Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Revenue Times - Important Announcement

Dear Member,
With Christmas fast approaching and everyone looking forward to a well deserved holiday, we at Revenue Times are gearing up for a faster, better, more profitable system for 2014. After taking up your suggestions and feedback about what is best for the business, our technical team is working on a series of tweaks for an even better functioning of our business.
During this entire implementation process the following changes need to be noted:
1. Any action related to transactions like, JobSpot purchase, product Purchase, fee and renewal, withdrawals, balance transfer, wallet transfer will not work until implementation is over. We need to do it to eliminate the possibility of critical data loss and corruption during this process as your financial security is the most important thing for us.
2. E-job work area will be open so that you can complete your e-job, and earnings will continue getting credited to ensure no loss to members.
3. The much awaited Traffic Rotator will go live soon, so get ready to expose your websites to a wide target audience. Those who have not yet added their websites can do so even during the upgrades.
4. During this period, you do not need to pay the monthly fee. Your account will remain active and income credited as normal.
5. New registrations can be done but no JobSpot and product purchase will be allowed for new members. This is in line with securing our payment gateways so that neither our deposit nor our withdrawal system faces any risk.
6. Sales and commissions from Traffic Packs and Banner Display Advertisements will be functional for those members who wish to earn commissions from these. All active members can continue to send their banner details to  aaron@revenuetimes.com for displaying on the site.
Once the implementation is complete all features will resume to normal. We are very excited in getting the new system up and ready so  that all testing and upgrades are done as we get ready to welcome a brand new year. We request your cooperation so that we can scale up our business to the next level.
We will keep you updated during this process of implementation.

Here is the video for the announcement 

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