Monday, December 28, 2009

Megatraffic4u -

We are working very hard on getting everything ready to do a MTTV Live presentation on
Wednesday the 30th about the New Site we have been working on...
I am very excited about this as 40% of the revenue from this new venture will be used as OI
in MT4U...
And I really think you will be very excited about it as all our MT4U members will be able to earn
multiple ways from this opportunity...
We are introducing some things that have never been done before in the MLM Revshare World
and will be Paying out more money to our members in the New Program than anything I have
seen online...And the most exciting part is, we are only a week or two from Full Launch...

2010 is going to be a remarkable year for all of us...Get Ready!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

TheTrafficFactory -

All payouts are completed, we paid many members and we paid
double % AGAIN, we have noticed that most leading Rev Share
programs are struggling to pay any sort of rebate to thier
members meaning THE TRAFFIC FACTORY IS #1,but then we already
new that did'nt we.The Christmas promotion, Any Member who
upgrades $10 or more will receive an extra $5 upgrade Free
will be available until midnight Christmas Eve. FIRST TIME
UPGRADE offer will last for the time being but could end at
anytime later, First Time Upgrades will receive 25%
guaranteed dividend again next Payday.
This brings me into the subject of Dividends,due to the
holiday period we have decided that the next dividend will
be on Sunday 3rd January,this is so we can all enjoy the
Festive break,members will still be able to upgrade accounts
and members only need to surf 70 sites over the 2 week
Period. It is also better to do this rather than have to
pay 2 low dividend weeks which could affect our growth.
I also wish to tell that as from now we will no longer
automatically roll over your earnings,in effect you will
now have control over your earnings, should you wish to
rollover then simply go to upgrade and use "Upgrade using
earnings" as your processor. Otherwise you are free to
keepyour balance until you have the required amount to take
a cash out.
Finally I would like to wish all our members a very MERRY

Winningsurfteam -

I just wanted to clear some things up since I've been getting a lot of emails from members asking me if we will continue with Winningsurfteam after profits have been paid out.

The answer is no because I already have a new program with new earning plans set up to replace Winningsurfteam

I want to let it be known that the new program will NOT launch until Winningsurfteam has paid out everyone which is almost done I might add and is on schedule to be completed by next month

I will not make the same mistakes other admins have done by launching a new site without paying out the old site first.

Until then enjoy the holidays with your family and save your money for the new site that will replace Winningsurfteam
It should be another Winner


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Mymarketshares -

This weeks payments are now complete. As a way to try and spice things up I want to introduce to everyone this weeks promotion.

All new PIPs bought this week form processors will get the 20% max. Here is how it will work so there is no confusion.

EXAMPLE: You have 100 in existing pips, you buy 100 more for a total of 200 pips. If the normal weeks ROI is 2% you would earn 4.00 however since your new PIPS would earn the 20% for the week your total earnings would be 22.00. Remember this is an example and if there is enough participation the ROI for everyone should be higher.

This is a trial promotion for this week and if it works well then we will consider it to be extended.

So be sure to let everyone know of this weeks promotion and be sure to keep letting everyone know that MyMarketShares is not going anywhere but forward. With 4 months payments every week and on time under our belt our experience is growing and so are your PIPs.

Margaret and Team

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Pac-Revenue-Share —

PRS is Re-Launching tomorrow with the following Plan:

11% x 13Days = 143% - Payout = 136% Members - 7% - Reserve
5% RC - PP Specific
Payouts on Expiration
Min $5 Max $15000
$3500 Daily Withdrawal Limit
Payouts within 3 Business Days.

PPs accepted - STP and LR.
Surf 20 sites to Earn.

Deposits will be enabled at 4.00 pm GMT.

Earnings are post 24 hours from the time of Deposit.

All Accounts have been zeroed but we have your records safely and a Refund List has been extracted. The Refunds will commence next week when the Games open.

PFA is Re-Launching withe the same Plan too.

We look forwarding to working with you all and May Success always be Yours!

Friday, December 4, 2009


Just a quick reminder that our FIRST TIME UPGRADE offer will
expire at midnight tomorrow for a payout on Monday.First
Time Upgrades will receive 25% guaranteed dividend again
next Sunday. The 20/20/20 promotion was snapped up quickly
and it's looking good for a double % dividend yet again.
Minimum Cashout has reverted back to 5% for Pro Members
due to members cashing out all thier earnings and losing
themselves money,another factor is that these members are
not posting that they were paid so I decided that I won't
help members who won't help TTF.
Have a good (and profitable) weekend, you will with TTF.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Megatraffic4u -

I want to take this opportunity to thank all the members that have entrusted us with your hard earned cash...
I also want to welcome all the New Members that have taken the time to check out what we are all about here at MT4U...

It has been a while since I have sent out an email that consisted of nothing more than just announcements, so I wanted to take a minute and let you know what we are up to behind the scenes here at MT4U...

My vision when launching was to build an Advertising Portal both you and I could be proud of...And create a vehicle that both you and I could use to build an income that would last us for many years...
Although Gary and I had plans for some really good ideas before we ever started, we have taken many New Directions that have led us down some very interesting roads...
But in the end, it has all served the same purpose, you see, I knew going into this that if we did not hit the ground running, MT4U would be dead in the water most likely 4 to 6 months down the road and Trust me, I did not go into this with my head in the sand, I knew the concept of Peter paying Paul would come to an end with most losing their money...And I can tell you straight up, this is not what MT4U is about...
Did we have outside income coming into the system before we ever launched? The answer is yes, but it was not enough to sustain a membership base like we had envisioned…

Zig Ziggler once said, "A goal properly set is halfway reached." Well, we have set some pretty lofty goals for ourselves
with MT4U. In fact we have set goals for MT4U that has never been achieved before, to my Knowledge

One of our goals, megatraffic4u being here two years from now...Considering the State of the Revshare at this point, that in itself seems to be a huge undertaking...

But, I believe with what is going on behind the scenes right now at MT4U we will be able to achieve that goal...

Sometime in the next 7 to 10 days we will be announcing a partnership with another impressive online company...
This partnership will help us reach outside the Revshare industry and into the MLM/Internet Marketing industry and truly set MT4U up to be one of the Advertising Giants on the internet...
Also, our designer is working as I write this on a Brand New Site that we hope will be launched the first of the year...

It would be great if we could launch this Brand New Site January 1st. That is what we are shooting for but I\'m not sure if it will happen. But I can tell you this, I have her feet to the fire. J

We also are working on two more sites that will be a part of the Megatraffic4u Brand that we are very excited about...
The best part about all of these programs is, they work hand in hand with one another...
In essence making the MT4U Advertising Portal you now use even more powerful...

I guess the best thing is, Gary and myself knew what we wanted to do, but the doors have been opened for us along the way to make things better than what we even envisioned…

Just today, I was introduced to a script that does something I have been looking at doing for almost a year…If we can make this work, it will be huge bonus to all the members that have joined MT4U..And by itself could sustain our company for years to come…There are not words to describe how good this would be for all of us…

Will it all work? Only time will tell, but I will tell you this, I am committed to you our members because without you, there would be no megatraffic4u…And after being a promoter and member of several programs just as you and walking in your footsteps, I understand how important you really are...