't forget the Focus 4k Drawing, where each $50 upgrade gets you a ticket to a number of GREAT prizes.

And... make sure you read my next update, a little later today, with even more great news!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

15adsdaily —

I am VERY happy to announce this VERY special drawing to reward members for their continuing loyalty towards 15AdsDaily.

This special drawing eligibility period runs from 12.01 AM 19th August 2009 and ends when 15AdsDaily achieves a total of 4,000 members! That's right, it is starting in just a FEW HOURS!

For every upgrade of $50 during the eligibility period, the member will receive an entry. The maximum entries a member can receive for this special drawing is limited to 20. Entries given will be based solely on individual upgrade and not on an aggregated basis.

For example:
Member X upgrades with $50 and he/she shall be awarded with 1 entry.
Member Y upgrades with $140 and he/she shall be awawrd with 2 entries.
Subsequent to the earlier upgrade, Member Y makes another upgrade of $170 and for this upgrade, he/she shall be awarded with 3 entries and this upgrade and earlier upgrade are not aggregated to compute total eligible entries.
Member Z upgraded with $1500 and he/she shall be awarded with a maximum of 20 entries.

There will be only ONE Main Special Prize.

THE Lucky Winner of this special draw will receive $400 in adpack units!

Also, as a special thank you, 15AdsDaily shall award 10 consolation prizes to 10 lucky winners. Each will receive 1000 advertising credits.

Who is eligible and How to qualify
All members, free and upgraded, are eligible to participate. All upgrades during the eligibility period only qualify for this special drawing. Only upgrades from external funds are eligible.

This is a good time to upgrade, if you are a free member and increase your adpack units if you are already an upgraded member. You might be our lucky winner and walk away with a cool $400 in Adpack units!! Imagine, with just $50, you can win $400 and still enjoy your 2X your Adpack purchase. Just do it. Focus 4K.

PS stick with us, more promos and improvements are cooking here at!

AD-ventures4u —

Due to the site issues we changed your requirements on surfing. YOu only have to surf 10 sites per day as of now. This may change in the future. Also please dont send in a support ticket about surfing, you will only get credit for 10 sites per day. We are doing this to better the performance and the surfing experience for now. We will not grace anyone for any missed days bc it is only 10 sites per day. Also only send in support tickets if you have account issues. Anything else will be deleted without answer. We thank everyone for your patience during this time.

Pac-Revenue-Share —

We have started a brand new week and we have started GOOD! The rate's looking great right now- should be close to 8% at midnight!

After the STP trials of last week , this is quite a come-back.

We thank you all for taking a positive attitude,it's quite remarkable.

Ok, we said we will be making some announcements that will help you all achieve success with PRS.

We are having a 'Bring- A -friend ' Drive starting sometime later today. It will end on 1st of September.This is to encourage all of you to find a friend and invite them.You have all had a wonderful test -drive, time to settle down and start actively putting out the word so we can all enjoy plum daily rebates.

For this period - The RC will be raised from 3% to 7% of your Downlines Subsequent Deposits. With Daily Purchases, the extra 4% will total to a substantial amount..

So RC is 12% on First Deposits and 7% on all subsequent deposits till September 1.

We have confidence that you will rise to the occassion. And we are going to reward the member who brings in the most active Referrals with a further $150 cash reward.Go for it!

Please note, this will be in effect some time later today. Now don't go and start telling your friends not to purchase till later - lol. There's plenty of days for you all to make so much.

Don't interrupt the system and do not submit tickets , please. Just go with the flow.

Get talking to your friends!

It's the best time to bring everyone in because the Minimum First AdPack Purchase will be $100 in September.

Please encourage all your downlines to read our emails. It's important and saves us precious time replying to tickets.

We are just a very tiny bit disappointed to have to answer hundreds of tickets because some members don't read our updates. Time is a very precious resource.If we need to take time out to explain something we have emailed 10 times about, that time is taken away from very important issues and in the end we can't serve you all better.

We will be hiring at least 2 members to help with support by 1st September.

In the meantime , we thank you all for your patience and understanding.

Have a Phenomenal day,
Kazzy and EL.

Monday, August 17, 2009

RevShareGlobal —

I am very pleased to announced that we are introducing
our own GRS Affiliate Reward system also named GAR.

GAR is a brand new concept set up by GRS to reward its
loyal affiliates. All upgraded GRS affiliates automatically
participate in GAR.

To read more about GAR, please log into your GRS backoffice
and click the image link located just below the navigation

If you have any questions about GAR then please use our
support ticket system.

We look forward to announce our first three winners tomorrrow!

Warm regards,

Henrik - Admin.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

RevShareGlobal —

We hope you are having a great sunday whereever you are!

We have a special bonus for you today:

Login into your GRS account within the next 24 hours and
view minimum 20 webpages and we will give you 2,000 banner
credits PLUS 2,000 text ad credits absolutely f.ree!

All you have to do it to view the required number of webpages
and then submit a support ticket requesting your bonus credits.

Warm regards,
The GRS Team

Invest-N-Surf —

I hope all of you are fine and in good health and enjoying weekends with your family.I am sure NEW ins will be Rock and we all will be together ever and I will be able to pay all old members too with all of you support. Once again I am very thankful to all of you for support and thankful to those who wants to join me in my new venture. New site will be up very shortly INS 2nd year anniversary is also near so we all will celebrate it with New INS.

All Members of are able to cashout now all accounts are fixed and now all members are able to make requests but please check your payment details before make payout request because in few accounts there is error and it is showing class=webform instead of payment account ID if anyone account have problem like that so please send me your payment account ID and I will add it in your account and then you will be able to request cashout.

Thanks and have a good day


Tame-the-net —

I have refunded up to member 150.

There will be more refunds sent by STP later this weekend. As most of you know, STP was down a couple of days this last week, which resulted in numerous errors in payments from other programs. This error happened with my account, by receiving 6 payments instead of only 1 payment from GNI. This was fixed today, and I will be making $600 worth of refunds within 24 hours from this account.

This coming week, there should be another $500 paid out by STP and $1,000 paid out by Alertpay. Hopefully the Alertpay transfer will be completed by Wednesday.

I will send another email next weekend, with an update as to which member has been paid up to.

If you would, please post in either forum or moneymakergroup (free traffic exchange) that you have received your refund. That way members will know that I am actually making refund payments.

Any member who made a purchase by STP, must be paid to STP at least to the point of 110% of their purchase amount. If you only used STP, then you can only be paid to STP. This is not by my choice, but an agreement made between myself and STP, in order that I can still use the account once all the refunds are completed. This will allow me to pay all the pendings as I have promised.

I want to thank everyone for their continued patience, and at present we hope to have all refunds paid ahead of the posted December 15th deadline.

There also, seems to be a problem in the script, after the hacking, that will not allow some members to transfer money and request a payout. After the refunds are completed, and the pending requests presently in the que to be paid have been paid, I will go through everyone's account starting with member 1, and manually payout any balance in your account above $10. This $10 minimum will be done by adding both PP's together, and if the total is above $10, payment will go to one of the PP accounts on record.


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Pac-Revenue-Share —

We are pleased to inform you all that we will be once again accepting LR for both PAC and PRS. This is a dynamic industry and we have to be flexible and make allowances for the good of all.

LR Funds are only at risk when API is enabled. We have our solution- we will keep the API disabled at all times except when we are making payouts.

LR is one of the main Processors and we will not be doing our Programs full justice if we keep boycotting LR.

Especially in the case of PRS- where the Rebates are affected by Purchases. If one major PP is down , the rebates are negatively affected.

Thank you all for your wonderful Co-operation!
Kazzy and EL

Monday, August 10, 2009

Pac-Revenue-Share —

We have Fantastic News for you today! We have been working with our Programmer for weeks to bring you this new Feature which will explode your business.

Everyone, including Free Members , can now log in and submit Free Banner Ads. Your Business will get the exposure you need at no extra cost to you. Your Banners will be up for life. If you have been around the internet buying Banner Impressions , you will know and appreciate that this is a Tremendous Opportunity for you.

So without further ado submit your Ad.

Here is the Schedule :

Free Members 1 468 x 60 Banner

Members with At Least $50 in AdPack Purchases 2 468 x 60 Banners and 1 125 x125 Banner

Members with At least $1000 in Adpack Purchases 3 (Three) 468x60 Banners and 2 (Two) 125x125 Banners

Members with at least $7500 in AdPacks. 3 (Three) 468x60 Banners and 2 (Two) 728x90 Banners

Please note that the same restrictions apply as in submitting your sites :

(You will not use PAC Revenue-Share to promote Websites and /or Banners with Adult, Hate,Malicious or Racist Content. Your Website/Banner will be deleted without any notice.The language used on all Websites and Banners should be English )

We wish you success in all your endeavors! Please let all your friends know about this feature, the more people you invite, the more prospects you get for your business.

To Your Success!
Kazzy and EL

12dailyclicks —

Hello, 12DC Family! We should first say huge thanks for your great support! It's much appreciated.

As of today, August 10, 12DailyClicks has completed it's second cycle and it has been in business already for 24 days. During this time our membership has reached 700 members and it keeps growing all the time, the best part is that growth was really stable.

But, did we see the same 12DailyClicks on it's first day? Definitely no. Many great features has been implemented which makes 12DC unique and special. Latest feature we announced was called "Paid to Promote". We're paying you now for promoting 12DC using splash page.

Every member who promotes his splash page will earn $2.00 for every 1000 unique hits to his link. That's really nice cash, if you look around, you find most PTPs pay a few cents CPM. Look for "Get Paid to Promote" section in your 12DC member area, there is information about how this feature works and what you need to do to start earning money just for showing your link to world.

If you don't want to make money promoting but still want to show people your splash page - no problem, your splash page link is available in your member area. Go to "Get Paid to Promote". Here's a generic link: (replace 1 by your account ID#)

Our Twitter feature also works as a perfect tool for quick-communication when we need to reach our followers fastly. Over 30 people are already following us, I sincerely think it could be bigger. If you are not following us yet, do it right away:

There's another great feature that makes 12DC different from the crowd. We're sure the right way to show the people that we are paying is to show payout screenshots! So check it here:

I'd like to conclude this message, by inviting those who joined and still didn't upgrade, to check the program again and consider it. 12DailyClicks is growing and we would love if everybody could participate of this opportunity, it will be good for the program and very profitable for you.

The Ultimate 12 By 12,
12DailyClicks Team.

AD-ventures4u —

Just to let everyone know how to varify their payment. You will need to log out of your adventures4u account, then go to your email and clickon the varification link. Log back in and that will varify your payment. It may take some time but it should work. Also please DO NOT send any support questions or questions about varification links to If we recieve them they will be deleted imediatley with no response. We will inform you when we will process cashouts through the email address. If we have to do so. We have many members that are not having any problems with the varifcation link. It seems to be only effecting a select few.
Thank you

Uniqueprofitsurf -

10% CASH BACK Bonusfrom the amount deposited to the processor you upgraded.
This bonus will receive the last UniqueProfitSurf member which will upgrade the amount necessary to complete Total Deposits: $10002.
Just now Total Deposits: $9798

The amount necessary now to complete Total Deposits=$10002 is only 204$ (34 units@6$).
So, stay tuned! Eyes on Total Deposits growth

Can be 24$ or 12$ or48$ or 6$ or 96$ or even 204$.
Can be today or tomorrow …or….. Will see.
Jan Paul Eduard
admin UniqueProfitSurf

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Adsdailypro —

Latest days were really exciting. I felt this actually AdsDailyPRO real launch because we don't have any problems at all, everything is forgot (like ddosers, hosting troubles, etc).

Our community is getting larger each day. At the moment of writing, there are 208 members. Ma Karl is the newest one. Welcome Ma Karl on AdsDaily Pro.

The Alexa ranking is now 385,852 , AdsDailyPRO experienced a nice grow over last couple of days

Definitely AdsDailyPRO is one of the best oportunity in advertising so far and we are improving our position daily.

As you know ( If you joined AdsDailyPro after the contest announcement check it here: ) we have a running contest and today we got another entry. Steve sent his AdsDaily Pro review. You can check his blog here:

The contest will end on Aug 7 at midnight so there is still plenty of time to send your review or article on AdsDailyPro.

As a personal request I'd like you to vote on monitors after you receive a payment for us. It doesn't take more than 10 minutes to cast your vote on the monitors listed here
I do not want to stress you about this voting procedure but I'm receiving a lot of question on support : "Is this site paying ?!", "How fast members receive the payment?".etc etc. Everyone should know that AdsDailyPro is paying and is paying fast. So... please vote after you receive a payment.

In closing, Id like to thank you for the wonderful support.

With the best regards,
AdsDailyPRO Staff

Spladder —

I hope this finds you doing well and enjoying your new
Spladder membership.

I wanted to send this out to let everyone know that we've
had some tickets come in with folks having trouble buying
credits, and confirming their web sites for rotation.

We did find a small bug (missing an = sign) that was
causing an issue so that was fixed and I think that was the
only error that we found.

So those of you that posted a ticket on buying credits
errors please give it another try, it should work fine for
you now.

I decided that to avoid the continuous influx of tickets
relating to these issues I would just make a quick
walk-through video and post it to our YouTube channel so you
all could see how to use the system correctly.

I've posted that vid on the Blog here:

After watching the video and following the instructions if
you're still having issues let us know.

Take care and I hope to talk to you again soon.

Tai Sheppard
CEO / Fund Manager

Uniqueprofitsurf —

We entered in the 30th day on business.

I thought it would be nice to offer some bonuses for upgrades from this day.

- upgrade from 5 to 50 units@6$ (30$ - 300$) and will receive 5% cash direct to your PP account you upgraded.

Offer will be available only for Aug 6th, server time.

All plans have optional surfing now. It works now like a non-surf or a HYIP.

" You may surf or not, your daily earnings will be added automatically every day by the system. But you can add your sites for other members who love surfing for viewing other websites."

Your earnings for each upgrade will be added after 24 hours, same hour you upgraded. If you log in your UPS account each day after this hour and you see the earnings not added, only refresh page or logout and login again.

Jan Paul Eduard
admin UniqueProfitSurf

AD-ventures4u —

We have completed the commission payouts. We will be working with the members that are having trouble with the verification links. Please if you have a gmail account or if not please get one and change your profile to the gmail account. This will cut down all the problems of the verifacation link Once we get everyone taken care of then we will go to the weekly payrun and get it done. I don't know exactly when because I want all referral commissions done and all the bugs worked out of the system. With all that said we are acting just like we promise. So we will get the payrun done sometime soon. We are going to pay in real time so that our system can be checked to make sure we will not have a future problem with real time paying so if you upgrade you will earn on that upgrade the very next payrun. By the way we are very busy with upgrades, we have not seen a drop in the earnings at all. So please beleive me when I tell you all is fine. I am glad our members understand and realize we are not like other programs and understand that we made the move to the new script and all this work for our future. If we were not looking into the future we would not be spending this much time and energy to move forward.
Thanks Steve

GallantAds —

A surf site is closing, due to this, I removed any/all sites members had, pointing to that site.

We are geared up for this weekend, not only Friday's normal event, we have a redneck Festival, and Tues starts our County Fair. We are at the redneck festival, and depending on weather, plan on setting up at the Fair.

Some of our items can be found here: (USA shipping is setup)
PAYPAL accepted thru site, Visa/MC/AMex can be taken over phone. (place order, select mail/fax payment, make sure phone # is correct! We will call you for cc info, WHEN we get to your order. (can be several hours) There is only 2 of us in the office.

Thanks for your support!

Things are looking up!

I am doing a Special.
For the month of AUGUST, upgrade $50 or more and I'll manual add 10% (after fee's).

Another one:
Referral: refer someone, and if they upgrade you get an ADDITIONAL 5% of their upgrade. This also is for AUGUST only.

Thanks for your support!

with this kick, we can get more stock on hand, and sell it faster!


Acceleratedprofits —

Due to increasing member issues and the slow processing time withdrawing and returning funds I have decided before the problems get to bad to close the site And refund all members. I have many options in mind to go with and have decided to refund members not in profit,refunds will take place over a 90 day period.after I have refunded you I will simply delete your accounts,any member already in profit your accounts will be deleted in the Proccess,I ask you not to contact the Payment Processors Nobody will loose any funds,Althogh we state no refunds I will refund those that were not in Profit,As most of you know you were not Investing you purchased Advertising, This is not how I wanted it to go. I had great plans for the site and I have many good revenues to sustain the site, But in the end it is just not worth all the hastle for me. Every time I try to make some changes to make the site sustainable for the long haul members get in an uproar.Some have even made some bad posts about me on there private blogs. I was trying to be different for you and the industry but it is not working out due too irate members and cheaters, I am truly sorry to the good members in the system who really cared about what I was trying to accomplish here at Accelerated Profits.And to the members who constantly try to buck the system well shame on you .Please remember I have been paying you all very well and I don't deserve the bashing that I am sure will follow this email. I will begin the process of going over accounts today and will start processing refunds on a wkly basis,Please post in forums when you do receive your refund I would Greatly Appreciate that. I thank those who really cared and wish you all luck in your future Adventures


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Cloudshare -

First a warm welcome to all new users.

CloudShare is back on the main server again... which has been going through a nice bit of pampering
Once DNS has propagated it will be up!

In the mean time the last competition, Linked In hits, will be extended, adding a little more explaining as there are no qualifiers yet! There are a few with 1 or 2 clicks linking in over the last 5 days, it takes 3 to qualify for the comp.

Sites linking in to a domain, means you need to have the domain link present on that site for everyone to see.

For instance if you get a click from your forum signature it will be linked in (as long as the forum is public view).
Or if you have a banner with a link or text link on your blog or website and get a click from there or even if your link comes up in a google search, google will be the linked in site.
Twitter is good too, but it has to be the "real" URL no tinyurls etc.

Surf rotations are no good and neither are paid emails, or click sites in surfs as they are inside members area and not accessible to check by the bot.

So in short anywhere the link existence can be verified

$5 cash to the winner, in his/her choice of PP (PM, LR, STP, AP, SP or Paypal) by this coming Monday 8pm GMT.

We know you are all waiting for an update on full launch date, no we are not there yet, but each day is a big step closer.
You are all doing a tremendous job promoting and making sure CloudShares traffic ranking is getting a great boost.
This all helps moving a bit faster, so keep it going!

Happy hunting for those linked in's


Follow CloudShare on Twitter for more little updates!

Palm-surf —

Just a quick note to keep everyone up to date.

The 4% plan maximum ad purchase has been lowered to $100.
The 3% plan maximum ad purchase has been lowered to $200.

This is due to the fact that getting money where I need it in a timely manner has been extremely difficult. I will continue to leave the maximums there until the end of the month. At that time I will remove the 4% option completely and raise the 3% plan up to $500.

Alertpay is in maintenance mode so payouts will be done when they come back online.


PremiumAdsClub —

We want to thank you all for your patience and support. We went offline on Saturday due to a major hardware failure on the server. Unfortunately our host could not contact the Network as they don't work during weekends so the matter could not be resolved earlier.

There was also a Glitch with AlertPay payouts on Friday. We did reply to a bunch of tickets telling you that you would be paid on Friday but Karen was away and was unable to have internet access at the resort she was in. The payments will be corrected and we will now close all those tickets.

This is where we are now.

All AdPacks Earnings have been set to zero for Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. You will surf and earn as normal for today. Passwords, due to a Glitch, the passwords have been reset and you received 4 emails only the last email with the subject 'PremiumAdsClub Revenue Share New Password' is good. If you still can't log in, simply use the Password Recovery Feature.

And now.... we have to make up for lost time, we are giving away a huge bonus - 5% on all AdPack Purchases starting today through to Sunday!

That's not all.

If you have not joined our sister site and enjoying being paid 9% Daily , we have a promo going on there too:

From tomorrow, Wednesday to Sunday, 9th - the First Minimum AdPack Purchase is set to $5.

And as with PAC, all Purchases from today to Sunday 9th, earn 5% more.

Enjoy, the promotion. Remember membership Fees start on August 16th for PAC Rev Share and on 1st September the minimum First AdPack Purchase will be $100.

PAC Revenue Share will be the main program of KA Corporation. We will have a couple more sites to add to our network. Preliminaries have started on both sites but PRS will be our core program.

Join Us :

Thank you once again and bear with us a little more with regards to Support. We will strive to answer all your tickets within 24-48 hours.

Wishing you all a wonderful Promo-Week!

Kazzy and EL.

Pac-Revenue-Share —

First of all we would like to sincerely thank you for your patience and support over the last few days.

PRS has been inaccessible since Saturday due to a Major hardware failure on our server. Our Host could not reach the Network over the weekend and so the matter took longer than expected to resolve.

There was also a Glitch with AP Mass Pay on Friday , we replied to a bunch of tickets and you were told that you would be paid but unfortunately Karen was away for the weekend and did not have internet access in the resort she was in. all those tickets will be now closed.

This is where we are now. All Earnings have been set to zero for Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.

Passwords, due to a Glitch, the passwords have been reset and you received 4 emails only the last email with the subject 'PremiumAdsClub Revenue Share New Password' is good.

If you still can't log in, simply use the Password Recovery Feature.

AlertPay Payouts for Friday will NOT be paid. STP, PM and SP payouts will be deducted from the members accounts from the next pay run. So if you have a pending to STP of $60 this coming Thursday and you were pad $30 on Friday, you will be paid $30 . This will put everyone on a level field.

Since half the day is gone, the next Rebate will be paid on Thursday. It will be 9% of course.

And now.... we have to make up for lost time , we are giving away a huge bonus - 5% on all AdPack Purchases starting today through to Sunday!

AND also , from tomorrow, Wednesday, through to Sunday the Minimum First AdPack Purchase is $5. Let your friends and prospects know.

Enjoy , the promotion. Remember membership Fees start on August 16th and on 1st September the minimum First AdPack Purchase will be $100.

PAC Revenue Share will be the main program of KA Corporation . We will have a couple more sites to add to our network . Preliminaries have started on both sites but PRS will be our core program.

Thank you once again and bear with us a little more with regards to Support. We will strive to answer all your tickets within 24-48 hours.

Wishing you all a wonderful Promo-Week!

Kazzy and EL

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Payitforwardtraffic —

Just want to remind everyone that Revenue Share Earnings will be posted today. It's been another fantastic week and our membership base is just growing and growing.

Do to this fantastic growth and to help streamline our withdraws and payouts we are going to start separating the days that you can make withdraws from earnings and commissions. This will allow us to concentrate on Revenue Share Earnings and Commissions separately. It will also allow members to receive their Commissions from Revenue Share rollovers the following day instead of having to wait the next week. This move benefits everyone.

We are not going to start this until next week, but we wanted to let everyone know ahead of time. In order to do this we will be moving the day Revenue Share Earnings are posted and the withdraw period a day earlier.
Below you will see the schedule for this week and also the new schedule that will start next week. You will also note that you have extra time this week to make withdraws from your commissions. We did this so if you want to get your commissions from the rollover of Revenue Share Earnings after midnight Wednesday you can. Whatever Commissions are left in your account after midnight Thursday will be rolled over into your Ad Levels.

This Weeks Schedule for August 4th - 7th, 2009

° Revenue Share Earnings posted around noon EST
° Withdraws open around noon EST for Revenue Share Earnings and Commissions
° Wednesday:
° Withdraws for Revenue Share Earnings end at Midnight EST
° Thursday:
° Rollovers done for any Revenue Share Earnings not withdrawn
° Withdraws for Commissions end at Midnight EST
° Friday:
° Rollovers done for any commissions not withdrawn

New Weekly Schedule that starts on August 9, 2009

° Deadline to purchase Ad Levels to earn in Mondays Revenue Share Earnings is Midnight EST
° Monday:
° Revenue Share Earnings posted around noon EST
° Withdraws open around noon EST for Revenue Share Earnings
° Tuesday:
° Withdraws for Revenue Share Earnings end at Midnight EST
° Wednesday:
° Rollovers done for any Revenue Share Earnings not withdrawn
° Withdraws open around noon EST for Commissions
° Thursday:
° Withdraws for Commissions end at Midnight EST
° Friday:
° Rollovers done for any commissions not withdrawn

We will be posting this Schedule in the Members Area as well.


Monday, August 3, 2009

Phroa —

The time has come to unveil my next project, one I have been planning for months now, titled Project High ROA, or PHROA.

This site will offer people of the industry a chance at a high ROA game without ever having to wonder if the admin of the program will scam. PHROA will be run completely different than anything you’ve ever seen before. This project is ninety-percent stable through planning and my offline profitable ventures/aspirations. PHROA has 3 membership levels (Bronze, Silver, & Gold), and will offer varying degrees of opportunity for PHROA members, as well as allow them entrance into the site’s 3x5 forced matrix, which will eventually create one big downline, ensuring every member receives some of the referral commission, instead of rewarding the referral whores who make big bucks off their downline’s misfortunes.

I’ve thought about this long and hard, and this may be my only opportunity to dig myself out of the hole created by my previous business partners who scammed me, giving everybody a chance to make some money and fix the problems I’m facing with MGV.

I’ll do everything in my power to make this as stable of a site as possible, and promise to use the money as I’ve outlined on the site. To make sure that the money is used properly, I’ve asked Andrew from Auto Surf Universe ( to keep tabs on all the money coming in and out, and given him complete authority to inform the members and call me out if I’m doing anything other than I’ve promised.

Andrew, while not being involved with the management of PHROA, has promised to help out on the forums, answering addressing concerns members may have, and editing my messages site details for clarity.

I’ve learned from my mistakes, and this time around, with PHROA, there will NOT be any sellers to rip me off. The money will be used by me personally to sell my goods on eBay, earning additional income for PHROA members. Cookie, my one and only faithful seller, will be handling all business that I’ll be doing in the USA. With the two of us working together, I’m sure we’ll produce significant returns for the PHROA membership. Many of you should send her a quick thank you if you get the chance, I don’t know what I would have done without her, and its because of her I’ve gotten this far.

Again, this is a high ROA game, and no site offering these types of returns can last forever. You can all be assured that this program will be better than anything that’s ever been offered, and with the help of a loyal membership, additional income, third-party oversight, and a bit of luck, we can work together to make this site last a very long time.

My plan with the funds taken in from PHROA is to return 85% initially (gradually moving towards 95% after a year) into the PHROA pot.

I will generate funds with your money by continuing my liquidation sales, selling silver bars, coins and other precious metals, advertising, web site advertising, hosting, as well as other ideas in the making once the site has generated some income.

At present, 10 % and 5% percent will go towards paying rectifying MGV and administrator costs, respectively. I can tell you with all sincerity I will put all proceeds from my 5% towards fixing MGV before taking a penny for myself. Once MGV has been caught up, the allotted 10% will be gradually lowered, as the funds garnered will be enough to make MGV self-sufficient. Upgrading in MGV is now discontinued indefinitely, and once the site has COMPLETELY paid out its members in its entirety, it will be phased out to pave the way for MPV (My Platinum Vault). More details about that program as they become available.

The sky is the limit, and if we all work together, we can make this a prosperous opportunity for all involved. The site will be launching on Friday, August 7, 2009, so please get take some time to get acquainted with the program, ask questions if you have them, and prepare yourself if you’re interested. A section will be made at my forum ( discussing this program for the time being, so please don’t hesitate to ask any questions, I’ll do my best answering them the only way I know how, with complete honesty, transparency, and the best intentions.

In its first phase, PHROA will only take 75 members, down the road opening up the doors periodically to ensure that the program is stable for those participating. This isn’t your typical scam autosurf, this is an honest attempt at trying to maximize the opportunity of a high ROA game. So check it out,, I’m anxiously awaiting to hear what you think.

Thanks to everyone who has been patient and stuck with me through the thick and thin, I’m convinced the best is yet to come.

All the best,
MGV Admin

Windfallhits —

Earnings have been posted and distributed for the week ending July 31’st.

We have had another excellent week, thanks to everyone. Windfall earnings were $1.85 per Windfall. We have capped this at 18.5% weekly to support the future longevity of the program.

We have made some exciting site changes thanks to your suggestions and we certainly welcome feedback at anytime. More changes will be forthcoming and we are adding more advertising spaces. We have also added first surf page for $5.00 weekly. Weekly spots can be reserved beginning Aug. 8th/09.

We greatly appreciate your continuing support.

Thanks Again!


12dailyclicks —

First of all thanks for your wonderful support to 12DailyClicks. For the long of 17 days till this date you’ve been helping us promote the program that is growing to become the leader of this industry. We wanted to say thank you very much for all bloggers, monitor administrators, forum administrators and all 12dailyclicks members who supports the program.

This message is specially for you that supports 12DailyClicks promoting it. We want to rebuild Ratings page and use it as tool to show people the many sites that are supporting 12DC, this way we reward a little bit of your support putting your site in front of many potential visitors. So we are asking that you please send us your monitoring seals (html code), blog banners (image url and link), thread links etc.

We will review all sites and those that have some space destined to 12DailyClicks will be published in our site. Monitoring seals will show in the Ratings page and member's blogs and sites will show in the member area, we are creating a page that will list the best blogs of 12DC members.

Please send your entry to Mike will be responsible for review and add the applications received.

We are preparing new features for promotion. Stay tuned, you will enjoy!

Jeffrey Wilson.
The Ultimate 12 By 12,
12DailyClicks Team.

AD-ventures4u —

I can send out to the entire member base in about one hour. It use to take me all day. The site is being worked on every second of the day. You will see the changes when we load them to the site. Yes you need to surf. We are going thru all website approvals and banners. The banners will be added this week. If you cannot log into the site then you have a period in your email address. Like If this is the case please send the an email to and set up a gmail like and we will load that email for you and you will be able to log in. We have already had a record day today and I suppect that it will be the largest day in our history. Couple other things. We have some members that upgraded and did not get the pro statis. We will work thru this an also if you sent money in the mail we will get all done today so that you will earn on it. We will be late on the payrun but I promise we will make everyone whole by this week sometime. Referral commission will be completed on time and will be for the last two weeks. We will be adding hits and banner hits to the members that sent the upgrade in the mail. We have to wait on the hits because they are building the upgrader for us now. Yes we launched before all was complete but I did that to show all of you that we are here to stay and that we did not want any of you to worry. We know the past experiences we all have had and we are not like them at all. The ad-ventures biz calling cards is complete and looks great and that will hit sometime tomorrow for all of you. The gold site is complete and will be loaded onto the site shortly this week. I hired a person to do all the smelting and running the equipment and he starts this weekend. So we are all ready to start earning on the gold. We will have to purchase gold so some of the back up funds will go into purchasing gold. I hope we purchase so much that it drains our accounts because that means that the money is growing faster than expected and that is our future. Remember something about adv, we are here to stay not to be gone. So hold on and the ones that have put faith in our company could someday look back and say it is the best thing they ever done for there future and there families. Go to and click on product tab and leverage yourself for the future.
Thanks Steve SMith