Wednesday, March 31, 2010

TheTrafficFactory -

Well I have finalised the details now and changed the site
to the new plan.I will probably change the settings for the
smooth running of the site to start on April 1st (Tommorrow).
I decided to reduce the referral commission to 10% because
some members expressed concern that it was too high,even so
it is still a good amount and should encourage you to
promote TTF.
You will receive 1% per day until you reach 150% but remember
that it was 200% before so some members will see their ad
packs reduce quickly initially because you may have already
earned near to 150% or even passed that percentage.
Other things to remember are that you can only cash out
50% of your cash balance and you must have at least one
active website in the rotation. Failure to adhere to any
of these terms will result in your pending being declined.
It is important that you read the FAQ's on the site and
also when you get paid to post in the forums and with
the monitors. Here are the links
I may put a limit on the number of payouts in a month if
members don't do there bit or it becomes obvious that
members are just taking and not helping make us succeed.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

TheTrafficFactory -

12 members have received a 25% dividend this week, please remember that you can only withdraw 50% of your cash
balance or your request will be returned. The monthly dividends should have been calculated today however we have
decided not give it this week for the following reasons.
1) It has become obvious that Revenue Share programs are a thing of the past due to bad publicity.Paying at small
% rates is no good to anyone.
2) Our main outside income platform Genius Funds has collapsed leaving us with a shortfall of disposible income.
3) Memberships and Upgrades have slowed to a trickle and profits have slumped.
Please note that THIS IS NOT THE END OF THE TRAFFIC FACTORY but the fact is that once again we will have to change
the way we do business to keep pace with things and make sure everyone keeps earning a decent wage every week or
The plan is to make TTF a cross between Surf/Profit Share/HYIP, this will give TTF a new lease of life and ensure
that earnings are more regular. I have still to work out the final details but I do need the full backing of you all.
I am confident that I can take TTF to a new level and bring back the confidence of a few weeks ago. As always I will be
working to make sure you all make a good profit with TTF which will still be number 1 and bigger and better than ever.
I will be setting out the new plan/ideas in the next week so please have patience and please continue to surf 30 sites
per week as preference will be given to members who continue to view others web sites.

Friday, March 26, 2010

New AutoSurf's - Ptsads

8% Daily for 15 days
5% Daily for 30 days
launched: Mar 25th, 2010

PTSADS.Com is the Ultimate Online Advertising Website and Get Paid To View traffic exchange program. Our Members get paid, YES PAID!, either in Cash, Credits or both, for viewing Advertising or Websites, either owned by our members or promoted by PTSADS.Com for other advertising companies.
If you are looking to Earn an income online, then look no further! PTSADS.Com offers you the opportunity to earn a steady monthly income by helping us advertise, either by word of mouth or by further online promotion, our Advertising customers products or services.
We are a Real advertising company, offering you the opportunity to get your share of a 100 Billion Dollars that is spent in magazine advertising in the United States alone, every year. Join us today and get started! Its easy, enjoyable and rewarding all at the same time. Tell your friends and family and earn an extra referral commission if they purchase a PTSADS.Com membership.

Thursday, March 25, 2010 - Thevaults

The Vault STM Investgroup ltd. are proud to announce that we are able to higher the rates on referral commission with immediately effect. The new rates will range from 0.5% to 5% and still support 6 levels deep.

To view the new rates, click on

Do remember that our $1 competition for all new upgraded members is still running. To view details follow this link

The Vault STM Investgroup ltd.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

New AutoSurf's - Fastprofitads

11% daily for 11 Days
7% daily for 18 days
launched: Mar 16th, 2010

FASTPROFIT.COM is a Profit sharing Advertising site that not only generates traffic for your opportunities and home based business sites, but also pays you for doing your advertising with us! We have 2 BUSINESS PLANS available below and also offer a 5% referral commissions whenever someone signs up and upgrades using your referral link. Each upgrade unit will buy 20 advertising credits for use to allocate to your websites. All upgraded members will be able to add 3 websites in rotation. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mails or forum.

IP Location: United States Woodstock
Dedicated Hosting: is hosted on a dedicated server.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

New AutoSurf's - Ss-surf-to-earn
1.5%-1.7% for 365 days
launched: Mar 17th, 2010
SS-Surf-To-Earn is very simple and easy program, it currently has 11 subscription packages, all subscription packages are annual which means you pay the subscription fees 1 time a year and enjoy 365 days of earnings. The surfing and payouts are 7 days a week. The surfing console has a 10 seconds timer. Autosurf daily earning is 1.5% of the amount of the annual subscription. Manual surf daily earning is 1.7% of the amount of the annual subscription. 10% referral program instantly to your account, and recurring every time your referral renew or upgrade his subscription. You can add unlimited number of websites to the rotation to increase the number of visits to your website(s).

IP Location: United States Scottsdale Inc
Dedicated Hosting: is hosted on a dedicated server.

Friday, March 5, 2010

History-Ads —

All member pending payouts have been paid. We are opening 4 subscriptions for the month of March. When these are gone, their gone until April. Have a great weekend and we will see you on the net.

New AutoSurf's - Paybackadz

1-5% daily total 200%
launched: Mar 5th, 2010

All over the internet, smart marketers have been looking for innovative low-cost advertising that will enable them reach their target prospects, because, as we all know, the cost to advertise is continously on the rise! But Now, All That Has Changed Forever. With PayBackAdz, we do not only provide you with low cost effective advertising, You also earn a total 200% return on every single penny you have invested in advertising Unit purchases. Our system will continue to PAY YOU DAILY on every cent you spend on all your advertising purchases.

IP Location: Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Telekom Malaysia Berhad
Reverse IP: 3,674 other sites hosted on this server.