Friday, November 27, 2009

4realcash -

You remember when surf sites lasted? Think about what has happened over the past year or so, more and more revenue sharing and hyips and out landish payout percentages that just can not be paid. Yes 2% was the normal when things was good but greed has set in and no one wants to surf for 2% there all looking to toss there cash away on pipe dreams. I offer you a bonafide 2% payout that doubles your spends. You need understand that 2% beats 12% of nothing and that is what you end up with in the long run by dealing with those sites.

10% referral commissions are paid too both free members and upgraded accounts and that alone is worth getting involved with to earn you some real time cash and it is paid instant as well.

Lets all make surfing 4realcash the top surf site for 2010 and lets get back to the basic concept and realistic payouts that a surf site was meant to be. You will not get rich over nite so why not just earn a little each day and I bet you will see that surfing can be rewarding. Greed and more greed you have to learn that 12% in 10 or 12 days will not sustain any longevity and you work hard for your cash! The time has come for the resurrection of the 2% daily payouts that will be around for possibly years to come.


TheTrafficFactory -

Well it's less than 2 days until the next round of dividends are calculated, we are all hoping for a double % and in my last e-mail I warned of complacency, well it seems some members ARE getting complacent, yesterday we had less than
60 clicks on our income stream google ads and only earned $10,
We have over 250 Pro members and yet only about 10 are regularly helping to make TTF the greatest ever Ad program and I promise we will be.
We are blessed in having some decent cash reserves and we should be able to get double figure % until our new income arrives before Christmas. The more you click the more we can payout in the future.
First Time Upgrades will receive 25% guaranteed dividend on Sunday.
Have a great weekend

Mymarketshares -

I want to start by wishing everyone who celebrates Thanksgiving a happy one. I will be gone on a long weekend starting tomorrow morning. I will not be around much but will have my laptop with me just in case anything happens.

I have finished all payments and now as promised I would explain the ROI this week and how it was as it is. This week I was able to give 3%. For those who want to know where it comes from I can tell you it is not form spends into MyMarketShares as this week we had only 189.00 and 100 of which was form one person. Site spends if was all that we relied on for roi anyone who can do math would see that is nothing. This has been the normal site spends since the site was restored from the server failure almost 7 weeks ago. I was smart enough to make some investments prior to this and what i am getting from that is where the rest of the roi is coming from.

As i have said in past e-mails, I do not mind the lower ROI as long as members know i am doing what i can. Someone asked why we are lower then another similar site that started about the same time. I can tell you that the answer is simple. I do not have "feeder" sites. While some of these similar models are paying higher returns than I can, look at all the sites that have come and went since. While some may take offense to that and it may not be true for all. It is for most. As well as the simple fact that with less of 200 in average sales per week there is not much of a revenue to share.

I am not making excuses or asking anything extra from anyone. I am just asking to keep faith and support and as long as members dont mind the lower roi i will keep going as long as i can.

Remember we are a revenue sharing site and the more spends in the more revenue to share.

Until after this weekend Have a good holiday. Enjoy family and friends. Dont drink and drive.

Margaret and Team

Thursday, November 26, 2009

New AutoSurf's

Rapidincomesurf -

10% daily for 13days
launched:Nov 26th, 2009 assures you of getting paid in an investment that guarantees an over and over turning of your initial investment, that is giving you more than you give in returns. We have carefully studied to all processes and had come with a decision of paying a realistic retures.

4realcash -

2% daily for 100 days
launched:Nov 26th, 2009

I have been a member of many auto surfs. Nowadays they do not last more than a couple weeks. This is because of super high pay rates that no program can sustain. Give yourself a minute and think about it. How can they pay? They cannot for longer than a couple weeks. I have went back to the basics. Remember when surf sites would last a year or more? This is because the old sites did not pay more than 2-3% a day. Now with greedy users and admins the pay rates are out of control. Resulting in a bad name for surf sites because they cannot last long at those high rates. Together with you and me we will change the face of surf sites online to a lasting relationship. I would like to ask you to enter a relationship with 4 real cash for years to come.

Adfexfund -

3.2% daily for 45days
5% daily for 30days
10% daily for 12days
9% daily for 16days
launched:Nov 26th, 2009

We are advertising and Investment Company that offer great income to our members for viewing other member's sites. We have four great plans to make you earn money online. We also offer an opportunity for members to earn by referring people to our program. An attractive commission of 5% is given automatically to the successful and qualified referrers, don't miss out on this great and wonderful opportunity on pay to surf to increase your purchasing power!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Megatraffic4u -

We had a situation were a members referral commissions were not rolled over in the system on the last rollover when we rolled over referral commissions...
When I ran this process for this member there was a glitch in the system that rolled over 25 other members Megapacs...

The members effected by this were:

If your one of these people, we still have a record of the amount that was in your referral balance before the rollover...If you would like to cash this out, email us so we can work something out...
The good news is if you decide to do nothing, you will earn a rebate on your new balance this week when earnings are posted...
Please let us know how you want to succed and we will work something out...
The bad news is, this rollover is non reversible so we will have to work together to come to an agreement on this...
Thanks Tim

Wopadz -

We would like to say thank you to all members for supporting our project. WopAdz growing fast with your support. We already have over 400 members, at an awesome daily growth rate and all payments are being processed on time, which is always in less than 48 hours.

We would like to announce that first contest has started. Every week we will pick top 5 members who are most active on the major forums. Please check contest page to see prices. Soon we will start also monthly promotional contest, we are currently working on that.

Members who got paid please support us and vote at monitoring sites.

I want to thank everyone who is a part of the WopAdz.

Best regards, Nick

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Rollover-ads -

With the state of the industry and the extreme lack of forum support. I am implementing a new rule for payouts. Effective IMMEDIATELY to get paid you must post your last payment in MMG.

Some this new rule will not effect and for them I am extremely grateful.

What must be included in the post is the following

Your id #, Processor (IE AlertPay, Liberty Reserve, etc), Transaction id, and amount. ( amount can have 2 numbers blocked out IE $XX.78 or $x09.X8 or $xx5.67)

I do not expect to see anything saying Forced to post payment proof.

If you feel there is a valid reason that you can not post your payment proof in MMG I expect a ticket telling me why, I do not have an account is not acceptable, It is free to join and free to post.With the state of the industry and the extreme lack of forum support. I am implementing a new rule for payouts. Effective IMMEDIATELY to get paid you must post your last payment in MMG.

Some this new rule will not effect and for them I am extremely grateful.

What must be included in the post is the following

Your id #, Processor (IE AlertPay, Liberty Reserve, etc), Transaction id, and amount. ( amount can have 2 numbers blocked out IE $XX.78 or $x09.X8 or $xx5.67)

I do not expect to see anything saying Forced to post payment proof.

If you feel there is a valid reason that you can not post your payment proof in MMG I expect a ticket telling me why, I do not have an account is not acceptable, It is free to join and free to post.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Possiblefunds -

We would like to inform you that our AlertPay account is now
qualified to accept CreditCards from members.
So you may upgrade your account using your Credit/Debit Cards
through AlertPay from now on.

TheTrafficFactory -

I promised you a way in which we as a group can make The
Traffic Factory last for years to come, for this to happen
we need your help, first let me tell you that there is NO
COST to any member and in fact anyone using this NEW WEBSITE
will be helping.
I have spent 2 weeks on this, and this is how it works,
visit the website at and
simply click on as many google ads as you can every day,
every ad you click on The Traffic Factory gets paid, for
example if 100 members each click on 5 advertisements we
would make between $50 and $250. We have over a thousand
members so you can see that $2000 PER DAY is possible,
that would guarantee 15% every week for years. We will be
able to reduce the amount of sites you surf each week if
members are willing to click around 5 google ads every day.
So get clicking and make The Traffic Factory last forever.
Let me have your comments and questions.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Weekly-revenue-share -

For those members who are also members of our other site we are pleased to announce that they also now accept credit card payments.We have also fixed the alertpay button problem on the webpage for 5dollarfun which appears on this site.When you click now it goes direct to the members payment page.

Adcashtraffic -

Just a quick update. I will be sending another news update later tonight on a few changes that were made and some exciting other news.

First off, today AdCashTraffic was offline for a few hours due to our server from I immediately contacted them about the downtime as I know none of you like that. The reason was there was a network problem with all of their servers. I am very happy to say now that it is online and running fast. I am working around the clock for this doesn't happen again.

I want to apologize for this downtime. If you have any questions for me, you can contact me at anytime. I am available on yahoo messenger or by email. Those can be found in our FAQ.

That's it for now, I am finishing up some work for today on ACT and will be back later tonight for a big update. Stay tuned for that!

Best Regards,
Larry Wolfer

TheTrafficFactory -

All payouts for the past weeks cashouts have been completed
and we can start to look forward th the next one (Monday).
At the last count 15 members had taken advantage of our
latest promotion 25/25/25. The first 25 members who upgrade
with $25 or over will get a guaranteed 25% dividend on Sunday.
We still want and need members to post there satisfaction
with TTF on the forum/Monitors and any other place, the 15%
referral commissions should come in handy.
I've come up with an idea to make TTF sustainable for many
years and with great dividends, it will bring in a steady
supply of cash, when I have put the finishing touches to
the idea all will be revealed and i'll tell you what we all
need to do. This will propel TTF to new hights.

New AutoSurf's

Wopadz -

12% for 12 days
Wopadz brings you a high profit advertising program that provides all of the features you'll ever need. We provide you with a great opportunity to earn 144% in only 12 days from the time of your deposit. We created our project to give everyone the chance to realize their dreams, by giving them the opportunity to make money by spending only a few minutes everyday. We have developed the best investment sources that earn a considerable profit in a short period of time. We are sure that our experience will help our members to make profit, with no waste of time.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Megatraffic4u -

We have posted Rebates to your account...You will be able to cash out tonight at 12am EST...
This weeks rebate % was 9%, We paid out a half percent more than last week as we are gearing up
for the Upcoming Holiday Season and Slowing down Period that is happening around the
Our main goal here at MT4U is to make sure we are viable Advertising option for you for years
to come...
And every decision we make is made with that thought in mind...

The 50/50 rule will be in place this week to make things simple for our members, because for
each $10 you earn, 4.44 Megapacs expire. This lets you earn an industry "1st" 225%, on each
Megapac you purchase.

Think of it like this, In other programs when you cash out 50% of your earnings, your Adpacs
stay the same. But whenever you purchase Megapacs at MT4U and cash out 50% of your
earnings, your Megapacs will increase week after week, to create an increasing flow of residual
income for you and your family...Over time this will build you a long lasting flow of income that
could change your life...

VERY IMPORTANT: Before you can request a cash out through the system, you Must enter your
Payment Processor Information in the Edit Profile link on the side bar of the site...This is located
on the left of the page near the bottom of the links...

Friday, November 13, 2009

Windfallhits —

Since my last update we've been looking at our plan for outside revenue and making changes where necessary.

A couple of weeks ago we found an outside venture that we're very excited about. First, here's a little background information to bring you up to date with what's been going on.

Where We've Been...

Operating under the old business plan, we were able to pay our members very high rebates in the beginning, as most programs do. But we had plans to create a mutual-fund style of program that would pay our members long-term rebates income without expiring your adpacks. These plans were based on our current model of 100% outside income which we were trying to put in place when we had to move the program from the Ventrino script to the RevShareCoders script due to our rapid growth. Because we weren't able to get technical support for weeks at a time we were delayed several months from transitioning to the new business model.

By the time we finally made the transition to our new business model, most WFH adpack income had been paid to our members in the form of rebates. I was able to invest some of admin's earnings in outside ventures which is what has been creating most of our revenue lately. Since I am a man of my word, I have not expired your ad packs. But it has been a big strain on our rebates. If we were expiring adpacks as most programs do, your rebates would be much higher than they currently are.

The holiday times and the promotion of many new programs have also taken a big toll on WFH during the transition. The new ad purchases that would normally come in to WFH are going elsewhere leaving our already-strained capital to do more and more work.

Where We're Going...

Our new team of Forex experts has a great deal of experience trading over the last decade. They have developed a very successful trading style with a combination of multiple systems that support it. It's been tested over the last 8 months with quite excellent results. We're legally not able to give you figures. Let's just say that it's very impressive even to the experienced trader.

This system is not available to the public so we know they are only interested in trading, not marketing. We are very fortunate to have found them.

We have been testing a small amount of money for few weeks and like what we see so far. We think it has the potential to bring WFH rebates back into a lucrative state for our members in a relatively short period of time.

How To Get There...

I'm informing you of the details of our past operation so you can be part of our future decisions. We have much more power as a group than admin does alone and we have a choice about how to proceed from this point.

Here's the deal. We can let our small managed account grow over time, while withdrawing from it to pay small rebates as we've been doing this past month or we can go another way. We can work together as a team to take advantage of a rare find by pulling together for the good of all members.

If all our members purchase 1 adpack unit ($10), those funds would be deposited into our managed account making it large enough to create a huge rebate. By itself a $10 purchase is not much. But when a large group of our members make a small effort like this everyone wins. A small purchase at his time can make a very big difference in how soon your rebates start growing.

We are working on several other projects that will increase our outside income but this project alone has the power to turn things around by itself so we wanted to present it to you as soon as possible. We hope you take the next step with us.

TheTrafficFactory -

Another Reason The Traffic Factory is the Number 1 (PART2)

In Part One we established that The Traffic Factory pays out a larger % to members who can't or won't recruit new members, Fact is TTF pays out 15% more in actual returns than it's nearest competitor.
I'm certain that we have wasted money by buying advertising with ALL the others as the return on our advertising has been very poor, but the biggest disappointment has been the weekly rebates of most of the rest.
No names mentioned but 1 paid us just 4% last week and others are down to low
single figures. This week 50 lucky members will earn a massive 20% whilst even the ordinary members will earn a double figure % dividend. TTF is the true Number 1.
WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO UPGRADE WITH THE OTHERS AND SETTLE FOR LESS, you still have chance to catch a guaranteed 20% on Sunday by upgrading with a minimum of $10.At the last count we still had 12 more places.

New AutoSurf's

Possiblefunds -

13.4-14.5% Daily for 10 Days
launched: Nov 12th, 2009 will be the fastest, easiest and most safe way to make money on Internet You may join and become a member for free to view advertisements and earn credits to advertise. You may also become an upgraded member. Free members are able to generate free credits to have their websites shown to other members to help increase their sales. Upgraded memberships also get their advertisements shown to members but they also earn money for each day they surf in the exchange. Paid members get paid for the days they surf. PossibleFunds is specifically designed for You to maximize your online earnings while minimizing your efforts. Based on our experience and supporting tools, we have developed accurate methods on trading gold, and stocks. Our goal is helping you make money online.

Pac-Revenue-Share —

Yes! Finally we are just within 24 hours of launching the Program we have been working so hard on. We are sorry it took a bit longer than we expected but we just had to be satisfied that it was working perfectly.

Our slogan for EPP is ' Everyone Earns' and that's what we have in mind to achieve.

The idea for this program was given to us by one of our members and we have spent countless hours coming up with a Plan that will benefit everyone. There are similar programs out there, no doubt, but none, if any, are designed to work for everyone. They usually benefit the Program and Top Recruiters. So what sets us apart.. well, first and foremost is you don't have to Refer to Earn. Guaranteed. No getting 2 who need 2 who need 2 etc.

And the Second Important difference is that we pay from the SECOND Phase for a total of $3980! No waiting till you've cycled Rounds within Phases! More on this, in a short while.

The Launch Date is ..... 4pm GMT/11am EST Saturday 14th November.

The link will be available in your Member Area at the time. We want all of you to earn before anyone out there, so please be sure to keep 10 minutes of your time Free! You will have to fund your wallet first and then Purchase your Spots.

Here is the Basic Plan, More Details can be found on the Home Page, FAQs, Terms and Disclaimer on our site.

Your One-time $10 Fee entitles you to a Life-Time of Advertising as well as a Spot in the Matrix which will earn you $3980.. There is no way we can make this mandatory, but please take advantage of the Opportunity and post your Ads!

EPP is a 1 x 4 Company Forced Straightline Matrix with 6 Phases. It's therefore a TOTAL No-Brainer. Which means you earn the $3980 Hands-Free, the script does everything for you. All you have to do is:

1. Sign Up

2. Fund Your Wallet

3. Select the Number of Spots that you want to buy.

That's it! Wait to cycle and be paid.

The Plan :

Phase 1: $30 into Phase 2, 1 Re-Entry

Phase 2: $60 into Phase 3, 2 Re-Entries - $20 Cash

Phase 3: $160 into Phase 4, 3 Re-Entries - $30 Cash

Phase 4: $500 into Phase 5, 5 Re- Entries - $50 Cash

Phase 5: $1500 into Phase 6, 10 Re-Entries- $250 Cash

Phase 6: 50 recycles, $3630 Cash!!!

Total Number of Re-Entries (into Phase 1) Per Spot is 71 and Total Cash Per Spot is $3980.

Why will EPP Succeed when other Matrices Fail?

1. Low, One-Time Cost of $10 .

2. No Referring.

3. Payouts on Phases 2-6! This is an All-Important Difference!

4, Daily Payouts.

So, be prepared to earn and also work with us to spread the word. Be active in our Forum:

Now, that is not all! Once you have made money with EPP and seen what the difference is, it would be time to earn really big, wouldn't it?

Indeed! We will be launching Two more plans that will sky-rocket your Earnings with us! The Entry Fee for these will be $100 and $250 and they will be far smaller matrices, so cycling will be crazy!

The 2 Plans will launch a week apart starting from Next Week! Watch out for our updates.

Time to Earn!

Payitforwardtraffic —

We haven't done a Contest for Ad Level purchases in awhile. Below are the details of a new Contest that is starting today. We also have our current Referral Contest going on as well. See all the details below.

Power of 10 Upgrade Contest
For a limited time only we are offering a 10% bonus for all Ad Level purchases. As an additional bonus we are also giving one free referral for every $10 in Ad Levels that you purchase. Example: Buy $20 in Ad Levels and get an additonal $2 in Ad Levels and 2 referrals placed in your downline. Buy $100 in Ad Levels and get an additonal $10 in Ad Levels and 10 referrals placed in your downline. The amount of your purchase is up to you. But, there is a limit of 25 free referrals per member at this time. Depending on the demand we may increase this.

The PIFT Power of 10 Contest will run for a limited time or until we run out of free referrals to give out.

*Note on free referrals: These are members that do not have an upline. Majority are free members, some may be older members, and some may be upgraded members. If they make future purchases you get the referral commissions. You may also contact them through the Members Area. Please allow up to 24-48 hours for members to be placed under you.

*Payment Methods: We take the following forms of Payment: AlertPay(M/C,VISA,AMEX) Solid Trust Pay, StrictPay, LibertyReserve, and PayPal(M/C,VISA), Check, Cashiers Check, or Money Order.

PIFT "Holiday" Referral Contest
This contest is to help PIFT grow in membership base and to reward those members who work hard and contribute in PIFT's growth.

Contest runs from 12:01 AM October 31st 2009 and ends 11:59 PM November 30th 2009.

This contest is based on total referrals. The winners are the sponsors with highest referrals. For the referrals to be counted, the referrals need to verify their e-mail accounts and be active.

Only new referrals from the time the contest begins and up to end of the contest will be counted.

All Top 10 Winners will be listed in our Site, these are the attractive prizes to be awarded:-

1st Position - $100 in Cash, 7,000 Credits and 15 Free Referrals placed in your Downline
2nd Position - $60 in Cash, 5,000 Credits and 10 Free Referrals placed in your Downline
3rd Position - $45 in Cash, 3,000 Credits and 7 Free Referrals placed in your Downline
4th & 5th Positions - $25 in Cash, 2,000 Credits and 5 Free Referrals placed in your Downline
6th-10th Positions - $10 in Cash, 1,000 Credits and 3 Free Referrals placed in your Downline

Who is eligible and what to be aware of
All members are eligible to participate.
For new members to be counted, the new members must verify/confirm their e-mails and must have surfed the required sites to be active. Only signing up members who are not active are not counted.

Please promote using ethical means and we do not tolerate spam. Anyone caught using spam or unethical means will run the risk of their accounts being suspended/terminated. We promote healthy competition.

Have fun and be a part of the growth of PIFT!

Thanksgiving Banners
We have a various assortment of Thanksgiving Banners you can use for your promotions. They can be found in the Members Area under "Promo Banners".

Mymarketshares -

Did you know that MyMarketShares is 70 days old and counting. We have just completed our 10th weeks payments and no one is left out. has never missed a payment and has never delayed. We continue to grow our membership daily and have measures that will ensure we are still here after the holidays.

I can make all our members a promise here and now that no matter what I will be here and active with everyone.

Please join us in our discussions here

You can also follow us on twitter.

Communication is the key to the success of MyMarketShares and the future of the industry.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Megatraffic4u -

First off, I want to welcome all the New Members to megatraffic4u...Thanks for joining
what we feel is the best online opportunity to earn rebates off your advertising dollar on
the Internet..

Tonight we kick off a new series on MTTV dedicated to the future of MT4U...
As most of you know, our main goal here at MT4U is to convert our revshare into being
totally dependant on Outside Income...
Everyday that comes and goes we take a step in the right direction...And we will
continue moving forward with this plan to both give you incredible advertising value for
your money and helping you create a Long Term residual income for you and your family...

Have you ever heard the term "There is power in numbers" well tonight I will show you
what that really means to the future of MT4U.
By doing something that changes nothing in your life, you can go a long way in helping
MT4U in accomplishing our goal...

The best days are ahead for megatraffic4u and tonight I will show you how you can be
a major part of it's success by simply doing what you're already doing...

So the place to be tonight is
Time: 9pm EST
Credits: 2000

10% Bonus Pacs

PS. If you have not taken advantage of our 10% bonus, now is the time to do so...
Any purchase of megapacs over $50 will get you an additional bonus of 10%
in megapacs...After making your purchase, you must send us an email to notify us
of your purchase and we will credit your account...This process is done manually
and may take up to 24 hours to complete...So please be patient...

TheTrafficFactory -

There is still time to upgrade (28 more at the last count)for
a 20% Dividend next week to members (both Free and Pro) who
upgrade thier accounts with a minimum of $10,and to safeguard
our weekly dividend we will only allow THE FIRST 50 upgrades.
The 20% will also be applied to your existing Ad Pack balance.
This would be a great incentive to promote TTF. We will be
doing a countdown on the website so hurry they are going

Morningshell —

Surf's Up... What an exciting week its been. We have new products and new features.
Firstly, I would like to announce rebate earnings have been posted on your 'My Money' page and the rebates are slightly higher this week. We are still growing so keep those referral links out there and keep surfing. The more you advertise your link the more everyone benefits. Remember that your 'My Money' page is located in your My Profit Sharing area.

You may have noticed by now our text ads are working since last week. They can be seen on the bottom of most pages within the members area and on the home page. So use your text ad credits and get your ads listed. Don't forget to check out some of the interesting ads you find when browsing the site.

We are still paying $1 per active referral... Yes $1 USD. This offer is around for a limited number of referrals. Must end when we reach 1000 members. So work those referral links to get that extra money while it is there.

The Kelp is moving on to our shores...
Our new Kelp Strand Ad Packs are doing great at just $5 each. Kelp Strands Ad Packs are now available by subscription and as well as individually. Remember if you buy 5 you get your 6th one free. If you subscribe when buying Kelp Strand Ad Packs the 5th week you get your 6th one free. With Kelp you get great advertising and earn cash rebates

AD-ventures4u - SCAM

We have a team of people advertising the gold site so that we can generate income to do a payrun. I want to get one in as soon as we can but I just cannot say when.

I am realizing that our advertising system is so much cheaper to advertise on than most place on and off the net. For instance google adwords is 10 to 20 times higher than purchased advertising on plus we revenue share back. Not only that but we have a huge member list of like minded people for you to advertise too unlike other meduims of advertising on the net.

But we understand that we have to go else where to advertise because we have to generate customers from the main stream media so that we can earn enough to revenue share back to you.

Business take time to generate and build to a level that will be a nece weekly or monthly income for all of us.

I will never stop until we all are satisfied with the results but we all have to be a patient and then I am sure that all will start coming around.

I have heard what some people are saying but I just wander what they will be saying next year. I am still here working long hours pushing in the right diresction so hang in there we will make it.

We have the gold site running very smoothly and now that we have worked all the bugs out and the process is smooth it is all about getting people to send us precious metals to and use purchasing that gold and then getting enought income to share with all the venture members that purchased advertising from us. I cannot shoot any straighter than that.

I am sorry the revenue share is not started back up yet but I can assure you we are working our best to keep expenses down and give the best price for the precious metals in the industry plus trying to get the income needed to share with the members that purchased abvertising at which we still have members purchasing every day. If you have hits in your account I suggest you promote your programs because we have tens of thousands of people still surf every single day. Thanks Steve

RevShareGlobal -

In case you wondered why your GRS points had been updated but your cash balance was unchanged, it has been corrected so your cash balance should be correct now - sorry for confusion.

We will open for new affiliates but will not allow upgrades before we see the results for November which we will not know before we get into December.

Please remember that you have to view 90 websites a week to qualify for revenue sharing. The daily stats shown on your backoffice page count so please check those weekly. We still have people view 88 and 89 websites a week and then do not qualify for revenue sharing, it is better to view a few websites more to be on the safe side.

If you have any questions to the monthly schedule then please check the MONTHLY CALENDAR for details, the link is located on your backoffice page.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Payitforwardtraffic —

We are in need of some Liberty Reserve funds. We have been waiting and waiting on a transfer to come thru and it looks like it's not going to happen. So, if anyone has some AlertPay or SolidTrustPay they would like to exchange for Liberty Reserve please let us know. We will give you an extra 12% for the transfer. So, if you give us $50 in LR we will give you $56 in AP or STP, give us $100 and we will give you $112.00, etc. Just send us a support ticket with how much you have and we will get back in contact with you.
If you are waiting on a Liberty Reserve Payment and wish to not wait any longer and have it sent to AP or STP, just send a support ticket to where you want to send it and we will take care of it.

New AutoSurf's

Thecashplace -

14% for 14 days

We are a professional advertising portal that will deliver a deluge of autosurf web site traffic to your site right from the moment you join! All you have to do is sign up for a FREE account at and open your browser and let our autosurf script do all the work for you to earning massive amounts of credits and page views for you each day. We'll even start you off with 100 Free Credits in your account as soon as you surf 5 sites.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Windfallhits —

Rebates were posted today. They were double from last payout but weren't what we were hoping for. We are making progress and continue to grow. Rebates can be 100% cashed out and there will be no rollovers so members can accumulate funds to cash out. The cash out minimum is $3. The cash out buttons for both rebates and commissions will be enabled from 12:01am Tuesday until midnight Wednesday EST (11/10-11/11).

As many of you know, many of the best managed revenue share programs are experiencing lowered income at this time. Some have dropped their rebates consistently over the last 2 months and are now paying 2%-5% with a 50% cash out penalty, which really makes the accessible rebate half that, 1%-2.5%. Others have dropped the penalty but are incorporating a monthly fee. Still others are reducing or eliminating sponsors' commissions on referrals' purchases and rollovers to make up for the decline in advertising income.

We believe that our long term model with 100% outside income can and will recover from this temporary crisis and be paying higher and higher rebates over time. Our rebates are paid completely from income that is generated from other than advertising income, mostly consisting of ventures in the financial markets that are managed by reliable professional teams in their respective areas.

We appreciate our members who believe in our business model and are willing to see it through with us.

New AutoSurf's

Revsharetraffic -

85% Revenue Sharing
launched:Nov 8th, 2009

RevShareTraffic is a new way to advertise your business online and earn back up to 200% rebate from the advertising you have purchased.
HOW RST Traffic Exchange "NO SPONSORING" Revenue Sharing System Works
1. There is no sponsoring required to earn a equal weekly percentage.
2. Each Advertising Package that a member purchases will remain active until that member has earned back 200% of the members purchase price.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

New AutoSurf's

8dailyprofits -

8% Daily For 20 /15 Days
launched:Nov 8th, 2009

8DailyProfits is your ONE-STOP Destination for all your Advertising needs. The Daily Rebates we offer members are a Huge Incentive, your Advertisements will be viewed and how! Free members are most welcome and we offer you more benefits than any other Program Online.

Rollover-ads -

150% total ROI
launched:Nov 7th, 2009

Rollover-ads is a High Yielding Revenue Sharing, auto-surf program. Unlike other revenue sharing sites that earn weekly, here at members earn rebates ranging from 1% to 10% daily. Our most exciting features are members can Rollover their earnings daily and Cashout Daily! No need to fund your wallet, that's such a hassle. Here at all you need to do is Upgrade, surf, Rollover your earnings and cashout. You can do this EVERYDAY!

TheTrafficFactory -

This weeks dividends have been calculated and posted in your back office,the special promotion was successful and around
15% of Pro members took advantage of the promotion to earn a 20% dividend.
This may have had a small negative for the rest of the pro membership with the standard dividend being set at a very
reasonable 10% but on the other hand the promotion could have boosted this weeks fund,we will never know.
When I return home soon, the cash out button will be enabled and payouts will begin on Monday.
THE 50% RULE WILL APPLY ONCE AGAIN and if you wish to Rollover yourself the UPGRADE USING EARNINGS is also live, just press the
On a more serious note we will NOT tolerate any kind of cheating from members trying to make gains at the expense
of our Pro Members. I have to tell you that 2 members who upgraded large amounts with Paypal and then tried to make
a chargeback after receiving large dividends by Alertpay HAVE BEEN PROSECUTED FOR FRAUD. Thanks to the Processors
help they are likely to receive severe punishment. Please read the refunds policy in the FAQ's.
Thank you all for your continued support and for making
TTF the number 1 profit share platform out there today.

MGVworld -

Today i have been working on a few payouts to some of the smaller cash-outs again. Also I have been shipping some of the MGV stock to members who requested. I am doing my best to try and get you all paid out. Today i have an offer for MGV members with pending cash-outs and would like to be part of the new program PHROA. I will except 10 members into the program using there pending here at MGV. These pending will be used in the form of membership fees to the program. This means if you wish to join PHROA with your pending your amounts for lets say 240 this would cover one year of fees at the $20 level and give you a chance to earn from any referrals you may bring to the program. If you had $720 in pending and would like the 60 plan you may use it to purchase one year in the $60 plan and so on.This does not mean only members who these kind of pending are welcome. You must just have at least $20 in pending to pay one month.If you have more you can do more.Up to one years worth.If you are intrested contact me and we can talk about it more.


Saturday, November 7, 2009

Adcashtraffic -

Deadlines - Surfing & New Purchases

This is just a reminder about the weekly deadline. As you know, today is Saturday which is the last day you have to surf your 40 Sites. Be sure to that done by midnight server time. The server time is on the left side of the site just above the site stats.

Today, Saturday, is also the last day to purchase Cash Packs to be included in this weeks weekly revenue share. Again be sure to have the purchase done by midnight along with surfing 40 sites.

Upcoming New Advertising Offers

I'm just want to let you know about some more upcoming advertising offers. Many of our members have been asking about purchasing some Ads that we currently don't offer. Sometime within the next week there will be 3 more offers available to you. They will be Solo Email Ads (Sent to our entire member base). Next will be selling downline referrals. Last offer is adding your website to our Premium ads Section. This section is the first 5 sites surfed by all the members. It will give you a huge traffic gain if you decide to purchase this spot.

More info will be sent in a few days on this. The rebates will be posted tomorrow sometime tomorrow before midnight server time. Once this is posted to your account, the cashout button will be enabled at midnight server time and you will have all day Monday to withdraw your rebate.

Take care,
Larry Wolfer

Friday, November 6, 2009

Morningshell —

I want to update every one on the happenings this week. It has been a week of technical difficulties.
As many of you know, we have ongoing problems with our script. It is a purchased encrypted script from ventrino and it works fairly
well for the surfing part. However, the back office functions, those that give us stats and updates, is very unstable and not user
friendly. Much of it has to be updated manually, one member account at a time.
Periodically, parts of it will run wild and it sometimes deletes parts of itself and/or data from the site. Luigi is replacing the
script as quickly as he can write the new script. The "My Profit Sharing" at the top of the page is new script that Luigi has written
and put in place. This allows us to keep all financial records isolated from the data eating script which haunts the rest of our site.
This week the script, having tired of eating itself, dined on some of our member accounts. Several accounts were completely consumed.
When we noticed that our members were dropping from sight, Luigi took steps to stop it. Eventually, we were able to recover
information from a backup and reset those accounts.
This effort was complicated by the situation with internet connections with WestNet and Vodafone Hutchison Australia Pty Ltd
(known as Three "3" Telecommunications). are having technicality issues for the last several days. Luigi has not been able to
maintain a stable connection with any of four account between these ISP's in his area. All "3" internet service there goes through the
cell phone towers via a wireless connection and they are having problems maintaining stable connections.
The servers that host the site are located in the United States of America and there is no problem with the sites server. The problem
is with Luigi's ability to communicate with the servers and to upload files to them from Australia. Luigi has limited access to
skype so we have been sending messages backwards and forwards to make the changes for the current promo and my cash area for week 11.
We have received your support tickets requesting cash outs and we will do the payrun over the next 24 hours. Luigi can authorize the
pay run through his cell phone via Alertpay.
The site is actually doing well. Membership is growing and at the moment we have reached a new milestone of 600 members yesterday.
Luigi is launching new advertising campaigns both online and offline to bring increased growth to our site. We have exciting new
promotions coming up. New areas and services will soon be available on the site. Stfmonitor MSS has a very exciting future. Luigi has taken steps to
insure multiple streams of income that will provide stable long term earnings. We not only have new services to be launched but new
physical products which are very exciting that you can buy. We will have them up in time for gift giving in the upcoming 'Holiday Season'.

Many members have asked what they can do to help. There are several ways you can help.

1. Surf.... surf lots... the higher our surf stats the better our rating on various internet rating systems including Google and
Alexa. These ranking will move us towards the top and will help us get 1st page when people search for surf sites and profit sharing sites.

2. Get your referral link out to as many sites as you possibly can. This will do several things. It will build your downline and not
only can you earn money from them joining MSS you will be able to communicate with them and join each others programs. Its all about
team work. Building a larger membership in the site which will give us more financial power when members buy products or upgrade. It
will raise our ratings due to the number of back links to the site. It will help us all be more successful financially and have a more
stable residual income.

3. Look at the programs being offered by other members and join those that look interesting. We can all support each other this way.

4. If you have not upgraded to pro, do it now. If you have upgraded, look at your budget and consider increasing your share in
a secure financial future for you and your family. This week "Shell ad packages" are being offered without the purchase of qualifying

Pebble ad packs. Shells never expire. No 50/50 and no Hit and Run clause. This is a great chance to add to your collection. Use this
link to buy shells
Stfmonitor we have a vision of building the finest community on the internet, a community that by working together will build financial
security for all our members. This is what we are working to achieve. We will get there, but it is a process that we have to
work through and every little bit helps. Luigi will get the vulnerable, dysfunctional parts of the script
replaced as quickly as he can write the new ones. I have been answering most of the support tickets and doing approvals which
gives Luigi more time to attend to the technical issues and updates of the site.
I look forward to the day that the script is completed. I look forward to the growth of the site. You, one of our founding members
and I will one day be able to look back on these times and chuckle about how difficult it all was, and how lucky we were to have been
part of it with Luigi.
So hang in there, help us grow into the site we all want and need to provide us with financial security. I thank you, each and every
one, for your patience, your understanding, and your ongoing support.


Mymarketshares -

If your not in profit yet this is going to be some great news for you. After long and hard consideration,after seeing how many are in profit, my team and i have decided that we need to take some action.

Now before anyone gets too excited please read in full. In an attempt to help get members closer to profit if not already in profit we will implement a temporary rollover policy for all members in profit. What this means is that for the rest of November members in profit will be required to roll over all earnings and referral commissions. This action will have a 2 fold win win situation for everyone involved.

First and for most it will increase the roi for everyone. This will bring more members into profit and it will also extend the longevity of the program.

Second, Members who are in profit are not loosing out. What is happening is that they are building or growing their pips, so that when things do pick up again they will be able to once again make MORE profit as they have more pips working for them.

We will also be sticking to follow the 50 / 50 rule on all cash outs so this will also prevent from members draining the program trying to bail. We will check every cash out request and make sure that it is properly adhered to.

I know and realize that not everyone will be happy with this however it does seem to be a viable way to help get members where they are more comfortable again, and bring MyMarketShares back to being the best and most stable Rev share on the net.

MyMarketShares takes these steps to show and to prove that we are here for our members new and old and not just here to pay off our "promoters" while others get left behind.

My goal with this is to give everyone a chance to profit as soon as possible and to truly live up to our name MyMarketShares where everyone shares profits.

Again this is a temp adjustment that will only last expected 3 weeks, in which time i will be receiving more income form investments that should be able to bring our roi back up to alevel in which everyone will once again be happy.

As many members know and always are saying that other admins will say that things are great and wonderful then give a low roi and no explanation, then are gone. Here at MyMarketShares. I am doing the opposite. I am explaining the exact situation and where we are, as well as what WE as a team, meaning members and admin can do to improve the situation.

Please feel free to use our ticket system should you have any specific questions.

Margaret and Team

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

New AutoSurf's

Hotrodrevenueshare -

80% Revenue Share

launched:Nov 2nd, 2009

Buy Advertising and Win a Car! Advertise with Hot Rod Revenue Share and earn through our Revenue Share program. HRRS will pay 80% of all Revenue Back to Advertisers Sign up and Receive 250% of your advertising dollars back in weekly rebates. Adpacks start at just $10 and you receive Website Hits, Banner Ads & Text Ads to advertise your business. Free Memberships available! Earn 15% Referral Commissions and Residual Income! Win a Custom Car! Every month or sooner, we'll give away a Custom Car to one Lucky Winner. When you buy the $10 Special Adpack, you'll get a Free Ticket for the car give away. Buy 10 Special Adpacks and receive 10 Tickets for the car give away! A limited quantity of tickets will be offered, so get yours today and you could be the NEXT big Winner!

Monday, November 2, 2009

History-Ads —

All advertising rebates for October have been paid. We would like to thank our 24 testers for testing our website while we get ready for our official launch. We are estimating to go live at the first of the year but until then, you as our site testers will continue to earn.

We do have one position (subscription) left for another tester. You will earn a monthly rebate along with our other 24 testers until we officially launch just after the new year. You will definitely get a head start on the public. If interested, you may purchase your subscription and make your ad purchase through your members area.


Megatraffic4u -

First, I want to send out a Huge Welcome to all the Newest members of megatraffic4u...We have been extremely busy with the site move
and are just now getting things back to order...

I will say this, This past weekend was probably the longest weekend I have ever had in my life...
We understand the urgency in having the shortest possible downtime for our members and it did
not happen that way...

Thank You
Before I go any further I want to send out a huge Thanks to Tony Babb at PIFT...
Tony, April, Wayne, Gary and myself spent the better part of Sunday trouble shooting the setup of the
New Server...
Turns out, there was one small detail that was left out in the move that was keeping the nameservers
from contacting our server...
All these guys and girls done a great job...And a special thanks to our Designer/Programmer April for
putting up with me this weekend...I know I drove her crazy :)

I think you will find that MT4U is much faster now and the best thing is, We are good to go up to 100,000
This move will now let us move forward on some other projects we have lined up in the future...I can not tell
you how excited I am about some of the things we have in store for you...

Very important update on the Rebates tonight...

Tonight we will post earnings for this past week...Your earnings will reflect Tuesday, Wednesday and
This is because of the New Schedule that was instigated last week beginning Tuesday...And the end of the
pay cycle being Saturday...
We were also down Friday, Saturday and Sunday and were unable to sale advertising..So this will result in a
three day week for our members...The good news is, these three days are a surf holiday so no surfing was
required on your part to earn...

Also, we have set everyone in the script at Zero sites needed to surf, we believe this will allow us to post earnings
for all the PRO Members, but please check your account as soon as possible to make sure you received earnings..
If you receive no earnings, email us at or by using the support ticket function at the
top of the site with your user name and we will credit your account ASAP...This has to be done before 11.59pm EST
on Tuesday night...
NOTE: Once we rollover earnings this process cannot be undone so please make sure to check your account...

Who: T Le Mont Silvers Sr.
Time: November 2nd 8pm EST
Credits: 2000

MTTV will kick off tonight at 8pm EST with T Le Mont Silvers Jr...

T Le Mont was one of the individuals I met while in Florida...Rarely am I impressed in meeting someone the way I was in meeting him...
As tired as I was, being we met at 12.30 am in the morning, we still spoke for about 3 hours...
T Le Mont is a Master Trainer on the Forex Market. He and his team are some of the best if not the best traders in the world...And he has agreed to do a weekly show for the members of megatraffic4u revealing his secrets in the Forex Trading Market...This in my opinion is must see TV...
His show will feature live trading as well as training on how the Forex Market works...For a totally passive income you will not won't to miss this weekly special airing every Monday Night starting November 2nd at 8pm EST.

See you Tonight,

Easymoneyshares -

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. We have received an overwhelming number of requests for an extention of the November 18th trial accounts cancelation, so the cancelation date has been withdrawn indefinitely.
Just remember that while our outside income is being generated slowly we are depending on the the participation of everyone to keep the program running smoothly. There is no program that can survive without the participation of it's members. The success of every program depends on it's members.

With that said if you have not upgraded yet we would like to encourage you to upgrade your account with the minimum of $5.00. Please click on the link below to upgrade.

Have a blessed day,
Suzanne Richardson

WorldAssetGrowth -

You've seen the websites up front, in the premium positions, every day when you surf. Would you like to see your own site in that position?
Simply visit your payment processor and send $25 (for one day up front) to WAG. Then send us an email to tell us the URL for your website. You can even specify the date you want your site to be displayed; if it's available, that's when your site will take the top spot. If that one is already taken, you'll get the first available date. (The three premium positions are rotated by the system, so no one gets stuck in the number-three spot.)
If you use any processor but SolidTrust Pay, send your payment to
For SolidTrust Pay, our user name is WAGTrust.

Get your website out in front, where everyone will see it first!

To your success!
World Asset Growth Team